Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I do not understand why, but it is fun, in a strange kind of way.

I promise I o not act like this is real life, but I have a pet peeve, friend collectors!

People that have about 500 friends on things like facebook or myspace. They may not even really know these 'friends'. They probably talk to less then a quarter of them at all.

I did not realize how many friend collectors I once considered friends.

But I will not be collected!

In order to avoid being just another number, today I unfriended a bunch of people and I will keep doing it.

If I have not talked to someone in years, had nothing to say to them then and can not find anything to talk to them about now, they are not friends.

If they are far too busy to return a message for months, they are not friends (If you read this, you know who you are...Helgi)

I am not a friend collector, but when I saw this huge 'friends list' I had, I knew there was a problem. Now the problem is fixed, but it is definitely something to keep on top of.

I would much rather have 1 good friend then 500 pretend friends.

I am not bitter - it is just a fact.


  1. Marcia10:38 AM

    I've gotten lots of 'invites' to join this or that friend list. Usually the email 'says' I'm being invited by someone I actually know. But I was skeptical and took the time to ask one 'friend' if they had actually written to me to invite me. I was told 'no'. Evidently, once one joins one of these blog spaces, all of one's correspondents are automatically sent one of these join emails. I automatically delete them. I have enough on my plate already without joining more!

  2. This is a little different because I do know these people. I even talked to then once or twice online, the problem is the only reason they add you as a friend is to have another friend. It is a collection game.