Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cake Preperations

The boys decorating a tasty cake for Davíð's party, night 1.

Grade Three Graduation

Here is Kasper's graduation. As you can see he likes to wear his coat, and my camera has had better days in focus.

half naked

While touring the east coast of Iceland I noticed, and laughed at the sheep.

They were sheared, but only half. It looked like they still had pants on. If sheep wore pants.

At first I though it must be one crazy farmer, then I saw it again and again.

All the sheep were wearing pants!

After arriving back in town I asked some locals about this and learned the reason.

They leave the pants on the keep the belly warm on the pregnant sheep.

I guess there is a reason for everything.

The party week of the year

And like every other year it starts with Davíð's birthday. He is probably one of the most spoiled men I know.

Yesterday was the day. Kasper made him a wooden bear decoration, Stefán promised him a bike and I had a half finished sweater for him, I meant to finish it so I bought him some whisky to go with it. The stuff costs so much here, it really is only for a holiday.

Then Helgi (a friend from Canada who is studying in Iceland for the year) and his newest girlfriend, who I like much much more then the last one, drove up from Reykjavík. Was that a run on sentence? Anyways, this is a good 9 hour drive.

They arrived about 730, in time for a huge double chocolate covered in candy cake made by the boys.

Then they climbed a mountain until after midnight.

Then Davíð's parents arrived from Reykjavík as well. I do think a little teasing is in order here, he turned 27 this year and his parents will still travel any distance to be there for his birthday. Clearly the baby of the family.

Davíð got shoes from his uncle, money from his grandparents, shirt, socks and a pair of pants from his parents.

Today Inga has been making us great meals, in tradition with any time spent with Inga, and tonight we look forward to another birthday cake.

Helgi left today with a car full of stuff for us to move down south. The house is looking really empty!

And the rest of the week promises as much excitement with goodbyes, packing and shipping, our wedding anniversary, my birthday and a move. Not to mention my 26 week check up.

Now I need to remember to take a deep breath!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Stefán is now officially practicing his middle child acting up.

Or always had this slightly bad streak...

He and a friend climbed the kindergarten fence today and made a run for it. They found them at the bank.

This is seriously embarrassing news to get from the teacher.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Japan

An old old friend of mine was at a ski lodge in Japan. This is a sign she found and feel I must share with you.


I know I promised to explain the blog move, but that will have to wait. Today I want to document the things my boys have said recently. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking.
  • Why did the dog go over the road?
  • It is good that you are so fat, it makes you easy to find - the fat one in the red coat.
  • It is OK that you are a little fat, you always have been fat so I am used to it.
  • In Icelandic my name is Stefán. In English they just call me Mr. Farts.
  • Because I am bigger I drink cows milk, that means that the baby will drink chicken milk?
  • This is not just a flower bike, it is a dragon bike, with flowers. But no one else can see the dragons. (Stefán defending his bike)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Now I have to admit everytime I see this done, I laugh til I almost die.
Will and Kim are roommates - I am so happy to not have such a pain in the ass roommate, even if it is funny from a distance.
This is what happens when she forgets to sign out of facebook properly.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eurovision, late

I know when I lived in Canada, I had never heard of Eurovison so now I feel the need to pass on a bit of it.
Norway was first with this catchy tune and Iceland was second place.
Go Iceland!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls names

No reason to keep looking into girls names now, bit if it was a girl, Vera was beautiful.


So I am having a boy, the third.

The good news is I know how to manage these boys. I know my Star Wars, Spiderman an Ironman. I am ready.

I also can see the good in have a kid three to pass everything down to.

Monday, May 11, 2009


It seems our kids are the most judgmental of us - or at least they have the loudest voices.

Kasper wanted to know if I would still be fat after the baby came out, he said that it would be OK if I was cause I have always been a little bit fat and he is OK with that.

Stefán asked his dad if he remembers when he used to be skinny, not like now.

Kasper is a little concerned with my cooking. His Amma is a good cook, but he says I am still a good mom, even if I make bad food.

Kasper thinks I should try to wear more make up - then I wouldnt look so old.

He also doesnt like it when I wear my hair up and thinks girls should be in skirts.

These are tough rules to live by.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Should have been 80's kids.

On Friday and Saturday night there is often some horrible movies on tevevision, most of which are so 80's it almost hurts me.

But this is what the kids love. A few weeks ago there was one called Almost Human, although I can not find it on line. It was a with some robots pretending to be teenagers, or wanting to get the point.

Stefán fell asleep, because it was so late, and woke up crying because he missed the end. He still asked when we will get this movie so he can watch the rest.

Last night they watched Brat Patrol and less then halfway through the movie were asking if we could download it. The movie was just so great...

I try telling them but they don't listen, you can not just buy or download these shows, no one really wants too - just them.

Friday, May 08, 2009

eeples and beeneenees

I miss being a kid

down to 13

This is great news - the interest rate is on the way down.
The 18 percent was a killer and 13 is not much better but we are getting there.
Maybe some day we can be down to 3 or 4 like a normal country.
Until then I will just have to get used to the idea of a 70 year mortgage.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Finishing Up

So we have been back for days and just now I am finishing uploading the pictures.
I can not believe I almost forgot to mention the camouflage car.


davíð spotted this set up outside a house so we had to stop and take pictures of it.
I guess they had transformers and some big cooling system, strange for a home in Iceland.
I am just happy they didn't look out the window

these boys belong by the sea

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cafe Margert

This place had everything. A little cafe on the ring road, middle of nowhere, nothing i sight had:

A garden to grow vegetables
A chicken house for eggs
A needles, thread and extra buttons in the bathroom, just in case
Millions of tea pots
Furniture that must have been 200 years old
Tea pots for the hot chocolate and candles to keep the coffee hot.

It was fun, but expensive.
One time might be enough.

Day 2

The boys playing outside at the farm we stayed at - with Rósa who had to sleep in the car.

This was the warmest sunniest weather we had seen since last summer.

Farm House Hostel

Saturday night we stayed in a hostel run by farmers.

I always find these expensive for a Canadian, it cost more then 70 CAN and we had to have sleeping bags, not including breakfast. Crazy if you ask me.

But.... you do meet cool people. Sharing the common room with us was another Canadian, his Finnish girlfriend and the German Ambassador to Iceland.

Certainly made for some interesting times.

The trip east

The best way to make a long drive go faster is headsets for everyone to listen to something they like and frequent stops to see cool things or just run a bit.
This big boat in Egilstaðar was cool, and there is tables inside so I guess it is a restaurant during the summer.