Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Operation Make Kasper Fat, Summer 2007

Well I would have to say we have had a very successful summer in that way.

We took Kasper off his medication - all of it - for the entire summer. It was like a little detox for him.

The inhaler he used to take everyday was steroids for his lungs. It was recommended by the specialist that from time to time we see how he does without it. He coughed a lot the first week, then stopped and has been doing great!

The other pills he needs breaks from because they suppress his appetite and he gets really thin.
After a summer off those we (Davíð and I) are almost crazy, but Kasper gained a lot of weight.

I wish we had been weighing him because at the beginning of the summer he needed a belt with everything. Nothing fit right. Now some of his pants do not fit, because he can not get them done up.

What a success!

Everyone even notices how round his face is looking. This has been so good for him.


Today was the end and he started taking his pills again. It was sad to see him not hungry for anything again, but it was good to have a conversation with him that did not involve yelling and running around (on his part).

School starts up again on Thursday so it is time to get back into routine and all is back to normal until the next break/detox over the Christmas holidays.

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