Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is the age old question - at least in couchsurfing circles
Is it better to only host people when you have tons of time to show them around, help out and or offer meals?
Is it better to host more often and offer more of a minimum, at least a place to rest your head?
Admittedly I have done both. I tend to lean towards the offering nothing extra, just a place to sleep and if we get along super well, then more. But this does not always work either. Seriously, sometimes I feel annoyed when I have to many surfers in a row who, I feel, expect to much out of me.  Then I get cranky and thats never good. But I so enjoy the good ones, it is really so much fun.
Davíð is the opposite.
Even if he does not get along with someone he will go out of his way to be a good host.  I can not really understand this, but I guess he is just a better host then me. Funny, because I am the one who does most of the couchsurfing stuff.
Maybe no way is better. But if there is one right way then someone should tell me because if I am right I have to get teasing Davíð.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Friends

We had the please of hosting this awesome group of students who were travelling together. They all study in Germany but are from India, Indonesia and Ukraine. Glenn Mohammad, Vyshantha, Zuhra, Ardi, Nataliia, Davíð, Leó and me in the back.
There was some seriously full couches

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missing David

My husband came back from the fishing trip only to leave right away to pick up our newest couch for the collection. It is from Grindavik. The plan was to tie it to the top of the car. Its been an hour so I am starting to get worried. Maybe the car rolled, and my new couch is dirty.

Yesterday was crazy. School started, and you know what that means - time to sign up for everything in one day.

Heres a bit of the craziness-

  • Meet with the teachers
  • Listen to assemblies
  • Try to find school nurse, failed.
  • Left a message for nurse with allergies list
  • Signed the boys up for school lunches. 
  • Called skolamatur to make sure they received the doctors note, they had not
  • Sent note again
  • Waited and received conformation 
  • Enrolled Stefan in Scouts
  • Enrolled Kasper in gymnastics after talking to the instructor about what level would be best for him.
  • Enrolled Stefan in advanced gymnastics
  • Enrolled Leopold in toddler gymnastics
 And after all that we still hosted three couchsurfers.

Today was only slightly better after heading to Reykjavik for the day. I was on my way to treat myself to a galazy tablet - only to have David talk me out of it as I stood outside the store. Picked up my retainer, paid a small fortune and vowed to never go back to that dentist again, Bought some super healthy food from health food stores. Tried to go visit my sister in law, she was not home. Bought Stefan new shoes and went grocery shopping. Then I dragged all this crap home on the bus. After walking from Hlemmur, to the pond then to BSI in the rain. With lots of stuff.
Actually this part of the day sucked.

Came home to send Stefan off to Scouts, pick up Leopold and greet an American family who will be staying with us the next couple of days. They have a 12 year old son who also plays minecraft, could be Kaspers long lost  twin brother, if I didnt know better.

And after all this, my husband is still missing. I do hope he gets home soon. Dinner is ready.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kanada + Ísland

If you happen to be hanging around tomorrow and Friday and wondering what on earth you are going to do with your self, heres an idea:

Origins in a Canadian and Icelandic context

Promises to be good fun. I am even heading down for part of the day tomorrow.  Maybe I'll see you there. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pictures by aidan

These are some pictures, taken by Aidan, a very recent Canadian guest of ours. Seems he takes some good pictures, or at least I think so.
from the shooting thing to the base

The view out my window, late in the evening

Rósa in her natural habitat, lava fields 

Rice Pudding

I made rice dinner for dinner tonight, despite the fact that my oldest son hates it. The dinner choices are limited these days. So rice pudding it is, although I added the raisins last, after I had removed Kasper's share = making the meal more bearable for him.
I got the recipe online here  and am very happy with it. After a few small modifications like using rice cream in place of milk we had an amazingly healthy for everyone meal. And it only actually took 40 min, start to finish. I don't know why these other recipes make it sound so long to cook.
It was even considerably cheap at less then a thousand kronor to feed all 5 of us.
At this success rate - I would give it 4,5 out of 5 stars, I think this will be a weekly meal.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

it's almost over

I have to say, this has been one of the most amazing summers.

Leópold has grown so much, sometimes I can hardly recognize him. His English is coming along beautifully and he is becoming so much fun. Even his big brothers like playing with him. A sure sign of how much he has grown up this summer is that now he is actually excited to go to school. Last year he dreaded school and even over most of the summer was telling me how he was not going back, but now he loves it. At night we can even use the fact he has school in the morning as something to make him want to go to sleep.

Stefán has really enjoyed the summer but is looking forward to starting school again. Bad news is that he has seen better days. We went in for a check up and to ask about this chicken allergy he seems to have - I mean seriously he coughs when he eats and sometimes, like when he has chicken, his throat swells up. So they tested him and say he is allergic to all grains (wheat ect) all fish (everything except mussels, they are ok), all dairy, chicken, eggs, cows, dogs, sesame seeds, SOY - basically everything. In fact we got the test results and he tested positive in everything except horse and mussel allergy's. Everything else was positive. So we have an immunologist appointment on Friday. Until then we eat rice and drink rice milk.

Kasper is nervous about school. I think he will be happy to go back but the past week he has been bouncing off the walls. We are also on a waiting list for him to get a doctor. I hate the health care system.
Kasper has spent a lot of time this sumar drawing anime. Its a new hobby of his and we are happy for him.

Davíð is doing great at work. They are evening going on a fishing trip this week, I am excited for them. Not that I like fishing, but I do like the odd get away. I hear there will be good food.
So no husband here means party at my house?

I have been keeping so busy its crazy. I am back into the couchsurfing and stuffing my living room with families from all over the world. I have nearly all my school books and am considering buying a tablet for dictionary purposes. May also be used for farmville on the bus, but I would never admit to buying a tablet for that. I am exploding in excitement to start school.

Peter. Davíð's cousin whom is currently staying with us is driving me a little crazy - but isnt that what family's for?

Rósa is doing great except they broke her spare claw. Its a little sad but I am waiting for her to chew it off herself. Dogs are good doctors.

Gerbils are all still around and having a great time chewing up the cardboard of the house.

The fish as living a little safer now that we found a new home for the killer angel fish. Although the aquarium looks very very empty......

I hope my friends are all doing well, but I have to admit I wouldn't know for sure seeing as I have not kept in contact with anyone. Its getting to the point that I would feel bad calling.

The apartment reno's are going great! I am so excited to have it emptied out and get to redesigning!

I hope one of these days some of my Canadian family makes it out to see the life I have here.