Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Life

So much to tell, and I have so many pictures, but they will have to wait. I still have no internet and so this will have to do for now. So lets start from the beginning....

The boys and I went out to catch the flight first thing in the morning, we left the house at 6. I hope I never have to do that again.

We took one small plane north then had to catch a different plane east. The second plane was a little scary, one of those tiny ones that holds about 6 people. The good news is you can fly to within walking distance to our house.

When we got to Þórshöfn we walked to town (a bit of a struggle because of how tired we were) then went to our new house.

The boys are settling in great. They are enjoying the coastal town life of fishing, bike riding and just running around. Everything is so free, and relaxed.

School started on Monday and this is going good. A teacher aid starts next week for Kasper to help and Stefán is enjoying kindergarten.

The funniest thing about Stefáns class is that he was born during some sort of baby boom. The other classes and have about 5 kids each. Stefán's class has 12 and 8 of them are boys. A very big group for this town. I bet the winter of 2002-2003 was very cold, maybe a blackout. I think every family in town has a 5 year old.

We just got our stuff yesterday, so until then we were wearing the same clothing, washing them at night then wearing them the next day. This weekend is the first time in a while when we could choose what we wanted to wear, a bit of a novelty now.

I have lots of great plans and ideas of things to do in this town - need to keep busy you know. I will let you in on these as I get to them.

Basically just needed to let everyone know that we are doing well, we love it out here and really look forward to some visitors!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Newest Toy

I bought myself a bread maker today! There was a big sale at Byko so it was only 5000kr!

And I promise to not be like everyone I know in Canada with a bread making hanging out on the counter collecting dust - I am already dreaming of fresh raisin bread on a Saturday morning. I have not had raisin bread since I left Canada and just thinking of it leaves me practically drooling.

It will also save tons of money because everything in our new town will cost so much more - something like bread that has to be flown in costs triple the amount so it will be good to just make our own.

This crazy cough of mine has got to go. When I went to the doctors last week he said I just needed pills to help me sleep it off. On Monday I felt even worse so I went to another doctor who said I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics then when I went today they gave me steroid pills and an inhaler for 2 weeks. I guess it is worse then I thought. Now I am really off the cigarettes for a while.

I usually can go years without getting sick - but when I do get sick it is usually an extreme.

Tomorrow is the big BBQ. OK it will not be that big and I really hope the weather is good so we can stay mostly outside. The apartment will be empty so everyone will have to stand but I should have some good pictures tomorrow for you.

36 hours until I get on the plane and leave, then I will not be back in Reykjavík until October. There is still so many people to talk to, books to return and postcards to mail but I am really excited.

My next big adventure - Þórshöfn - is just beginning. Now I will live in a real Iceland.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things are coming along

I move in three days now and the thought is not nearly as scary.

About 90% of the house is packed and now all I have left is Davíð's tools (worse then it sounds), shopping and goodbyes.

The tools are probably the most intimidating. I do not understand the, at all and how are you supposed to organize and pack something you do not understand?

The shopping will be a lot of work as well. I have to buy everything we could possibly need over the next few months and that is a job and a half. We need better winter clothing and tons of food because it is either not available in our new town or costs three times the price. So if anyone is up to a shopping spree let me know, I am ready.

The goodbyes are the most time consuming. I realize it is not possible to have a personal coffee and lunch with everyone so I am having a BBQ at our apartment on Thursday. I hope the weather is good and that people like to stand because the seating is limited.

So, all in all I think things are moving along very well and as the day gets closer I am less worried that something will go wrong.

In other news, Helgi my exroommate-friend is moving to Iceland for one year to study Icelandic. He will be in Reykjavík a few days after I leave.

Too bad the first person I know to come to Iceland moves to a city I will no longer be living in!

life is good

Another one from France?

This was our couchsurfer last night - from France, no surprise. I am really beginning to suspect some sort of take over plot.

But they do have cool pajamas, so maybe this would be OK.

Monday, August 18, 2008

In no order - this is what I have been doing

So I can never get these picctures to upload in an order
that would make sense, that is to say that I am too lazy
to organize them.
So here it is:

Here is some guy from Germany. I honestly can not
remember his name, but I am sure he was nice. Met
him at A hus with my couch surfer.

This is Stefán on the plane on the way back to Reykjavík.
We decided it would be insane to put them through
another 2 day car ride - the way there almost killed us.

Clouds always look so neat from above - amazing how
they encourage the upset tummy.

Some kids travel better then others - this is one of the
unhappy ones, Kasper. To be fair we had a long drive to
the airport so no one was in a good mood by the time we
got there.

This is me out with my couch surfer Pierefrom France.
There is another one of these coming up with more red
eyes and terrible facial expressions on my part. I blame
the camera.

Couch surfers are the best - and this one is a favorite,
but I need to practice my English with a French accent,
it is not so good now. Or I could try to use that French I
spent half my elementry years trying to learn.....

We were hoping to get some whake for lunch, but the
resturant is closed til 5, what kind of luck is that?

Ah Rósa, the best dog ever!

Who needs a trampoline when your kids can just go to
the neighbours?

This trampoline belongs to some kids in Kaspers new
class, in his new school in our new town.

Stefán in our hotel we stayed in for the week, thanks to
Davíð's work.

The kids are really into these donald duck comics, I am
confused, what happened to Archie?

Propaganda on the playground, telling kids milk is good, whats next?

Our new town uses fishing materials as decorations.
They look cool but I wonder how fun they are to play on.

Stefán brushing his teeth against his will. Such a pesky task.

Kasper will brush his teethfor hours, in every room in
the house leaving a trail of toothpaste. But his teeth are

Some of our new neighbours are renopvating so Stefán
and some new friends were building with the bricks.

Now this is a tease. A phone booth with no phone.
Basically there for kids to play in.

The playschool has a ship in the playground - this is a
real favorite.

Here we see Kasper driving.

and a slightly disgruntled Kasper.

Looking at this picture now I wonder what was going on
here. This might be evidence.

My tired Rósa

Rósa in the hotel. They were not very happy that we
brought a dog - but I would not leave a family member at

Davíð, at some unfair moment in the day where he
clearly wants nothing to do with the camera.

Only my kids can completly destroy and
rearrange a plastic playground. Do they
know what you are suppossed to do with
this slide?

After seeing this fire truck I can only hope my house
never catches on fire.

Some rainbow, who can get enough of those?

A slightly annoyed with the drive Kasper. It is a long drive.

Stefán was in a little better mood, but was always playing
jokes on his brother.

A national sport to these boys - coloring in bed.
I hope the marker came out of those sheets.

Tired kids - in a hotel.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


After our trip to the middle of nowhere and a 5 minute discussion, we have decided to pack up and move.
We leave on Friday!
Because I have so much to do in the next few days I will be a little slow at explaining and I apologize for the lack of details on this plan is now.
I will post more soon - a bit at a time.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Up North

Tonight we stay in the northern most town of Iceland,
It is chilly - but the sun is still up, the children still run the streets and it is past 10.
Life in a small town....

This was only a detour to visit family, tomorrow we continue our journey to the East Fjörds where Davíð has been asked to work for a week. We get to stay in a apartment provided by the company and for the kids and I this will be a nice holiday.

This will be my first time out east and I am excited. It is supposed to be a whole different Iceland. I hear they even have trees, I will believe that when I see it.

I have the camera but I am not sure I will have Internet access, unless I find a library. So I may not be able to update anything for a while.

We plan to get home next Saturday, so I will update everyone then.

If everything goes well, we may even consider moving - more on that discussion later.

p.s. - Roberts birthday on Tuesday!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Going East

Davíð has the chance go east for a week to work and his kind employer says he can bring us all!
I have not been to the East Fjords yet - so this is our big chance with someone else paying for the gas and accommodation. Excellent.
So to accommodate our couch surfers we have a house sitter for the week.
We are off tomorrow so wish us luck! I will try to find some Internet to update and I promise lots of pictures.

Camp Day 2

These are Kasper during day 2 of camp.

Herehe is hiding from the other kids to enjoy some dessert.

And here he is hiding for some other reason.

Here he is eatting a favorite food - he loves chicken.

Gay Pride

I am really excited now - less then 2 days until the Gay Pride parade! I am going with the couchsurfers and I think there will be a lot of us. We had tshirts made and plan on paintingour faces, good times for everyone.
The parade details are here:
and the meting details are here:
In case you want to join us!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

KFUM - day 1

Kasper is currently at his second sleep over summer camp - ever.
This one is 4 days, 3 nights and includes daily prayers and mountain climbing.
They are kind enough to post pictures online for us each day so we can see how they are doing.
These are the best of Kasper.

Here is Kasper climbing down some tunnel - this will

probably be the highlight of the trip.

A nice close up - he hates it when he thinks they are trying to make it look like he is having fun.

Here is the poor guy sitting in the back being (it looks like) told off by some cranky meanie in black.

Judging by these shots, this camp was a one time thing, I do not think he will be going back.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Funny or Die

As if the internet did not consume enough of my time already - now I have more videos to watch.
I think these ones looks great - although I do not have any sound at the moment I am going just by how they look, I do not know what they are saying.
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Monday, August 04, 2008

Another blog - by Lizzy

My camping buddy Lizzy has started her own blog
She tells the tales of having two homes - Iceland and America - and I think it will be good to read. I will leave the rest to her blog.

Another day at the zoo

Thanks to our year pass - best buy ever - we have been spending an insane amount of time at the zoo.

I have even gotten to the point of just drinking coffee and reading a book while the boys run wild going on rides, playing on the playground and hanging out in the science tent.

Excellent parenting - I am a role model :)

A night out - with three

It was good to get out. Riika (from Toys R Us) invited me and Tiago (also from Toys R Us) over -then we went downtown, classic story.

I have no idea where we were, but I admit that the 80´s and 90´s music was great and I danced for ages. A good change from the newer stuff.

Anyways, these are the pictures. As you can see, no many how many times we tried to get these self portrait things done, someone always managed to look bad. A sign of true photography.