Thursday, August 23, 2007


After hours of hammering, drilling, yelling and saying bad words, the shelves were built.

And it was Kasper's first day of grade one again.

Here is a finished product:

This is what my living room looked like most of the day:

It was great, wood, nails, dust and power tools everywhere. It was like living in a shop class.

I learned how to use the drill!

I took Kasper on the bus to school this morning. Usually we would walk, but the first day was a little disorganized, my fault, so we had to hurry. We made it on time.

Here is Davíð fixing the supports that I put in wrong.

This was the first time I ever built anything, so I did not go very smoothly. Davíð helped me when I had some big problems and was very good about not saying anything about it!


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Bravo! Don't you feel a sense of achievement? I would have! And helping without criticizing is the best kind of mate to have. ;) Hope Kasper's 1st day went well. :)

  2. He is very happy, thanks.
    and I am proud of my work.