Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

clearing out the closet

After dropbox warned me that I was almost out of space I realized that there was a lot of pictures that I had not yet shared. So heres some stuff, in no order at all.
Kasper cooking, looks like Christmas


Stefán and Einar, the mustache brothers



New Years bonfire

Leó with a mustache

smiling snow on the bus stop

Thinh from school

Geidre and Thinh from school 

Stefán and Leó in the flood

so much water

Stefán and Leó in the hotel after the flood

Leó playing outside

when there is no sandpit you can always make one

practicing driving on ice

Stefán and Leó at the hospital for Stefán's allergy testing 

Davíð and me

An old note I found from Tye from when he promised to quite smoking

Stefán killing time on the playstation at the hospital again

Our bus ran over part of a car that was turning, no one was hurt

Leó playing at the hospital

me bored at the hospital 

Leó pushing Stefán around

Leó exercising 

Me and Geidre

Me at the presidents house 

Ewa at the presidents house

The president 

Getting served pop in wine glasses at the presidents 

Andres being bored at the presidents house 

Me and Davíð

Davíð, Leó, Stefán and Inga

Kasper and Rósa

Vampire Leó

Silly Stefán

Stefán meeting some Icelandic music stars at the hospital

Sleeping Leó

Painting Kasper - I am still finding bits of paint in the kitchen

Leó out for a walk with his friend Guðmundur

Leó at Amma'a

The bus Davíð wants to move us into

Kasper helping me get ready for the wedding

one of the ponds at Inga and Rob's


Last summer, lunch with family and friends

Kasper, being the typical teenager 

Me, caught off guard

Rob's fish

Rob's pond in front of there house 

leó built me out of books, can you see it?

my currant profile picture