Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clearing out the camera.

Part of getting ready for Christmas means clearing out the camera to make sure I can take pictures tomorrow.
Also: OUr phone company is offering free international phone calls tomorrow, so Ill talk to you sooooon!
Davíð and Michal, our most recent couchsurfer from France.

Leópold, and a Clone Trooper

Just Leó.

A sign that Kasper posted on his door, although he was not to sure which girls were hot.

Leópold working on his strategy against the librarian.

Leó at Lizzy's.

This was from some game the boys were playing. It mostly involved chasing each other around with the camera and yelling.

Our poor little Rósa.

Stefán reading.

Leó terrorizing the fish.

Best dog ever.

Angry Stefán.

Pouty Stefán

Our tree.

I saw this window while walking to meet the kids at school, around 9. maybe 930, in the morning, anyways, looks like they are growing something funny in there...

Stefán singing for us, or fooling around.

Recorder concert.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Learning how to do Christmas.

I know I have been a terrible blogger these days. Terrible blogger, crappy sister and mediocre friend.

I have been doing Christmas - the best I can.

First of all I have to say that I am so grateful, excited, glowing about the fact we are doing it Canadian style this time.  I have high hopes.

I should also mention that, thanks to my *insert here*  mother,  I learned more about the holiday season from television then I did from home, and you know I don't watch television.

I finished the Christmas present shopping, early in fact, this was the easy part. I even had great idea and really do think that everyone will like what I picked out.

The tricky bits are more like organizing the living room. I actually really enjoy (seriously!) dragging furniture around the room, trying different styles, basically pretending it's a new place. I thought I was rather good at it.

Thanks a few people, I now know this is not true. One friend once said 'I like things this way, it looks a little more normal'. My own husband remarked on how our home looked like it had been set up by a mathematician, trying to make the most of the floor space. Its true, we have a dance floor.

While I always noticed that my living room did not look like anyone else's I thought it was OK, but Davíð said it is not cozy, and maybe he is right. I have no sense for these things and I appreciate someone being honest with me. But now I have a problem, we will have 12 people here for Christmas and my home is not cozy.

I've been dragging the couch around the room for weeks - I don't know where it will be cozy - you should see my muscles!

And decorations! My mother in law has done Christmas for the last few years, and before that the kids were to young to notice, but now I need to get going. I am even seriously considering getting a tree, or at least a branch.

I unpacked everything even close to an ornament that the kids have ever made and stuck it to a window.

Then I hit the second hand store and grabbed a bunch of decorations that needed a home, and I stuck them to the windows too.

After a trip to Húsasmíðjan (Icelandic home depot) for a few strings of lights, there is a hint of Christmas in my home.

But it still doesn't look right, it doesn't look like everyone else's, and I'm not sure how to change this. I am grateful that my children like me the way I am, they don't mind my ways.

Tomorrow I am thinking thinking of going down to the Salvation Army store to try to borrow the florescent pink tree they have on display. I already asked about buying it, it is not for sale.  But maybe they will lend it to me? Then I am going to cover it in popcorn.

At least the meal should not be too difficult. Kristína, my sister in law, is taking care of the turkey and potatoes, Robert, my father in law, is taking care of the lobster, and Inga, my mother in law is trying to get together a pumpkin pie.

I am taking care of the stuffing after seeing Kraft Stove Top had been imported to Hagkaup. I bought 6 boxes, after wiping the tears away. It was a happy moment.

I am also in charge of the salad. What is a Christmas salad? So far I have tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced fresh on a plate. I should probably do something else too, but first I have to see what vegetables and fruit look decent at Bónus, then find some recipe.

But the day is sneaking up on my quickly and there is really only one more day to get it together. 

So, until tomorrow night, I hope, back to the preparations.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tourists pay more at the Blue Lagoon

Going to the Blue Lagoon is one of the top things to do in Iceland, it's so amazing, beautiful, good for your skin and incredibly expensive, if your not Icelandic.

The listed price on the English site is 28 euros , about 4300 Isk, while on the Icelandic Blue Lagoon home page you see an advertisement for 1500 Isk. This offer is only valid if you are paying with an Icelandic card. If you click on this ad, then try to change the language to English you will only be redirected back to the original Blue Lagoon page (in English), where there is no 1500 Isk offer to be seen.

I have been to the Blue Lagoon several times and have never paid anything near to these crazy prices. Once I was even let in for free because I was with some a walking group, that only advertised in Icelandic, although someone did come and ask what we (I was with a friend) were doing here.

So, clearly, the Blue Lagoon makes all the money off people who can not speak Icelandic.

Before you come to Iceland, befriend an Icelander. It'll pay off.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dead Fly Art?
I can only hope my kids do something more productive with there time then this.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Before today, I had not sat behind a sewing machine since Home Economics in grade 8.
I figured it was something like a bicycle, something you could always remember how to do.
And it turns out that it is even more unsuited to me like I remembered. I was never meant to be a seamstress.
But I did manage to fix the blanket covers, a few shirts, lots of pants and make a sleeping bag for Leópold.
To keep the little guy happy I had to feed him Fruit Loops in his high chair so he wouldn't complain while I neglected him to sew, but he was happy with the treat.
Now that the important things are done, and I still have a few days with the borrowed machine, the boys and I are turning the terribly old sheets into capes and customs.  Leó just got a king outfit made out of pillow cases.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Davíð has offically started his own business, He fixes everything!
We are so excited for him!
and you can like it on Facebook :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Too much sugar!

Anyone who knows me also knows I put a lot of sugar in my tea or coffee.  I am just crazy about the stuff - to the point that Davíð worries about my health. I think its OK.

It should also be noted that I do not drink beer, or anything else for that matter, but beer is the important one today, because I made some last night.

At least I got the first steps going, including melting an entire kilo of sugar into the mix, and I have to add more at the end!

After doing this (my first attempt at making beer, Ill let you know how it goes later) I no longer see my sugar consumption as a problem. After all there must be at least as much sugar in a beer as there is in my coffee, if not more.