Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last day

Today is my last day before classes get back into full swing, and there is a lot of things I had wanted to get done.
But being a master of excuses, I have a few good ones, so today will probably be wasted and Ill be kicking myself next week but to be fair, the weather is really bad today. It was bad yesterday, it is bad now and it will be bad all day. Right now we have 24 m/s winds, that's something like 86 km/h. Its not snowing out, but I can not see anything out the window from all the snow and stuff blowing around. So, Ill be staying home today, playing farmville and catching up on laundry. Those extra trips that I had wanted to make downtown will just have to wait until Friday at least.
I know the time will go by fast and the next thing I know it will be morning and all the chaos begins.

I would also like to thank Cassie (be seeing you in a few weeks) for the calender I got in the mail yesterday - its so nice to have an English calender, with some beautiful Australian sights.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

its not just a story

Often when I try to tell people about our crazy neighbor across from the old apartment, I suspect people think I am exaggerating - seriously he sounds just to crazy. So last time we went for dinner at Charolets, I took pictures, as proof.


Pictures are the worst. I had some id replaced and had a new picture taken. I used to hate the old picture. I was sure it made me look fat. Now I have a new picture and I miss the old one. I looked great in the old one, the new one makes me look fat. Stupid picture.
Although in ten years I will probably love this picture and hate any new one. Somethings just work out that way.
Because of this I was searching the net and giving myself a hard time and found this great quote:

Women tend to imagine their ideal weight is unrealistically low, so they diet unnecessarily. Men tend to allow their ideal weight to be higher than medically recommended. Men and Women should learn from each other.