Friday, November 25, 2011

Listening in

Tonight, in the grocery store, I overheard the most beautiful conversation, there were a group of American women grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, dispite being in Iceland - there doing it away ways.
Admittedly, I was a little jealous.
Then when one women said to another, 'do you think one bag of corn is enough?' and the other said ' no, lets go with 2, you can never have too much corn' it took all my self restraint not to trow myself into the cart and demand to be invited for dinner, I would have even cook the corn - with butter of course!
Icelanders dont really get the corn thing too much and last year at Christmas, when everyone was over, I made a huge pot of corn, and nearly died trying to eat it myself because no one else touched it!
But just hearing them talk was so fun, the accent so familiar, the topic, I followed them around, listening and shopping for my own food,
they have no idea how fun it was for me.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some lost pictures - yikes!

Im thinking my camera need some new batteries, these are seriously blurry, but probably better then nothing.





awesome cake by perla

another awesome cake by perla


davíð and snúður, a.k.a. munch 2


kasper, inga amma and davíð

kasper, my big 11 year old blowing out his candles :D

Time well spent

I dont seem to have much time these days but one thing I have kept up with, besides homework, is my volunteer time with the Salvation Army. It really is good for you, and fun really, to do things for others, as Lizzy pionted out aswell.
While it is not a holiday here, there is no thanksgiving in Iceland,thank doesn't mean we can not be thankful, and I am.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Notes

I have not written anything in a while and really dont know where to start. I know some pictures are in order and I have some serious plans for it in the coming weeks - so they are coming.

But since it is not possible to write about everything in any sort of detail I will give a few points here:

  • No longer screams everyday when it is time to go to school, he actually likes it now
  • Is currently obsesed with the Disney Cars movie
  • Has basically tiolet trained himself, although he isnt very good at getting his pants off so he is pant less at home and just holds it all day at school. Scary really, But at least hes not in diapers right? It can only get better.
  • Still hardly talks, and Im ok with that.
  • In 'baby choir' on Thursdays, good stuff
  • Doing great in his new school, Holtaskóli, which has recently been named best for Mathematics in Iceland!
  • Practicing gymnatics and loving it.Hope to see you at the Christmas concert.
  • Has become a professional at catching run away gerbils.
  • Has been saving like mad for a new games consul. Maybe an xbox?
  • Has a youtube chanel with videos he has taken with his camera we gave him for his birthday last month

  • Also doing great in his new school.
  • Turning 11 on Monday!
  • Was in parkor, and might go back after Christmas.
  • Has become insane about a game called minecraft and making videos on his own youtube channel
  • Doing great, ready for his journeyman ticket exam and already started on the maters ticket classes.
  • Landed an amazing new job starting very soon - Ill writ more on that later.
  • Super Dad and husband all around
  • Seems to be surviving school.
  • Learning like mad for the finals.
  • Was going to the gym, will go back next week, I promise :D
  • Still volunteering one day a week, and its great
  • Been a terrible friend, and feel bad for not keeping in touch better.
  • Plan on doing better next month.

And if your every in doubt about how uncool I am, remember I spend my Saturday nights blogging as a break from grammar exercises.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Engineering Flowchart

I seriously plan to get back into the blogging now, and I promise more then spam.

with dearest memories

Kasper will miss you, and so will the rest of us.
Rest in peace, our champion runner.