Friday, August 10, 2007

The Expensive Backpack

and the little boy who wanted one.

I took Kasper out shopping for a new back pack for school and almost died. They cost even more then last year, and I complained a lot last year.

We went to several stores and could not find a bag for under 11 000 IKR, and the one Kasper wanted was 13 000 IKR

We are talking about over 200 CAN for a backpack, a kids backpack. I do not think it is going to happen.

It ends up that we will be having almost all the school supplies bought overseas, because this is crazy.

This does not make Kasper happy. He wants to be there and pick them out himself. (He is growing up so fast!!!) So we made a deal, I would take him out to buy pencils. He could buy whatever kind of pencils he wanted for school, just so he had some say.

We went to a book store and bought 4 pencils with moons on them for more then 2.00 each.

He is happy he picked something out himself and I am happy the rest of the stuff will cost less.

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