Monday, April 30, 2007

What been going on

The boys are enjoying the bright and warmer days so much. It is something you really get to appreciate after the winter.

I bought Stefan a new bike and it sat in the laundry room for a day. Davið thought he was to young for it, but he did give in. Stefan feels so big now, with a helmet and a big boy bike.

I finished my medical for immigration. It consisted of talking to one doctor and getting x-rays done. I picked up my certificate today. I even saved some money by complaining when they were going to charge me for another appointment (90.00) to get the paper. All I needed was the paper and I had already paid so much money. I paid 90.00 last Thursday just to get the referral to get the x-rays. I think this doctor has taken enough of my money. On Wednesday I will take it down to immigration and six months from then I can go to the doctors for much less money.

We had plans to build a house out on Inga and Robs land. This plan is cancelled. We will still move but not until Davið is done school, this will give us more time to plan something.

Larry The Lettuce Plant

This is our lettuce plant. Davið bought him at the grocery store. We ate some but because he came with some dirt and roots we are trying to keep him. As you can see, it is not going so well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Play doe cakes

The boys made homemade play doe yesterday. They each made a little cake and insisted on candles while they sand happy birthday.
It is not any ones birthday, but they still had fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OK, it is wrong, but I still had to laugh

It is just a utube video, but some one must have put some time into it.
click here
And I know it is too late for April Fools.


I am taking today off work. Not because I am really sick, but more because I am in a little pain.
With summer here I got a great idea to use some of that Veet hair remover cream.

I was trying to get it off about 30 seconds after I got it on. (you can leave it on for 6 minutes)

I am either allergic or have super sensitive skin, but that stuff was a killer. It instantly started burning.

So today I can not put my arms down properly.

I just do not feel like going to work like this.

Besides, I might as well use up my remaining paid sick days before I am done.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

This shows it

and here it is, (I saw the link on ZEFRANK )
It is a lot of reading, but so crazy!
This is a real example of no one stopping to smell roses in life.
Kinda sad....

take this job and...

Well, it did not actually go like that but I did give my notice for my cleaning job this week.

The unfortunate thing is that I had to give a months notice and I really do not want to work there anymore so it will be a very long month.

These were my reasons:
1. When I first started in December I asked to transferred as soon as possible to a project downtown. I have reminded my boss several times since then.
2. With summer holidays coming up for the boys I need a job that will be more accommodating with the kids.
3. I so sick and tired of the rude people that I have had to work with. There are some great ones that I will miss very much, but I can only hope I never see the rest again. There are a few people at Innes that seem to forget that I am actually a human being too.
4. Bus service may be cut further, making my bus trip to and from work even longer.
5. Poor management from Hreit left any issues or questions I ever had completely ignored or unanswered.
6. I just need a change.

I have to admit that I have no plan yet, but there is no hurry. I have at least a month to figure something out.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The First Day of Summer

Today was the first day of summer, and there was frost on the ground.

Gísli told me that frost on the first day of summer is a good sign and it would be a good summer.

So it is a public holiday and everyone gets the day off.

Marcia told me that the kids were supposed to buy the kids a summer toy for a present. She brought something over for each of the boys. I did not know, so they got nothing form me.

It was a great day anyways. We were all together with the day off and we went out to Inga and Robs place.

I hope the rest of the summer is this fun.


aka Rug Bread (at least I call it that)
Looks like a peice of carpet from some sixties apartment. Probably tastes about the same. I do not think it is possible to eat it with out putting lots of stuff on it, like butter or some creamy salad.
But still, some people like it. Creepy I know. Davið even like it, so we buy it.
You do not buy an entire loaf of this stuff though, it would probably kill you. You buy it in little packs of 4 slices, and trust me that is enough.

Everyone is busy

With summer coming everyone is keeping busy. Kasper is getting very good on his bike, Davið is working on plans for the house and here so see Stefan cleaning up his bike.

Griffy, the retired bear

Stefan found this old bear in a second hand store in Canada. It was love at first sight. I bought it and he carried it around for years. On the bears back was some stitching that said Griffy. Griffy had an honored place on Stefan's bed.

But the last yea5r Griffy has been leaking beads everywhere. No there is almost nothing left and I am afraid it is time for him to go.

So, this is his last picture and he has been put to rest.

Good Bye Griffy.

Ninga Turtles

After watching the Ninga Turtles movies, including the new one, Stefan insists on swords in the back of his shirt.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I am a little bored....

So I started this.
Technorati Profile

A Real Landed Immigrant!

Thats right, Kasper and I have finally been approved to stay. As soon as we get our medical certificates (after some x-rays and tests) we will have real status.

It is so exciting.

A tax card, child benefits, being 'in the system' . Ahh, the good life.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last night

It was back to Inga and Rob's for some clean clothing, visiting, a mountain climbing and a great meal. Complete with all the easter extras.

Nice Food

We ran out of food by our fourth day and could not find any place to buy anything. Even all the restaurants seemed closed.
We did finally find one open at a tourist site. I think they knew they where the only ones open because the charged us about $50.00 per person for buffet. And that did not even include a coffee.
Sure it was a nice place, but that is a bit much.
Then to top it off, Stefan puked all over the floor. So I could not get more pictures.

Ghosts, as told by Kasper

Gullfoss, another waterfall

A beautiful waterfall that could have once been used in industry if not for the women in the statue who threatened to through herself in.

The pictures did not turn out so well as I would have hoped, but it was super misty.