Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleeping in

It is getting so dark in the mornings we have all started sleeping in.

Everyday it seems a little later.

I know it is dark when I get up, so if it is still dark I assume I am on time. This morning I woke up with the boys stumbled around to get some cereal going and then looked at the clock. It was 8 already. I am supposed to start class in 10 minutes. I could see this was not going to work out.

There is no way to get 2 kids dressed, fed breakfast and dropped off at 2 different schools then get to my own school in 10 minutes.

So I decided to make the best of it. There is no point rushing everyone if there is no way to be on time. Might as well make it a normal morning. Kasper does not start class until 8:50, he usually just goes to before school care while I am in class. It does not matter when Stefan gets to school, but he does like to have his second breakfast with the other kids.

So I relaxed. Kasper got to school on time, Stefan was fine and I totally missed my first class, which, funny enough, is my only class on Mondays.

My teacher says this is common with foreigners who are not handling the darkness well and she said last week that she expects the class size to be small for the early classes for the rest of the semester.

Tomorrow should go better.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to Angela

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Angela (Anderson)
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

There is no denying it this year, 26 is the late 20's.
It is the start of a whole new era for you!

Daylight savings come and gone.

Spring ahead and fall back.

This time it is fall back, the time that is.

The longest graveyard shift of the year at Humpty's. I feel bad for you girls. Also the one night a year when the clubs in Red Deer have 2 last calls. Reminds me of one particular fun night out on the town.

After work on Saturday, I worked a day shift, I caught the bus down to Red Deer. Not only was it day light savings night but it was the Halloween party's. I did not dress up but still had a great time.

Janielle and I went out that night and it was great. I do not remember much of it but I do remember when they had last call. Everyone stocks up on drinks as usual. Then an hour later, last call again, everyone cheers. Yaaa! Why not buy more beer?

Finally the bar closed and I had to go home. To Edmonton. There was a Greyhound bus leaving Red Deer to Edmonton at 3:30 a.m. The timing was perfect. It was not fun waiting out in the cold because the depot was closed at night, but still the time worked out well. I was drinking less then a block away.

I caught the bus and had a nap on the way up to Edmonton, the night bus is really slow so it takes 3 hours. I got home, had a shower and went to work the Sunday day shift.

I felt like crap. Sundays are so busy. I had only been working there a month and someone had called in sick. It could not have been much worse.

I remember Simon, back when he was the host, asking me why everyone else was running around working and I was just drinking water. I told him I did not know why,. but I am sure there was a reason for it.

Even though I don't remember much of it, I am sure I had a great time and it was so worth it. I also think I am getting a little old to be doing this now.


BEST í heimi

The spelling might be wrong on that.

That is the name of the play I saw on Friday with Kristina and Mar. Actually it was not a play yet, it was the second last dress rehearsal.

Anyways it meant the best of home and was basically the stories of a few people who had moved to Iceland.

They each rang so true. The first half made me laugh and laugh, the last half I started crying.

It used so many stereotypes like how Icelanders are so beautiful and how foreigners have jobs in playschools and cleaning.

I will not be someone who ruins it for someone else, not that I think anyone else I know will be seeing it, but still, I will not say anymore.

Friday, October 27, 2006

New Babysitter

Kristina had put an ad online for use on a web site about babysitting, I guess, and now I have a babysitter.

I am so excited. I am going to have to have a date with my husband. I really miss him.

Anyways, my new babysitter sounds great. She is 21 and will be bringing her 2 year old son with her. I am sure the boy could all get along. She lives very close by. She is a student during the week. She does not want to charge me a fortune to babysit.

I guess it is 350 during the day and 500 at night, per hour. Much better then 1000 an hour.

Did I mention how excited I am about this?

More rain

It has been pouring rain for like a day and a half now and shows no signs of letting up.

I am not talking about sprinkling or scattered showers, it is pouring.

When I walked the boys to school today I came home after because I was soaking wet. A raincoat is not enough protection. Sure my shirt was dry, but my hair was still half wet from rain getting under my hood. My pants were drenched, you would have thought I had been swimming in them. My socks and better.

A person needs rubber boots to walk around. The sidewalks are like rivers.

If this was Edmonton, the overpasses would have long since been flooded. But this is not Edmonton and there must be an amazing drainage system here.

Only one more complaint, the rain gutters around our apartment building have a leak only in one place, right above the door. So, I run through a waterfall, into the rain. It is no wonder I am soaking wet.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bit of wind + smoking = less hair

Let me explain a true and terribly embarrassing story.

This morning before class my friends and I were outside to smoke. I went to light my cigarette and a little breeze came along.

I learned that my hair is very flammable. The left side of my head caught on fire. It was not just a little singe.

I was in total shock and Darren, an English guy in my class, hit my hair a few times to put out the fire.

I was so freaked out. My ear felt a little warm and I think it might be a while before my hair is the same.

The entire class could only smell burnt hair the whole morning.

After some serious brushing (lots of hair came out) and lots and lots of conditioner it looks OK now. Not so soft, and I don't think I am imagining that it is a little thinner, but OK.

I think it was the highlight of the week.

Darren said if he was not awake when he got to school, he certainly was after putting out my hair.

So, if they come in threes, I have two more to go....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Done for a day

I know these pictures are unorganized, but this had to be done.

Finally I am finished.

I can not promise there will not be more, I might find another disk one day. But this is it for now.

If you look closely you will find some that never made it online before, like Ryanne kissing Hong at the Christmas Party.

I always said I would email it to Ryanne, but I never did.

Last but not least, more Old pictures 4