Monday, March 31, 2008


I got to see ET´s site today and I saw a picture of myself - probably the most recent picture of me out there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

In something that has become a tradition with us, we went one our 2nd annual Easter Holiday trip this year.

The night before I stayed up packing and fell asleep with the suitcases by the door. The plan was to be ready to leave as soon as we woke up on Friday morning. Apparently I did not lock the door because someone broke in while we were sleeping and stole our packed clothing.

Sounds crazy I know, but I live in the ghetto.

And my dog is not doing a very good job as a guard dog.

So we woke up, noticed the missing luggage, got a little angry then threw what clothing we still own into bags and left in the car. This would not ruin our family trip, although it did teach Kasper some rather strong language. I hope he forgets this.

So we left! As usual we stopped at Inga's for lunch, took the tunnel and on the way back, repeated.

This year we just rented one house out by Akranes.

These are the pictures:

Here is Kasper and Rósa playing in the back yard before we left.
Stefán, no need to say more.
Stefán again!
Kasper and Stefán, who is stronger?
And who is more goofy?
Certainly one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, Friday night.
Our poor dog, the boys do seem to really think she likes this.

A good one for the Christmas cards.

Kasper might be trying to look evil, hard to say.
Davíð avoiding the camera.
A very tired Rósa, she climbed three mountains in three days. You would be tired too!
Relaxing Davíð,
Relaxing Stefán, look like someone you know?
A little angry Stefán.
Our friend Et. Her and her husband Mattew came out Saterday night for some b.b.q.d lamb.
Here is the lamb, we had no idea how to cook these ribs! They caught one fire but still tasted good.
Rósa was very happy with the bones.
Viktor, Kasper's friend and Et's son stayed with us from Saturday to Monday.
The three boys.
Some beautiful and tastily made cheesecake, by Et of Skyr.
Kids in the mountains.

Sleeping Davíð.
Kasper, Viktor and Rósa.

The hot tub. The boys spent about 7 hours a day in there, every day that we were there. I am shocked they did not wrinkle away.
She thinks she thinks she is a guard dig.

This is a friend of Davíð's girlfriend. Confused yet? Well she is amazing. She is Chinese, lived her life in The Netherlands and is in Iceland doing her Internship for a medical degree. And she is funny. They came out to visit Sunday night. We ate a lot of cookies.
Oh yes, did I mention the hot tub?

So, it was good times all around and we hope to see you next year!