Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bus Changes


This time it is not all bad news, but to remain consistent in my writing, I will start with it.

The buses stop running earlier. I learned this the hard way when, on Sunday night, I waited out at the bus stop for 40 minutes only to find out the bus stopped running half an hour before I even got there.

As if the every half hour was not bad enough, during some times the buses only come by once an hour now. I put the number for a taxi on my cell phone, as if I am standing in the rain for an hour waiting for another bus.

Now for some good news:

Someone in the bus management finally realized what most transit systems new a long time ago, there are times in the day when a lot of people take the bus. These are called 'Peak Hours'. Now, the buses will run on a 15 minute schedule during these peak times. Ya! Good bus service. Even if it is crap the rest of the time, I now know there are a few hours a day that I do not have to spend so much time waiting for buses.

Students get free bus passes. I am not a student, so this will not include me, but Davíð gets one. We are parking the car when Inga and Rob get back and will be a bus only family after that. The other good thing about the free bus passes is that many more people might start taking the bus and that has a lot of benefits for itself.

The bus stops have numbers, just like the bus link in Edmonton. Now you can see when the bus should be at your stop, not just guess from how long it takes to leave the main terminal.

9 month bus passes are now for sale. I buy the three month ones now and am good until October, but I am still excited to get one that is good for 9 months. The longer the pass is valid for the less the per day cost is, and because I take the bus everyday it pays itself off very fast.

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I just read about the 9 month pass in the paper this morning. It said one could save over 7000 kr. over the cost of the current cheapie: the 3 month pass. So that's a good thing. :)