Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those boys!

The week has been busy - and here are some pictures from the last few days......

Stefán - this boy has an attitude.

Like most brothers, there is a constant competition for attention.

The bully of Hlemmur (the bus station)

Stefán likes these cookies, they are super crunchy cause they are supposed to be dipped in coffee, but he just uses water.

No matter how much of the apartment we dedicate to kids stuff, the toys always gravitate towards our tiny room. Every night we find toys on the desk and in our blankets.

We have had a lot of couch surfers over the last few weeks, and it has been great. OK, maybe Davíð doesn't care for it, but I love it.

There are so many French people coming to stay with us I wish I had learned something in the 4 years I had French classes.

Tomorrow a girl from Belgium is coming This is so exciting.

The weather here has been insanely hot - for Iceland.

Maybe I am getting weak, but it was 22 yesterday and I thought I was going to die, and I burnt, a lot! There must be something that makes the heat more intense here.

I saw Kungfu Panda, in Icelandic and still laughed, so it must be good.

It has been a busy week full of parks, swimming and sand - tomorrow we might even hit the Zoo, but I admit I am tired and am not sleeping so well thanks to the sun burn.

But what can you do?

Worst Tan Lines Ever

Proof that global warming is doing well in Iceland - look what happened after a few hours swimming outside at the beach.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

By Kasper

Here is a little somthing by Kasper while hanging out in the tent.

Camping in Husafell 2008

So I have managed to make a complete mess of these pictures again - but lets just pretend it was on purpose and we will call it art.

I went camping in Husafell this weekend with Kasper and a friend of mine, Lizzy and her son.
The weekend went great with tons of adventure.

We got to the site and found a spot for the tents, lucky for us because it was full of rv trailers and campers. No one uses tents in Iceland. The other people with tents were from France and Germany.

Kasper was actually jealous that everyone else seemed to have so much stuff!

The pool was great, I went once and was sun burned. Kasper went three times.

We had (Lizzy bought) a B.B.Q. that we could not seem to build right. When we thought it would be OK and started cooking it fell over and burnt a hole through a tent, so for dinner we ate grassy pork chops.

After this we removed the legs and just cooked on the ground and burnt up some grass. Judging from the amount of people pointing and yelling 'fire' this does not seem to be the way other people cook.

Camping in Iceland seems to be more of a social gathering. In the morning the bathroom has a line for the mirrors as girls do there make up. People eat in the restaurant, golf and swim in the pools. In the evening are bonfires and concerts. On the Saturday there was a children's concert at 10:00 p.m., so as you can see, the kids are tired.

This said, the reason to go camping in Iceland is not to see nature, relax alone or get away from it all, it is a social engagement, a time to met people, make connections and show off your latest camping gear.

I even made a new connection, some of the head child neurologists in the country were camping next to us. Kasper played with there grand kids. We exchanged emails. I guess we are practically neighbors.

A concert involving some guitars, a lot of drinking and singing lasted until after 3 a.m. preventing us from getting a lot of sleep last night, but we are alive.

Now we are home, the weather has been great and I must say it has been a successful trip!