Monday, December 31, 2007

Forgot this

I do not remember why, but I saw this and really wanted to post it. Just found it again, I always like key board pictures. They make me smile. And I see so much discrimination everyday, maybe this pictures should be on billboards?
It is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed, it has been hiding long enough.

The start of some real insanity

New Years is coming and the noise is already a little overwhelming.

This year I am taking it off.

Imagine the laughs when I answered what I was doing this New Years with 'catching up on laundry'.

But it is true, and a brilliant idea I think. With 6 families using one washer, it is always a battle to get your laundry done. But tonight, only I am interested in laundry. Everyone else is too busy trying to set them selves on fire with fireworks and drinking themselves stupid.

The washer and I are finally alone.

Around the city, pets are having panic attacks and have been for days. The fireworks never seem to take a break.

People that planned ahead got some sedatives, from the veterinarian, for the poor animal. We just sent ours out to Davíð's parents after she stopped sleeping.

Davíð took the boys out to his parents, they are all sleeping over.

I am really alone, and I love it!

And Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Beginnings

It has began - my official rise in the Toys R Us tower.

This month I have to learn everything you need to know to run the girls department of Toys R Us, because by the end of the Month I will be a section manager. Yippeee!

A title and a raise. But really my job does not change that much. I will still stock shelves but I will have responsibility's and powers.

I can ask others to do things.

Leave lists to be done.

I have to be sure the section matches Toys R Us standards.

I have to be sure to order enough of the appropriate toys.

I will predict what will sell well in Iceland and arrange displays and orders to accommodate that.

I am so excited!

A change!

A challenge!

At least for a while it will be a challenge. We will see what comes.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Missing my family

I always miss my family extra much over the holidays. Today my Dad sent me a few holiday pictures of the gang.

Left to Right - Cory, Dad, Travis, Ray sitting on him, Shantell and David.

Added this time are Matthew and Caleb.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The world of a 7 year old

We bought Kasper a digital camera for Christmas. The kid kind that can fall down stair, but not the highest quality pictures.
He loves it.
My plan is to upload them all for him, and you too. Now everyone can see what is important and worth documenting, to a 7 year old boy.
As you will see, most of us are a little blurry. This lead to him yelling at us to hold still a lot.
We hope you enjoy!

Christmas 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No news

Actually there is news, but I am far too tired to tell it all now.
All I can say is I have convinced my boss to give me a day off on Wednesday - and you would not believe how much I am looking forward to it.
Until then - I am thinking of all of you!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Mug Shot

For the id.

A new member of our family

So the news is that we got a dog! Not just any dog but an Icelandic Sheep Dog puppy. She is so cute, will not grow very big, never barks and is so calm.
Basically, our little Rósa is the perfect pet.

Here is Kasper taking her for a walk.

A little tired?

Stefán worked hard to prepare this bed for her and tuck her in. Kasper actually petted her until she fell asleep.

You would not believe all the stuffed animals that were under this blanket with Rósa. Stefán gave her a bunch of toys.

Here are my boys and there cousin playing soccer.

Holding some bear trophy's.

Garpur at the playground.

Stefán is showing off his little monkey.

Davíð's uncle Jói and Rósa. Jói gave her to us.

And here is a little something made by Kasper.

Reminds me of Dad

The old days, eating breakfast or sitting in the truck, we always listened to the radio, The Prairie Farm report brings back memories.
Maybe I should see if I can get it online? Might be useful is Iceland?

We also listened to Paul Harvey. Actually I should say that my Dad called in everyday and everyone else listened.
Paul Harvey hates my Dad, but I think he is the coolest.