Monday, August 27, 2007

24 hours of CRAZY

Starting from 7 last night:

Davíð was working late so I took the kids work with me. He first said he would be done around 8. This is really late for the boys to be up, but it is manageable.
8 comes and goes, Davíð picks up the boys after 10. They were so tired, they were completely unreasonable but they had a great time.
The hotel guests had a great time talking to them or laughing at them running around reception.
I am glad everyone else thought it was so funny, I was pulling my hair out.

Around 5 in the morning the buzzer rang, and our most dreaded guest is at the door. This guy owes so much money and always convinces people to let him stay, promising to pay tomorrow. I asked him if he had money and told him he would have to pay his debt, plus the charges for tonight before I gave him a room key, he said OK, he would.
We go into the reception, I get his bill and remind him he owes 47,000 kr, plus 13,700 for tonight. He freaked out. He wanted a discount, after all he is a frequent customer. I told him we only give the discounts to people who pay when they are supposed to. He told me to call my manager. I reminded him it was the middle of the night and he could speak to my manager in the morning, if a discount was agree upon then he would be reimbursed the difference. He yelled, started swearing and calling me names. Good times. Anyways, he left, without paying for anything, but he will be back, he left his car keys on the counter.

After this fiasco, I no did not feel like sleeping in my room anymore. I went to lie down on a couch in reception, which is locked, so I would hear if anything went wrong. I was a little worried about him trying to break in or something.

The rest of the night must have been uneventful because the breakfast girls woke me up in the morning.

I got ready to go home, but the day receptionist was late.

So I missed my first bus, the 24. 25 minutes later, I caught the next one coming around. I take this bus all the way to Mjödd.

We I got to Mjödd and got off the bus I got another surprise. The funniest of the day. The 11, the bus I catch for the rest of the way home, ha billows of black smoke coming out of the side. I arrived just in time to see the bus driver and some other guys run out of the bus depot, kick a panel off the side of the bus and start spraying the fire extinguishers. Burnt chunks of bus were falling all over the road.
When things calmed down I asked the driver if another bus was coming for us. The bus driver asked what we needed another bus for, this one was fine now. Funny guy. Soon after another bus came and brought me home.

I got home, safe and sound, and went to sleep. I woke up a dozen time for as many reasons and woke up at 4:30 this afternoon.

I am supposed to pick up the boys at 3:30 (Stefán) and 4:00 (Kasper), so I was very late with that. Lucky for me, the after school and playschools are open much later so there is still a lot of kids there and the kids did not seem to notice how late I was.

Now it is evening again and time to get ready for another day.

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  1. Anonymous4:04 AM


    Hope you stay sane!

    Say hello to Kasper and Stephan for me. I hope they are having a great time in school.