Monday, August 06, 2007

The New Neighbor

This is not the kind of new neighbor we were hoping for.
It looks like some more unwanted tenants, similar to the ones earlier in thew year that were living in the attic, have moved into Gísli's old apartment. Since the city owns the apartment we will call them in tomorrow to clean it up.
I tried to get pictures, but Davíð had already gone in and locked all the windows and the door so no one could get back in with out smashing a window, and that might still happen.
So this is the damage so far:
Blinds taken down, this probably happened when they went through the window. (We are guessing)
Someone went through our storage rooms in the attic.
made a mess in them, we might have to call the police, in case something was stolen. Almost everyone who lives in the building is on holidays, so they will not get the news until they get back.
Someone even found a photo album for some light reading.
Dragged other stuff around.
There is some food on the counter, I guess everyone needs to eat.

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