Thursday, August 30, 2007


This is something I have been meaning to mention for a week or two, but I just keep forgetting.

When I was at Ikea the other day I wanted to pay for my new shelves with my Visa.

They took the card, swiped it, then started calling someone. I started to get worried. I asked if there was a problem and the cashier said no, but Visa wanted her to call.

There as no answer on the phone from Visa so she asked me to pay with something else. I used my debit card but was a little annoyed.

When I got home I called Visa. I asked why my card was not working and they said:

We flagged your card because we noticed someone was trying to use it in Iceland.

This would be funny except I have been living here more then a year and have, from time to time, used this Visa.

We even called them once because we were having problems with the bills taking two months to get here. Someone knew we lived in Iceland.

But still, a year later, they decide that my Visa must have been stolen.

If my Visa was stolen, I would be really angry if it took a year for them to realize the 'strange purchases'.


  1. Marcia12:11 PM

    We dealt with the late arriving bills for credit cards we had gotten in the States. They were always wanting to add 'late' charges when there was no way we could pay their bill on time as it never arrived until the day before it was due and the mail doesn't fly that fast. Well, we argued with them backwards and forwards for a few years, then just gave up, paid the card off, terminated it and got a local card. It was a definite annoyance. But it also seems that no matter where one is, if an error occurs on the part of a bank or credit company, it will NEVER be fixed, and the fault is always yours, never theirs.

  2. I would have already canceled it but I have already had such problems with the banks here,
    Like I could not open my own account until they had me in the 'system', them I could not have a bank card until 6 months after I opened my account. It was a mess.
    So up until recently I have been dependent on Davíð's account and for a while, Davíð's bank card.
    I was thinking that applying for a visa might be too much.