Sunday, July 29, 2012

fun in sunland

Things to do in Iceland, with great weather and family:
camping, fishing, walks by the beach and visiting the grandparents
as an extra see a movie set (seems there is a movie filming in our neighbourhood)
Leó picking his nose, again

one of 2 huge camp out for a movie set - looks important

who says you can not tan in Iceland?

Having some Icecream outside the old apartment

Davíð, my handyman

Stefán sleeping at Amma's

Saturday, July 21, 2012

PIctures form Richard

I hate to admit it but Richard takes much better pictures from me so when I got the pictures he took of us, I know I should share them.
Richard being Davíð's uncle
Kasper, arriving in Toronto

Stefán arriving in Toronto

Nanna (Mona) and Me

Leó and me

Leó playing with a homemade truck and trailer

Nice big dinner outside!

Alice and Nanna

Alice, Nanna and Leópold

Nanna and Grandpa Berman

Sonia and Davíð working on homework

Davíð going out for his first ever flying lesson