Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our plans for Davíð to officially adopt Kasper have been put on hold again.

First there was the law that said you had to be 25 to adopt a child.

Davíð turned 25 this June so he called up the adoption person, there is only one person in Iceland that handles all adoptions, and was told about another rule:

You must be married for at least five years. We have only been married four.

So we are waiting another year now, and next June we will call again because by then we must fulfill all the requirements.

Unless they add more by then and that is always a possibility.


  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Those are some pretty crappy rules that you have to follow. But hopefully everything will go through for you guys. So I guess you guys can't adapt me either for another year. Man i have been hoping for some young parents, but now my dreams have been shattered once again. Thanks to the great laws that we have out their.

  2. Hey we are not that young, in fact I consider myself old now

  3. Marcia12:54 PM

    It sucks to have to wait!! But I'm hopeful that within a year you will have no new obstacles put in your way and that the adoption can then go through smoothly!

  4. The sooner the better! It is getting a little tiring explaining, in hushed tones, to schools and doctors why his last name is different!