Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The great escape

While walking out of our building the other day I noticed this sight outside our building. It appears asthough the children across the hall have been trying to make a break for it. I am only glad they used a doll to test the rescue rope before they tried to climb done themselves. As you can see, the doll did not make it.
Home made escape roap hanging down from the third floor window

The first victim of this escape method. Just glad it was a doll.

Whats new?

Leó, too tired to sit up

Stefán getting of the bus after his first cross country trip alone

I think he looks older

His injury while on holidays

Stefán on his way to his first international scouts weekend campout. There was swedish scouts there aswell. Stefán was the leader of the scouts from keflavík.

Davíð took us out for some Thai Keflavík, we ate Sushi. Only in Iceland would you go to a Thai resturaunt to order sushi.

As you can see, even in Iceland it can be to sunny to sit on the patio. We loved it.

Our teenager. The poor tourtured soul.

Kasper waiting to begin his first day in computer programming summer camp. They have a summer camp for everyone these days.

Leó, super proud of his new shoes he picked out himself. It takes a real man to wear fire engine red shoes everyday.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The candy king has crashed


Sometimes I think these boys will always be the same. Here they are at the zoo.

Time to get the party started

Best birthday present ever. Laura bought me this awesome addition to our family of coolness. Best part is how well it works.  Finally we have music.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our growing boy

One of the last days of school at Holtaskoli was a swimming day followed by a bbq party with hotdogs for everyone.
At the end of the day my oldest came home and told me what a great day he had, how he was playing with his friends in the pool, how there was so many kids and how it was so much fun. Then he told me how he ate 4 hotdogs.
This took a minute to sink in for me. This hardly sounded like my my son.
I asked him how he got the hot dogs, I mean was there not a crazy long line? He said there was, but he waited and after he got the first hot dog he just went and stood back in line eating and waiting at the same time. He continued this until he was full.
I smiled at him and told him I was glad he had such a good day. Then he told me he was going out to meet some friends downtown. OK, I said, see you at dinner.
Then it hit me, what seemed so unreal in the conversation. This boy, my son, has changed so much in the last 2 years, particularly the last year, that I hardly recognize him sometimes.
And I don't just mean the fact he is nearly as tall as me or that his voice creaks, while these things are funny enough, I mean this happy young man he has turned into.
Two years ago he did not have friends.
Two years ago he would not even go to school on special event days, the stress surrounding the break in routine would make him sick.
Two years ago he did not like to go swimming when the pool was full.
Two years ago he would not wait in line for food, he would rather go without then be in the crowd.
Two years ago he did not go out to play.
While everyday is not so dreamy, more are then not.
Since he started in Holtaskoli he has slowly changed into a happy guy, someone who is starting to be proud of himself and confident.
The environment in Eikinn, a special department for kids with learning and other disorders, has given my son the opportunity to see for himself what he is capable of.
He is now becoming a member of his community.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the currant Principle Jóhann and the head of Eikinn Guðbjörg for there constant and continued determination to stand up for and look after those who need it most.

Pictures from me

I don't actually have a lot of photography skills. And everyone was using my phone as a camera, but there is the odd good one in the batch. Try to find it.