Monday, November 30, 2009

Two tired guys


The boys, in case you forgot

Stefán, with inside out clothing. The cartoons are not so cool with him anymore, so he started wearing everything inside out.

Leó gets two pictures because he blinked in one, and that was just too cute.

And Kasper being Kasper :)

Whats going on here?


Ill a cheese burger and one of those...

look closely at the shelf in this Aktu Taktu , an Icelandic fast food establishment, see what you can order with your burger and shake?
A pregnancy test!


Advent Calenders

Tomorrow, December the first, is a day the boys have been looking forward to for a while.

It is the first day they can crack open those advent calenders. One little chocolate a day, counting down til Christmas.

It also reminds them that these Yule Lads will soon be coming by.

Stefán's Piggy Bank - Hand painted :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photo Radar

Photo radar does exist in Iceland, although on a very small scale, so this site (the plastic over the license plate) is an uncommon site.
I used to see these things for sale in Canada, although I am sure they are illegal.
I think the plastic blocks the photo from clearly showing the license plate number.
I dont think the police here even look for these things.

It's Here!

The snow has finally fallen, the first real snow that it.

We had a small dusting month, but that doesn't count.

We woke up this morning to plows clearing the roads and kids squealing trying to get into there snow suits.

Now all the neighborhood kids, including mine, are out sledding.

This is what winter is about.

To bad that we see less and less of these days, thanks to global warming I am sure. After all it is the very end of November before the kids can play in the snow, and I dont know how long it will last.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Makes me cry

When I see story's like this, when I see Walmart win

It makes me even more sad to see the stupid stupid people that support them in the comments.

I thought I left a Canada that supported unions and employees.

I certainly will not leap to move back to one that would rather support companies like Walmart.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At least they were honest about being dishonest

Everyone knows the Icelandic banks are run by criminals. We know they steal money. We know they are dishonest.

But Davíð and I agreed that one thing we liked about our bank, Kaupþing, is how they did not change there name after the crash.

When Glitner became íslandsbanki, changing only in name, Kaupþing changed only to The New Kaupþing. To us this seemed more honest, because, besides the name, there was no change.

But on Monday I went to log into my Internet bank and was redirected to my new banking website Funny because no one even tells us that our bank is changing.

This is a fine example of how sketchy this country really is.

I now belong to a bank called Arion Banks, when I joined a bank called Kaupþing.

But no worries, I think they still have the same criminals as managers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Seattle

This weekend we had our first set of couchsurfers from Settle.

This is also the start of our plan to build up a great wine collection.

They brought the first bottle. Some local Washington brand.

Actually we are torn on what to do with it.

We could collect these wines as a Christmas gift for Inga or we could start a real collection.

Hard to say yet.

Bad parents mean bad kids

I have to admit that Stefán has not been getting enough of my time lately.

Although there is no real excuse, I tend to tell myself that the baby and Kasper take up so much time, and Stefán has always been an easy kid.

I can now see that I have taken advantage of him being low maintenance for too long.

I used to think I never had to tell him anything, but now he just doesn't listen to anything.

He goes out and doesn't tell me where he is going.

I ask him to put away his laundry, he says no.

Once when he was angry, he told me the next time I missed the bus he would laugh at me.

Mean, I know...

Anyways, I have no one to blame but myself. I know that too.

But now I have a plan. There are a few stages, but after Christmas for sure, I will have more time for the middle child.

Its time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Family Please

Kasper turned 9 on Saturday. I have already blogged about that.

What I have not blogged about is what made this 9 year olds birthday different then any other 9 year old I know.

When asked what kind of party he wanted, he said he would like to have his friends come over and play at his Amma's house.

We said this might not be a good idea this year and suggested the movies with pizza.

Kasper said they would be so good at his Amma's and all play outside.

We pushed the movie and pizza on him, to avoid a lot of stress, although the thought was so cute.

After his Family Birthday Meal, which he was very very happy with, he asked why he did not have more family there.

He said he does not want any more presents, he had enough, but it would have been nice to have more family there. They do not need to bring anything.

So next year everyone is invited, uncles, long lost cousins, whatever.

No gifts expected.

He just wants to be rich in family.

Annes Blog

So Anne has a blog now.

Anne being Davíð's aunt who lives in Canada while spending a lot of time in Guatemala.

She is one of those people with a really interesting life, that I never fully understood.

But this might change, now that I have a blog to read.......

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Now I am impressed.


Everything Else

These are the rest of the pictures that were missing while I didn't have the cord!

This is our local Addias-Siemens store. Dead serious, a tiny store selling all your appliance and tracksuit needs.
Strange product combo...

Here is Kasper at Langbest Pizza for pizza with his friends on his 9th birthday, today!

Last night while out for dinner with family,
Kasper again!

Leó practicing his coolness with the help of his brothers by borrowing this toque.

Kasper with far too much food on his face. Pizza is a problem for that.

A far too happy birthday boy.

His first bottles. Now, with some planning, I maybe able to leave the house alone someday.

Next to us at the bus stop in Hafnarfjörður, after occupational therapy. I think if they are going to put the bus stop next to the ocean in Iceland, they could at least give us a shelter. It was cold and windy.

Leó and Hobbes, a gift from Kasper.

We would like to think he is playing with it.

Napping on his Amma.

Rósa, our racer.

Övar, the newest cousin.

Good dreams.

Trying to block the noisy kids...

Kasper climbing carts at Bonus.

Sleeping by Daddy :)

No matter how many times we tell her off, she still tries to be the baby.

paparazzi victim

Leó at 6 weeks :)

A full fridge

While the price of food goes up in Iceland, our family grows.
Going grocery shopping gets a little more scary each time, yet I have such a good feeling when I open the door and see food, not shelves.
As Kasper would say, he is happy to be rich in food.


Even with a bed this big, sometimes there is just no room for me.

Around the base

One great thing about the base is the mix between Iceland and North America.
I really like how the street names are translated :)

Tied on

Kristína, my sister in law, gave me this great baby carrier. So great it is only a huge length of fabric that can be used so many ways.
Basically you tie the baby to yourself.
Useful when they just will not be put down, and you don't have the heart to let them cry.

PIctures coming!

Cassie dropped off my camera cord today, so now I will flood you with pictures!

Kasper turns 9!

In a few minutes.

But we had the family party already, Inga and Rob's treat, at Pizza Hut!

All 12 of us, this family is getting big.

(Including his sister's family)

Kasper is about to explode with happiness. He got some of his favorite types of comics (Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes) from Stína and Már and a t.v. from Inga and Rob.

They are actually upgrading there own t.v. and gave him the other one, but this worked out perfect because Kasper, with the help of his birthday money finally had enough money for that playstation2.

If it had not been for the t.v. gift, the playstation would have been useless because we didn't have a t.v.

Now we can sit in Kasper's room and watch the news.


My oldest Kasper, is in the middle of testing for Autism, and we are tired!

Wednesday - 2 hour interview with a specialist.

Thursday - Occupational Therapy

Friday - 3 hours with a different specialist.

More fun next week!


Have you ever wondered what it is?

I often threaten to name the next baby this - girl or boy.

It is a mix of Kasper and Sasperilla.

Sasperilla was a soda pop I could only buy at Food City, now out of business. Its been so long I often wonder if this tasty drink really ever existed.

Kasper is my oldest son. From the moment I new about him, my life changed forever.

Kasperilla just is. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009


not me, Stefan.
The kid is always tired these days, and I am not exactly sure why. We try to get him to bed at 8 and he is usually asleep by 9 so why is he sooo tired?
I have 2 ideas:
1. He is in some sort of growth spurt. That would be good, he has not grown in a while.
2. He has a vitamin D deficiency and is suffering from seasonal depression because it is getting dark out.
Either way it is time to step up the vitamin consumption as the daylight and fresh food become more scarce in Iceland.

Still Waiting

David is still fixing our Internet connection, so I am still waiting, uploading lots at a time and hoping tomorrow will be better.\
Who would have realized how addicted I would have become?


Rob, my father in law, has kindly given us his gigantic (400 liter) aquarium, with the filter and everything.
It used to have his Koi (giant gold fish) in it, but they have moved to the new pond outside.
Anyways, we got this great stuff, then misplaced a part of the pump. I actually do not remember seeing it, but we have to order a new one.
Then, when we et it, we are going to set an amazing freshwater aquarium. I am really excited.
I did want to do a salt water one, but am far to poor.
We already have some real plants growing in there, we just need the filter for the fish.
Updates coming.

A good age

My friend Lizzy told me that it is best to have a husband who is at least 10 years older then yourself. I guess the maturity levels match more then.
There have been moments that I think this could certainly be true.
My other friend Tikky told me that it is best to have husband who is much younger then yourself. She was very happy to hear that David was younger then me, even if it is only by one year. She says this is very lucky for me.
I guess she has a sister whose husband is 4 years younger and this is considered a good marriage. Maybe this is Thai culture, I don’t know.
I am not sure that anyone rule is true, it just depends on the individual.
I could not see myself being married to anyone older. Maybe it is because I have a rather young family, but anyone 10 years older then me seems closer to my mother’s age then my own. That is a little to creepy for me to marry.
I also could not see myself with anyone any younger. Maybe I am getting old, but 25 year old seem like kids to me now. It could be that having three kids of my own has aged me.
These things being said, I think David is perfect for me.

My dearest Shantell.

My sister, whom I miss so much.
My sister is 13 months younger then me. When we were kids we often fought, sometimes daily, but at the end of the day we were friends.
I guess all big sister’s are a little mean, but looking back, I wish I would have been nicer.
All these regrets come to me know because I have not seen her in three and a half years. In the same amount of time I have only had about a dozen decent talks with her.
She does not have Internet, works shifts and has two boys, combine this with the time difference and I hardly ever get an answer when I call. When I do get an answer it is usually a bad time, or quickly becomes one (kid wants something).
Sometimes I wish I could steal her away to live with me here. We could live together and drink coffee every morning. Our boys would be best friends….Stefan (mine) and Caleb (hers) are only 3 months apart in age. Caleb (hers) is only a year younger. The group belong together. Kasper (mine) would love being the oldest. Dreams.
Mostly I wish I could be there for her. I feel like I am failing as a sister by not being there. I just don’t know what to do.
But I look forward to seeing her next year. I will give her a huge hug, and most likely, cry a lot.
I admire my sister because, while I whine and complain, my sister always tells the cheery side. Things can not be easy, but every time I talk to her she tell me good news. I find her positively amazing.
So if you are ever in Outlook and you want to meet someone who is SO GREAT just look her up.


For years the boys have been getting money for gifts. This is mostly because so much of our family lives overseas.
In previous years we just bought more gifts for them with the money, but this year we have stopped.
From now on all the money given to us to buy something for them will go to them to buy something.
Kasper and Stefan are both really good at saving up for things they want, a skill they have learned through chores and allowance. So this just adds to the pot.
Both of them have been saving everything for about 4 months now, so they are getting rather well off.
David is considering putting on the ski mask and robbing Stefan. He keeps his money well. Kasper, although he has a clear goal of a Playstation 2, gives to charity’s when they come to the door. (500-1000 IKR)
Funny, because I think we are poor.
So Stefan would be the kid to rob, he has more.
wow…that went off topic.
Point being, I am letting the kids decide for themselves what they want. It gives them a clearer view of money.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A difference

Kasper and Stefan are both wonderful, but completely different boys.
When Kasper was six, he asked his Dad if Santa was real. David said no, thinking that Kasper already knew this and was just looking for confirmation. This was wrong. Kasper had heard kids saying he was not real and was looking for David to say they were wrong. He was devastated. There was a crying involved.
This year Stefan is six. I reminded him that Christmas is coming and that the Santa’s would be putting treats in the shoes soon and he laughed at me. He said ‘Everyone knows that Santa’s are just the Moms and Dads’. I was kinda sad.
Kasper seems so sweet and innocent, while Stefan can make us forget how young he really is. I guess it could be put down to kids growing up faster with older siblings, or it could just be personality differences.
I guess we will see when Leopold gets bigger. If he calls me a liar for talking about a Santa when he is only three, I will blames his older brothers.

The Milk Conspiracy

When I first moved to Iceland, one of the first things I noticed was the milk. It tasted good. The cartons are funny, but most important, it expired very quickly. You had to buy milk every few days because it was only good for a few days in the fridge. Maybe three…
In Canada the mild would stay good, with the help of a hole lotta preservatives, for a few weeks. I was actually used to have milk last nearly forever, so I admit it took time to adjust to the new system.
But adjust I did, in fact I was convinced this was better. Better because the milk was pure, better for you. I admit, it did taste better.
Then something changed, and I do not know when this happened because it still tastes good but…
yesterday on November 16 I bought milk and happened to look at the expiration date and it is good until December 22 ?!?!?!?!?! 5 Weeks!
This can not be right! What on earth are they putting in the stuff now? When did it change and why was this not page breaking news???
Or is it a typo? Maybe they meant to write November?

Is it true?

The other day I logged onto facebook and was hit with some real news. My brothers had befriended my Dad on Facebook.
My Dad has Facebook?
It’s the end of the world as we know it….
I wonder if he got the internet out at the farm….

still fixing it....

My husband is still trying to change our internet, so my connection is still rather spotty.
Hence the lack of email reply’s and mass posting.

Good times on

Probably only because I live in Iceland. Land of the overpriced.
So here’s the story:
My pal Lizzy has gone home to California for a month, less then three weeks left, and offered my the opportunity of a lifetime – I could shop online at, have the stuff sent to her and she would bring it back with her.
Well, as soon as I saw this site I shopped like mad, and now she will probably need to send stuff in a box.
But even with shipping, the prices were a third, or less, then what they would be here.
I got the boys pants for 7.00 a pair…..
I also used the opportunity to stock up on necessity’s like Children’s Tylenol and Baby Orgel. Things that I can not do without, but can not buy here.
I also order a bunch of pictures. I have not had pictures developed in 3 years and am looking forward to doing a photo album.
There was so much stuff….. I may have over done it.
In fact I did manage to spend a little more money then I would have liked, but nothing is free, and the good news is that I would have spent much more here.

no pictures.

If might have noticed that I have not been posting any pictures lately.
This probably seems really strange considering I have a new born baby at home.
So I should tell you, I have been taking buckets of pictures, but you will get them all at once.
You see, it all started with my friend Cassie. She forgot her camera cord in Australia. So I lent her mine thinking I had two other ways to put the pictures on the computer.
Then both of these plans failed me, imagine that! Just my luck!
Plan one was to use Kasper’s camera. That is to switch memory cards then use Kasper’s camera, which has a cord, to upload the pictures. Then Kasper dropped his camera on the bathroom floor, bending the shutter, and therefore making his camera useless.
Plan two was to use the memory card slot in my laptop. This was actually the best plan because it was simple and fast. Then my laptop died, for the last time.
So you see, even the best thought out plans can fail.
Now, when I get the cord back, you will get a million pictures!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kasper's Sick

Like really sick. Usually Kasper being sick means a Kasper jumping around, demanding just as much as attention, only with a fever. Or coughing.
This time he is actually puking and sleeping a lot. He has actually stayed in bed for a few days now, resting. I dont know what to do with this Kasper.
I just hope he feels better soon. I know how to handle the hyper Kasper, not the sick one.

6 Weeks

Tomorrow Leópold will be six weeks old, but his check up was on Friday. As of then he was 65 cm long and 7.1 kilo's (15 and a half pounds). My little porkchop. The doctor calls him greedy, as though you could ever drink too much breast milk!
I fell like I am always starving to death trying to feed this little guy.


My littlest nefew and Leópolds cousin who is born in the same month! I am sure they are meant to be good friends, or great enemy's! Time will tell.
I finally got to meet him on Thursday, a long awaited visit.
He is so a sweet and has the most amazing hair do. Many of usgo through our whole life trying to get style like that, and he was just born with it.


My horribly laptop, you know the one with the missing keys, horrible charge and loud fan that still could not keep it from over heating every 10 min., has finally left our home.
As Davíð says 'It worked better as a door stopper' but I could use Skype on it...for a few minutes.
Anyways, Davíð advertised it on Barnaland and someone offered to buy it for 25000 IKR. Amazing really. So we took the money and it is going towards upgrading a desktop, that we found by the garbage, into something usable.


We have been rearranging the computers, and with that came some experimenting with the Internet connection. Basically, we want Internet in 2 different room but do not want the wores everywhere.
Davíð usually has a gift with these things, but not today. Now we have no Internet and I am typing posts on Word to upload later.
I hope later is soon...
My farmville crops are probably all dead :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of practice

OK - Pop Quiz:
What do you put on a diaper rash?

So I am thinking,
'I should know this one'
'Why can I not think of it?'
'This is my third, thats right-third, baby, I have seen diaper rash before'
'What did I use last time?'

My mind is blank.

I found a tube of zinc cream, something I only actually had because I could not read the label and I thought it was moisturizer. It had been sitting around for years...

I tried that, still a rash.

So I went shopping. 4 different stores and the best I can come up with is a little jar of Vaseline.

I am trying that tonight.

Now, had I been a first time mother I could easily call someone for advice.

Even second time might not seem to bad, but third?

Maybe I have a memory problem. I remember that rashes, but not how to make them go away.

Some people are natural parents, they just know what to do. I am not one of those people. I have to look everything up online while studying for a parenting course.

*To be fair, it has been 6 years since the last baby.*

Sunday, November 08, 2009

In case he becomes a fisherman

During parent teacher interveiws, on Thursday, I had the oppurtunity to meet the most annoying gym teacher ever.

He also teaches swimming.

I should first mention that swimming lessons are mandatory from grade 1 to 10. I guess it goes back to the old days when everyone worked on a boat.

It all started at the beginning of the year when Kasper was told off because he had the wrong kind of swim shorts. I guess you need speedos to learn to swim. Imagine my annoyance when we had to buy him a second swim suit. Now he has 2, and the things are not cheap.

Next Kasper has a bad skin rash and can not go in the chlorinated water. It is worse because he can not put the medication on himself after.

So he missed a few lessons. The teacher says he still needs to show up and sit on the side of the pool and watch.

OK, so he does that.

Then I went to talk to him during interviews, not realizing what an ass he was.

He tells me the importance of swimming lessons and how necessary they are.

He also tells me that Kasper missed too many classes this year, medical reason or not, and would not be getting passed in level 4 swimming.

And what does this mean? It means that at some point he will need to take another set of lessons through the school, or work super hard and cover 2 years in one, or he will not graduate when he gets to grade 10, because he will be a year behind in swimming.

I also found out that they will fail you if your swimming is not good enough. Because good swimming is important in life.....? I do not like this guy.

After years of waiting.

Finally, finally, finally, Kasper has made his way through the waiting list and will now get a proper assessment.
Through Greiningastöð he will be assessed by a team including child psychologists, pediatricians and occupational therapists. Then maybe we will understand...
All star5ting on November 23. There is a lot to do, but we are so excited.

Sjónarhóll is also coming into things, starting tomorrow! They will help us find our way through the system with him, incuding stuff like finding him a good summer camp.

I am curious to see how this turns out after waiting 2 years just to get started.


As a cheap solution to Christmas presents I am sending out some cute postcards, but I do not seem to have as many addresses as I used to.

Would you send me your address and I will send you a card.

Happy early holidays.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coffee with Sabine!

A friend of mine from Reykjavík came out to see me on Saturday, and it was great. The visit brought several points to my attention:
  • My home is absolutely unsafe for small children. Her one year old was digging through my kitchen drawers and found B.B.Q. skewers. I have some work to do.
  • A treat from the bakery has become a real treat now. I was drooling over the treats she brought. I must be eating far to healthy because I could not even remember the time I got so full off cake.
  • I need to see more of my friends. I have been getting far to isolated out here and with winter coming..... It is time to get myself together and get out more!
That being said, I have another visitor, Angel, tomorrow and I need to see Lizzy this week.  So, Ill be OK.

(I also need to learn how to be a better friend and call more)

Monday, November 02, 2009

not much choice

When I first moved to Iceland, one of the first things I noticed was the lack of selection, by North American standards.

I now know that I was only spoiled in Canada.

This lack of selection is very noticeable in children's products.

Nearly every kid wears black Víking rubber boats. You can buy them in several stores. All the sames boots.

Every kid has a 66 North rain and snow suit.

Almost every kid also has the same canvas shoes from Rúmfatalagurinn. For boys it is a choice between Spiderman or camouflage. Boys under 7 choose Spiderman, the older ones, the camouflage.

Since the kreppa, the kids look even more like clones.

In August, when I was buying backpacks, I found a great deal. Most backpacks cost more then 5000 each, but these ones I found cost only 1999 IKR. This was a great deal, even after continued searching, this was the best deal in Iceland. So I got one for each boy.

Then the first day of school rolls around, we show up at school and I see that every other parent in Iceland found the same great deal. All the kids are wearing the same bag, with the same runners on, carrying the same rain gear.

This makes labeling extra important, my kids clothing is labeled well, if I do say so myself.

But this is not enough to prevent the weekly backpack mix up.

At least one kid, at least once a week, comes home with someone else's bag.

There names are printed down the sides, in very large letters, but it still happens.

It can happen at the group of desks they sit at in the class room, in the hallway while they get there boots on or on the bus they all take home after school.

It does not seem to be avoidable, but this does not lesson there annoyance when they get home, open the bag and realize they do not have there own.

This happened to Stefán today. He told me off, because he has the same bag as everyone else. He says 'if that kid touches my markers I am going to be very angry'. These are the same markers that are sitting in the bag in front of him.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Leó and me

Its not easy to get this guy to look at the camera!