Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know lava rock is cool and everything. In fact if I came to visit Iceland I would take a small piece home.

The whole place is made of lava, and recently, so there is a lot of lava rock.

But, for the last half an hour I have been sitting here at work watching tourists from China walk back and forth. They go out to the parking lot, pick up a bunch of rocks, then walk back to their rooms. Back and forth. Some of the rocks are pretty big. I guess all the friends back home are getting lava rock as a souvenir, but if they don't cut it out soon, the rock and tree gardens around the parking lot will be looking sparse and who wants to see what's under there?

I also have to wonder if they know about, or remember, the strict weight allowances on airlines.
It is fair to assume they flew here, it is an island.

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  1. Marcia10:34 AM

    I thought there was a law here that forbade people from carrying away the lava rocks. Hmmm... I'll have to ask Einar about it again.