Friday, August 03, 2007

The Interview

Job interviews here, In Iceland, have some questions I find a little strange.

These are my favorites:

1. So, do you live here?
I say yes, my husband is Icelandic and we moved here a year ago.

2. How long do you plan on staying in Iceland?
After telling them that I live here, I point out that we bought an apartment and have no plans on leaving it.

3. How long would you like to work here?
I never know how to answer this one, I usually say that I work as long as I am needed and do not have a specific date in mind for quiting.

4. Do you have children?
Yes I do.

5. How old are they?
Almost 4 and almost 7.

6. Are they sick often?
I hope not, that is to say I am not planning on them getting sick often. They take cod liver oil.

7. Do you get sick often?
Again, I try not too.

Like how many kids I have effects my work performance...

Other strange questions include:

8. Do you like to go on holidays?
(who doesn't) I do not travel much.

9. How much time have you taken off work this year for holidays? When was the last one?
Well, I just took the whole summer off, I am sure I am ready to just work now.

I understand questions about previous experience, responsibilities and employers, but they do not ask about these things. They, the prospective employers, dig deeper and want to know about you personally. I think it is a little creepy.

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