Friday, October 31, 2008

Potato Dessert

At work I eat a well balanced meal at lunch. I ate it with out guilt.

Until one day we had mashed potates, and they tasted a little sweet.

Imagine my surprise : The mashed potatoes are loaded with extra sugar. Then they tell me they add sugar to the meat too.

They have some nerve to offer dessert after all that. No wonder it always seemed to taste so good.

I do not know how I am going to eat lunch at work with out feeling guilty now.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New in town #9

These are the last and after this post we will only look forward!

This is a Kodak moment, a boy and his dog.

I should have told him how much food was in his teeth, he might old this against me.

Stefán is always really good at cleaning. He really likes to use face clothes on things like his bike tires.

Kasper always keeps track of what ships are in at what time. I get a daily report, GREEN SNOW was back this morning but left after lunch.

Thanks to Einar fir these great guns. Like my boys are not evil enough.

New in town #8

the great sheep round up is a huge part of life here. in the fall everyone gets out there to get the sheep back inside to be eaten or live for the winter. Kasper even went out with his friends to help sort sheep.
during this huge country wide operation, sheep are everywhere.

New in town #7

Kristína relaxing with some Agatha Christie when she came uo to see us.

As always my dog is a little stressed.

Rósa loves to bark at the ocean.

Stefán fishing again.

New in town #6

Country kids play outside way more. Before we moved Kasper rode his bike maybe once a week, now I have to fight with him not to ride it in a blizzard.

Here is Stefán's favorite fishing spot. He actually caught a bunch of crayfish once, but they died.

Playin by the ocean, has danger written all over it.

Some flowers from Davíð. He has bought me flowers twice now, but these ones I hated.
They did look nice..

And Kasper at íssaks. Thanks to my kids, Íssak now knows he has the cartoon network.

New in town #5

Here is Stefán in íssaks house.

And this is Íssak trying to write his name after a few drinks, with a giant pencil.

I thought this wall looked like something you would see on Northern Exposure - remember that show?

The boys took a swip at this thing every time we walked past it.

New in town #4

We went out to the Capital of the North (I would write the name but I would spell it wrong)
They have one of these trolls in Reykjavk too.

Here I am with a couch surfer.

And just the couch surfer.

OK, this guy was crazy but a lot of fun to hang out with for an afternoon.

He bought this picture from a street vendor when he was walking past it and it fell over on him. He spent a lot of money and was not sure what he would do with it because he is not from Iceland and it definatly would not fit in his bag.

New in town #3

Aside from the top one of Stefán coloring, these pictures are of our great walk to town from the airport.
Might not be one of my best mornings but it was certianly memorable.

New in town #2

a veiw from the plane over North East Iceland

And a little more.

Stefán in the plane.

Stefán and Kasper.

This is the tiny plane going to my town, it is so small the entire thing shakes and really scares me.

New in town #1

These are pictures that I have taken since moving, there are a lot so it would be best to just go 5 at a time so I can explain a bit.


Kasper, a little stressed out

This is our first visit to the doctors office. It is great, you can go in any time and a doctor is there in about 5 min.s

Here is Stefán waiting outside the airport. Our flight left at 7:30 and no one told us that the airport did not open until the plane is about to leave. In fact we thought we should be there early, so it was a chilly wait outside.

You can see Kasper is a little cold here.

Moving away party

Only 2 monthes late, here they are. The same as on Facebook but I know notr everyone has facebook.