Monday, September 28, 2009

I guess I over react

and cry a lot, but you knew that.

I went for my 2:30 appiontment today with very high hopes.

Davíð and I were going to meet there, and that is was the first problem.

Davíð had to finish something at school, so he didnt get there until 3:00. Probably should not have been a big deal because you usually have to wait a bit. Today everything was right on time, I guess.

Then I thought I had an appointment with the specialist, but I saw a midwife, who did not speak any English. It is very nerve racking to be in any meeting of importance, health included, and only understand half of what is going on around you and not being able to make yourself understood doesn't help.

I actually felt subhuman. They (the midwife and the student) did not leave the room while I had to take off my pants for the strep test. I was poked and prodded and discussed as though I was not there, probably because they knew I didnt really get it.

***Please note that I understand that they do not need to speak English, that is not in her job desciption.

From this appiontment I was able to get that my iron is OK, if lower then it had been (111), my blood pressure is getting higher (but up until this point it was very low so even getting higher is still a very good blood pressure) and the babys heart rate is 170, getting higher then it used to be, but that could be because of anything or nothing.

Feeling rather frazzled and near tears I just wanted to see the doctor. I managed to get that I could talk to him if I waited.

Then Davíð called and said he was on his way from the school, so I cried.

Could not be helped. I am emotional at the best if times, when I am pregnant I am a wreck .

So, Davíð got there, then I started to feel better. He got us in to see the doctor who basically said all pregnant women over react. But he did an ultrasound and said the baby is doing very well, although he will not tell me how big he is getting now, and I have nothing to worry about.

I have monitering every two days and they are keeping a good eye on him, I need to trust that.

Next Monday I see him again and I think we will have to have some serious talks about induction.

Until then, I guess I can refold baby clothing, walk around and try to finish everything I might want to do that would be easier with out dragging the baby around outside my stomach.

So tomorrow I might go to Reykjavík to look for birthday party supplies!

talking to dad

I am not very good at calling back home.

This is mostly because of the time difference. When I would like to call, everyone is sleeping or at work and when I should call, I am sleeping.

The next reason being that the cheapest way to call is on Skype. This involves my not-so-awesome laptop and I can not find the headset. Meaning every call involves me sitting alone in the living room yelling at my computer with the volume up so I can hear the replies, until the computer overheats and shuts off - only a matter of time. IT is just a strange feeling, but I know it is no excuse.

The result being that I often go monthes in between hearing anything from home.

But, this month I have been really good! I taked to Shantell, and Tye a few weeks ago and my Dad last night.

This might be a record.

It is also good because it is nice to be in touch with everyone when the baby phone calls start, any time now, it will be good to have recently caught up on things.

I look forward to talking to everyone soon - with the news!

Looking forward to an end

I have to say, I am still pregnant, and this is making me very very tired and perhaps a little cranky.

It seems like the only thing people say to me anymore is 'When is that baby coming out?'

I wish I had an answer. But I am going to the doctors today and I hope I have some news. At the very least an induction date!

On the bright side, it is good to remember the daying 'no pregnancy lasted forever'.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


While looking through some old pictures online, I am reminded of great times. There were super cute pictures of the boys, great Iceland shots and (some how I had forgotten these) some really nice pictures of me and Davíð. These are from 2007.


Friday, September 25, 2009

From Canada, with love

I got a present in the mail a few days ago, and it was great.

I mean better then great.

A package of cheese mix that we ate within hours of getting home from the post office.

Canada flags, that the boys have proudly displayed in their rooms. Kasper is beaming with pride because he actually remembers Canada. For Stefán it is more decoration.

And not to forget the beautiful handmade quilt for the little guy who has yet to come out.

Actually the best part is feeling remembered.  Thank you for that.

2nd try

Desperate to have this baby, I tried the German mixture again with even less success then last time.

I think I might just have to have a little more patience.

The last straw

Kasper has always been bullied at school, but yesterday the line was pushed when he came home with a bleeding nose.
It was a mess and the school said that because it happened at the bus stop it was out of there hands.
So we filed a complaint with the police who sent it to social services.
This is not the first time the kid has picked on Kasper, but I think it might be the last.
Today Kasper had a great day at school, no bullying.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lego Lesson's

We got a flyer advertising Lego lessons at the kids school in October.

Thats right, Lego Lessons. They can teach our kids how to play with Lego.

Now we know where we have failed as parents, because we are considering letting someone else do it.

Up until very recently Stefán has copied everyhthing Kasper did, making any sort of Lego playing a Lego tossing game, or destroying. So we dont even have any Lego..

But now that they have there own rooms and have alone time, maybe Stefán should have Lego, and maybe he should take the lessons to get the basics or up to his age with it quicker.

They start on his birthday and are once a week for three week, three hours each time, and it will cost 6500. Expensive but very tempting.

I kinda feel like I owe it to him.

Besides, the only Lego I could teach him would be the basics of building Lego homes, how to arrange the kitchen ect.

I suspect boys play a little differently.

A complete spectrum

The day started out terrible, with everything pointing towards a night mare and wishing I would have stayed in bed.

I started out at 6:45 making oatmeal for the boys for breakfast. It seemed to be going well until Kasper noticed the raisins, he says 'actually I want them on the side'.

So I make more oatmeal, I hate to cater to them, but I believe that getting the right start to the day makes all the difference.

So the kids had eaten, I ate Kasper's first bowl and Davíð is getting ready.

Then I get a very bad feeling in my stomach. I tried to sleep off the digestion of the oatmeal hoping that would help keep it down.

I woke up again at 9:30 and noticed my couchsurfer had left to catch her plane. I was a little sad that I did not get to say goodbye.

Then I started puking anyways, I guess I did not sleep long enough.

I spent most of the morning just feeling bad for myself.

Then I hear crying. The boys are home and had been fighting. So I told them they had to play together for the rest of the day and were not allowed to see their  friends.

Then things magically turned around.

Kasper made the hot chocolate for everyone and both the boys finished their homework, without anyone doing any huge amount of complaining.

So I let them watch a little cartoons on my computer, I was so happy.

I had a quick nap and when I woke up my stomach felt better.

Kasper cooked himself noodles then I found out at 4:50 that Kasper's friend, who Kasper had been catching a ride with, had quit Scouts, so we would have to find some other way there.

This was not fun because the next bus was coming at 5:15 and would not get us there in time.

And Davíð was not home so we all had to go....

We went outside, and it started pouring but we had no time to get better clothing...

But we caught the bus, which was late making us a whole half hour late for Scouts.

Sounds like a disaster? Well, I thought it would be, but it was actually OK.

Kasper was happy and better behaved then he has been at any other meeting. I found a pen and paper in my bag so Stefán colored the last hour.

The Scout leader also told me that they would also be willing to make an age exception and start Stefán in scouts this year.

I was so please that I offered the boys KFC afterwards. They were extremely happy.

So we went for a nice little walk, at least it had stopped raining, and the boys had some popcorn chicken and played in the play land.

This is a huge treat, the place is actually rather expensive.

Afterwards we walked to the bus stop home only to find out we had already missed the last bus of the night.

I had no idea they only ran until 8, and we only missed it by 10 min....

So I called a taxi and was robbed blind by the cost.

2000 kr!

After we get here he says it is a set rate to the base.

I am going to get Davíð to call and double check this tomorrow, it seems like a bit much!

Then, at home the boys were still amazingly good. They took the dog out, brushed their teeth, put on p.j.'s and went to bed - no problems. IT was so great.

Now, although I am tired, it is not a bad angry cranky I hate you tired, just a ready for bath and bed tired.

A seriously emotional day!

and I am still pregnant. 

Look down

Newly added, near the bottom of the page, is a photobucket album of pictures Kasper has been taking.
I promise to update them more often!
P.S. Kasper is 9 and the best part about his pictures is that no one EVER looks good in them.
If you want to see real life, give a kid a camera!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Collections Canada

Completly by chance, I stumbled accross one of the coolest websites ever. because I like looking at old things.

You can find all the old catalogs from Canada, like when they used to order everything from the mail! As far back as the 1800's!

I really like this Army and Navy catalog from 1932 where I can pick up a pair of shoes for 1.39CAN. Good deal :)

The Blue Lagoon

Davíð took Kasper out to the Blue Lagoon tonight, we are trying it out now that we live in the neighborhood.

The main reason being Kaspers constant skin problems.

The doctor here in town offered to prescribe Kasper the Blue Lagoon as a treatment for his skin. He just asked that we take him once to make sure he liked it before he (the doctor) went through all the paper work.

Well, Kasper loved it so I will ask for the paperwork to be done so we can take him all the time, because honestly, there is no way we would have the money to go without the perscription.

Normally it would cost 4000 per adult and 1000 per kid.


Our latest couchsurfer, who is here now, is named Cristen. She is from Texas and won a trip round the world through a photography contest.
It has been great, Davíð and I went for a drive while she watched the boys and she even took the dog for a nice walk - now this is what guests are for.

Now part of me thinks that accepting couchsurfers , when I am expecting a baby so soon, might not be the best idea. But the other part says: why not be nice? and it might come in handy to have someone in the house, just in case.

But I have now changed my profile and will not be accepting anymore requests for the next few months.

The last pair comes on Thursday, then we are having a break, but I will miss the adventures and meeting people.

It really has been so much fun.

Time to leave

Being a week and a half over due is no fun, no fun at all.

So I have been trying everything possible to make this baby come out.

Saturday  we went out to Inga and Rob's (the inlaws). The boys went swimming, Davíð helped out with some work and I got acupuncture, to try to get this baby moving.

Sunday I mostly hoped the acupuncture would start working. It didn't. Inga says I am not relaxed enough for it to work.

Monday I had an ultrasound, the baby is at least 4 kilo's already. I also had monitoring done and everything is fine.

ALSO: I tried an old German midwife's recipe to bring on labor. The magical mix including raw eggs, cream and Castor oil did not bring me my baby, although I did spend an entire day with killer braxton hicks and a seriously ill stomach.

I am unsure about what the next stop will be.

After spending all day recovering from the last one I am not sure if I am ready for anymore drastic action.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Kasper has always been bullied at school by someone, and we are always being told he is just a target for these things.

We have done everything we can to at least slow it down like putting him in groups, like scouts, buying him clothing he feels good about wearing and trying to keep him busy by encouraging his friendships.

After years, it does seem to be getting better.

Then Stefán started grade one and he is being picked on by a kid in grade two. This we never saw coming. He has always been so full of self confidence and he always gets along with older kids. His best friend is in grade two.

Yesterday this kid stole Stefán's water  bottle and threw it down a gutter. IT was really sad because I was really cheap with the school supplies this year and the only thing they got to pick out for themselves was the water bottles.

It was Star Wars, The Clones Wars.

Now I want the parents to replace it. Not only was it 1200 kr, but it can only be bought at Toys R Us in Reykjavík.

So I hope they get enjoy there trip to the city (it is a ling drive) to buy a very over priced water bottle. Maybe the kid should pay for the water bottle and, more then that, the gas for a trip both ways.

I refuse to accept that this is just the way it is. The school tells me this kid always picks on others but I plan to do everything possible to make sure it is not my either of my boys again.

****I have to admit Stefán also has the advantage of having a much older brother. Kasper went off to school ferious today, he will not accept his brother being treated like that. (and determined to put a stop to it)So maybe I do not have to worry to much about him.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


OK, I am still pregnant and but how much longer can this go on?

Today I was showing the kids the pictures from Már's (brother in laws) blog, from when Stefán was born.

The plan was to give them an idea of what was coming.

It brought back such memories, it took a huge amount of effort not to cry!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Grade 4 Exams

This is the time of year for government exams.

Not just any exams, but the ones that are used to rate the school.

Everyone is treated equal and no extra help is given to anyone.

Two days of straight exams. Seems like a lot for any 8 or 9 year old.

For the last 2 weeks the kids have been tested, drilled and pushed. Old exams have been sent home for them to practice. It reminds me of the Alberta Diploma exams.

Kasper has been extremely stressed out because they tell him to work harder and he will have to be faster and the world will end if these tests are not amazing.

Then, now here is the best part. Yesterday a teachers aid approaches me and suggests that Kasper not make it to school for the exams. She says it will not go well, he can not get any help and he is a distraction to the other children.

Now, I have to admit, the other children are not really my concern, but Kasper being given such a hard time is my concern and I do not like what this is doing to him.

I was also told he would not be the only one. Four other kids in his class are staying home and just missing the tests, it makes it better for the school.

I honestly do not know what to do.

Should I keep him home, spar him some needless stress and teach him that we just skip things we don't want to do?

Or do I send him to school, keep things fair, alienate the teachers and teach him about life?

It also seems slanted for the school to only have the best students take the exams.

What kind of country do I live in?

What kind of school system is this?

And what should I do with Kasper for the next two days?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a nap

So there I was, all unsuspecting, having a nap with my doggy, and my meanie Davíð is taking photos of me again.
Cause we never have to many pictures of sleeping people.
You must think thats all I do!

Random Shots (of the boys)

Stefán on the laptop

Stefán practicing his fake smile :)

Kasper, getting old.
Stefán caught nose picking.
In denial. 
Stefán posing with Rósa. She loves it. 
Kasper practicing his crazy man look.

Crepes night!

Last night Davíð made us a super dinner of crepes. Ham and cheese dinner crepes and Nutella desert crepes.

An old high school friend of his came over, visiting from the states, with his mom and sister.

Lucky, for me my friend Lizzy came over to sit with me.

But the food was amazing, reminds me of when we met and he cooked for me all the time!
adding the ham

Stefán loved it!

crepes require a lot of patience, here is some waiting.

Cartoon like

One thing I always think is funny about Stefán is his room.

All the toys are always on display, as though acting in a cartoon or on sale in a store.

He often plays both.

To thr right we have Hulk being attacked by an army.

Underneath a turtle on sale.

Bout time, I know

Now that I am running out of time,
I will post some belly shots.
Photos thanks to Davíð.
Taken on my due date.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Keilir Scam

This is a very long post...

To start from the beginning:

Once upon a time the was a NATO base built in Iceland. It was huge, compared to the rest of the population, housing up to 7000 people.

This housing had all the furniture and appliances a person could need.

There was also a grocery store, swimming pool, several gyms, restaurant, garages, vehicles, movie theater, really you name it. This place had everything.

Then the Americans left. It was true that a lot of jobs were lost, it took a lot of people to service this town, but they left a town behind.

They left everything! In fact, many apartments had even been recently been redone and had new appliances (like the one I am in :)) .

Everything was left to Iceland.

Now, thanks to the Icelandic way, filled with corruption (everything is about who you know ) friends of people in charge were basically given what could be sold and made a lot of money.

What could not be sold was stuffed into other buildings.

Furniture, gym equipment and appliances are still being sold, by people privately. And we all know how they came about all this stuff.

In a wasteful way, things that could not be sold here have been thrown away by the container full. Televisions, air purifying units and personal items left behind. Some apartments are still being emptied and I have seen bins full of clothing, Christmas lights and chairs. Everything.

What was left was some empty apartments. At least they are trying to make sure that is all that is left.

So these empty houses are rented out by Keilir as student housing for all the schools. Including the Universities in Reykjavik, you can catch a bus to school and back everyday. Keilir is also a school, similar to NAIT.

So Keilir in in charge of renting out these apartments.

Keilir is also a private school.

So this is what does not add up:

Although the housing is dirt cheap, compared to what you would pay in the city, it is still expensive enough that student qualify for full rent subsidy from the government to help pay the rent. In my case, this is 36000 a month. Really, a lot of tax money going to this private, for profit school, very month.

Please remember that these houses were free, there is no mortgage to pay on them. They have everything they need.

Then there is the hidden fees. 8000 a month for utilities and Internet. Fair enough, except if you actually want to use the Internet you have to pay another 1500 a month. There is also a 25000 a month house fee, to pay for someone to clean the hallways in the building.

We worked it out to 30000 a month that is paid for someone to vacuum the hallway every couple weeks. Probably takes 5 min each building and they do a crappy job. Looks like a contract given out to someones brother, who then pays some foreigner 120000 a month while collecting several hundred thousand. I am tempted to refuse to pay. I will clean my own part of the hallway, and Ill do a better job.

So this company, posing as a school, is making a fortune off students and the country by collecting rent and rent subsidy off students.

This is a depression, caused by the super rich, and I am surprised Icelanders will sit by and watch another rich group, rob the country more.

A better idea! At least I think so and if I were in charge this is what I would do:

I understand that if housing is completely free it would be destroyed, people generally do not appreciate what is given to them. So a small amount has to be charged.

I do not think rent subsidy should be collected, so the rent could be the amount that would be paid if you did not get reimbursed with subsidy. Example: My rent is 81000, but I get 36000 back every month. So the rent for this place should be 45000.

This rent money would include all utilities, because everyone knows it is all run by hot water and I can see the steam coming from the ground from here. Very low cost.

The rent money collected would go towards services for the people living here.

As it is we do get free busing to Reykjavík, but more then 4 buses a day would be nice. Maybe every hour. As it is the buses are always full and it does take a lot of traffic off the road.

The playschool and afterschool care would be free.

The swimming pool would be opened.

The rest would probably be eaten up by maintenance of the base-town.

The furniture and appliances would be put back in apartments.

With such great services, more people would move here. As it is only 1500 people live here, when it could be 7000.

More people paying rent means better services.

Maybe we could even open the movie theater.

This was left to Iceland and should be used as a benefit to all of Iceland.

One way this could be done is by making it a supportive place to live, help family's get an education.

This should not just be another opportunity for some super rich to take money no one even has anymore, to become more super rich.

Floating the school budget, on after school care

At least I suspect that is how they are trying balance the books.

The school is now charging 15000 per kid for after school care. No snack included, only until 4. Last year it was 9000 a month, with snack, until 5.

Drop in care, what I need!, is 320 and hour, per kid. I really can not pay 620 an hour while I go to the doctors... I did not even make that an hour after tax.

There is 15 kids to each adult supervisor. So with drop in kids, it is 9300 an hour per staff member? Or 225000 per month? Ya right! Working 3 hours a day? This was about Davíð's pay, working 50 hours a week as an electrician. I doubt they are paid more then 900, most likely 700.

Best part is, the town pays the school for every kid in after school care! It is not as though the parents are expected to pay the entire cost of running it.

So hundreds of thousands of kronor are paid to after school care, but clearly the money is going to something else.

Most likely trying to offset some of the cutbacks they got this year.

I understand there dilemma, but they have to understand that the run a school in a town of just student housing.

Why would they think that students can afford the extra cost?

And it ends earlier, a problem when most students have a very long bus ride to and from the city.


Because of these insane costs, a lot of kids just go home to empty houses now.

It is a lot cheaper to give the kids cell phones and tell then to call if there is a problem.

and leave a snack on the table.

Winter is coming

It gets dark at night again. Here it is only about 8:30. Perfect.
The kids go to sleep so much easier when they see the day is ending.

More often then not now, the weather is chilly. But after a long summer it is hard to convince the kids they need more then a sweater to go out to play.

School is has started again and the homework is rolling in. I think this year I am really going to push them. After the cutbacks to the already bare bones education system, they really are not learning much in school. If I want my children to succeed it has to be in learning after school.
The average school day only has 2 hours of regular class instruction. (Thanks to swimming, sports, shop,lunch and 2 recesses they manage to keep the kids at the school from 8 until 1)

Along with school comes the question of after school care. I decided against the one at the school, for reasons I will explain in another post. The Salvation Army has a nice program. I will use that when necessary.

Another this that comes with winter is after school sports. Although we are not set on much Kasper will be starting scouts this year. That takes care of his Thursdays.

We are also considering Taekwondo for both boys, on Fridays, and Basketball for Stefán on Mondays.
I do not know why he chose basketball over handball and soccer, both popular sports here, I don't think he has even seen it before. I suspect someone might have mentioned to him that he should play because he has a tall dad...

I am due to have the baby tomorrow. Not likely, I was so late with the other two, but we are getting ready. Inga is going to acupuncture me into labor. I hope.

So, things are moving along, slightly as planned.

rósa's new friend

This is my dogs new friend, a Siberian Husky cross, beautiful. Her name is Perla.
The cutest part is seeing them together, although it is really hard to get a picture of them, they are hardly still for a moment.
But I can say, Rósa can put up a good fight.

Perla is Kasper's best friend Skjeldurs dog.
not really news I know, but she is so cute!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Barking Allowed

I live in a dog building on the base, lucky for me because that means no one can complain about my dog that barks like a maniac every time she hears anything that might have been a knock.

It is like a joke.

My closest neighbors dog barks too.

I can handle barking.

What I can not handle is the constant howling and crying from the dog downstairs. It is keeping me up at night, waking me during that day and just does not seem to end.

Kinda makes me want to go down there and tell the owners that if they can not convince the dog to be a little more quite I would give him something to cry about.

But that might be some angry pregnant hormones talking.

Never Enough Room

Kasper was always a kicker, he wanted space and so he wanted to sleep in his own bed.

Stefán has always been a snuggler. As a baby he slept with us and would not leave our bed until we got a dog and we told him the dog sleeps with us now, there is no room for him. He was 4.

Now that we are getting ready for the next baby we have stopped letting Rósa (the dog) sleep on our bed.

But lately I wake up in the middle of the night completely squeezed between Davíð and Stefán and when I look over, even Rósa has made her way back onto the bed.

I think the baby and I may need out own bed, there is just no room for us on the one we have.