Monday, May 26, 2008

New Shoes

Carpooling around Iceland? What a brilliant idea.

I bought new shoes for work. They are really good walking sandles. They cost a lot of money. I kindly suggested that Toys R Us should pay for these shoes or at least subsidize them. They kindly replied that my shoes were not there problem.

Even though I have destroyed 3 pairs since working there? Even though I send 8-11 hours a day walking around at work? I would have thought they would like to see me take care of these feet that carry me around and help me work.

Cheap bastards!

My next pair of shoes will be the ugliest flashiest shoes around. I might even glue some plastic diamonds to them and spray paint them pink. I mean flouresent pink.
Then they might consider buying me some shoes.

As long as I am responsible for my own foot wear I will wear what I want.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovison - I am a victim

How could I have lived all these years and never heard of this? A yearly contest to see who has the best of the worst songs.
There are rules, like not voting for your won country. I do not understand enough of the rest to explain it.
I voted for France, but I really liked the Greek song.
Like everyone else in Iceland, and Europe, I spent the evening watching this on television and can not help but feel like I have lost valuable hours from my life.
But this is part of the assimilation process - watching eurovision every year. Now I just need to learn to enjoy it more - next year!
watching the results now


Since Agata moved out and took her blender with her I have been dreaming of milkshakes. Today we finally went out and bought ourselves a blender, it was a good day. I can now look forward to a summer full of smoothies and shakes, if it ever gets hot out.

We also fixed the laundry problem. For 2 years we have been living here and using the building laundry facilities. This included one washing machine for 6 apartments. I should also mention that one of these apartments has 5 families living in it.
And the washer takes more then 2 hours for a load of laundry.
So I do not have to tell you how hard it was to get any washing done. I was setting alarms fir 2 a.m. to start the washer, and even then it was rare I could get in there.

Today we bought a new washing machine. A nice new shiny electrolux with a super extended warranty that will last 5 years and include every possible problem - including toys and tools going through the wash.

Am I feeling rich - no, I am poor as dirt, but since we have stopped driving the car we are poor dirt that can afford a washing machine. It is a good life.

Rósa has been a little more naughty then usual lately and has eaten every wire within her reach. And Davíð's sandals.

I bought new sandals. On Thursday. They are are amazing and more then double what I would have spent on foot wear before, but this is OK because I plan on getting Toys R Us to pay me back for them.

Stefán is behaving more demon like all the time, I think it is the age. Davíð said that when Kasper was younger he was sure he had no soul, but this changed and now it is Stefáns turn.

I have an actual weekend off this weekend. It is a good feeling, but there is a catch. They are going to work me to death next week. Here is the plan.
Monday: Take in and empty 4 huge 40 ft containers. This might take most of the night.
Tuesday: Everyone starts at 8 for the inventory counting, the store is closed and no one leaves until it is done. Again a very long day.
Wednesday - work work work because the big guy, the head of toys r us, will be at our store on Thursday. Friday, Saturday Sunday, payday weekend with a new catalog. I feel a little bad for myself and think you should too.

Davíð is home now, so I will go.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Friday Singing

Every Friday the children sing in Kasper's school. This week the teacher recorded it and put a video on YOUTUBE.

And here it is:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And so on.....

For weeks I have been neglecting my blog.

I have actually been neglecting a few things - a look at my toe nails brought something to light. I need to prioritize things. I need to make time for myself. How could I ever get so busy that I forgot about my toe nails? I guess it is hard to see them under the socks and boots.

I need to call my Dad, my brother, my friends. Dear Canadians: I think of you daily and miss you so much. It is hard to believe I have been gone for almost 2 years now.

I still consider myself completely Canadian, but I have been away so long now I wonder how well I would even fit in if I suddenly moved back. Certainly more culture shock would await me.

I saw a rat for the first time about a month ago. It died in my neighbors back yard. It was huge! I told some people that lived there. For some reason I thought they would do something about it. The rat is still there, slowly decomposing. If a rat, or anything else dies in my yard, I promise to do something about it.

I went tpo a BBQ on Saturday night, it was great and I am sure included the friendliest people in Iceland. Imagine 10 people living in one house, no one related and everyone getting along perfectly? It was beautiful.

Summer is coming and Kasper is old enough for sleep over camps - this is so exciting! A possible date with my husband? This would be nice, I hardly know the guy anymore.
I also loved summer camp as a child and have the most amazing memories of my time in Camp Alexo. I hope Kasper can gain similar experiences as I did.

Stefán will be finishing up and graduating from Playschool - he is so excited. Next year he will go to school with Kasper.

My birthday is coming so soon and I can hardly believe I am turning 28 - where have the years gone? I can no longer think of 30 as old because it is sneaking up on me rather quickly.

Next month is our 5 year wedding anniversary. This too seems amazing to me and seems so unreal. Most people that I meet my age are single, or may have a boyfriend but so few are married and I have been for almost 5 years. How time flies.

Stefán has started trying to walk everywhere alone, after all he almost 5 and he says when he is 5 he will be able to walk anywhere, alone, go to the store and buy himself food and be home alone. I think he will be a little disappointed when he does actually turn the big FIVE.

I have started using a laptop. Davíð gave me his that he bought last summer. This is funny because it is less then a year old and is already missing 2 keys on the keyboard. Is this normal?

Kasper has a cell phone now. It is true, I bought my 7 year old a cell phone and now he stalks me while I work. I get several calls a day from him. If he has school he calls before class, at recess, lunch, end of class, before soccer and after. If he does not have school he calls at least twice every hour for everything, do you think I should put cheese on my sandwich? I should be happy he talks to me so much.

My apartment is almost always full of kids these days. The boys have made friends with some neighborhood kids and our home has become the local hangout. At the moment there are 4 little screamers, and only 2 are mine.

We have stopped driving our car. We uninsured it and are now looking to sell it cheap, spread the word. The price of gas is just to insane for us and we can admit it. I was already taking the bus so this is only really a change for Davíð, but we are much more happy already. This takes a huge financial burden off our shoulders and leaves us money for the odd cup of coffee instead. Everyone has a choice and we have made ours.

I would write more, in fact I should write more - but my head hurts and I must convince these children to go home, it is, after all, 10:45 at night.