Monday, February 28, 2011

Mustache March

In March you are supposed to grow a moustache to raise awareness for men's cancer issues.
While we all remember last years moustache, we can only hope this years goes a little better :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


was Jainelles birthday, and I missed it.
I am feeling a little sheepish right now.
Jainelle being my best est friend in Canada - ever - hands down - no competition. (as though anyone would stand a chance)
She is the funniest, craziest and most loyal friend ever.
Any she sings so well!
If I were there I would sing her the Janielle song. But I would subject anyone else to that, I am not so good with the singing.
So here it is:
I she is still with us.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apartment Compost

I have always wanted a compost. I can not explain why, but I find them so fun.
In Edmonton we had one, Davíð bought me a huge container as a mother's day gift, but we moved before I could harvest anything from it.
Now I live in an apartment, with no balcony, and while I have looked at apartment composting ideas, it still seems like more trouble then my cute little bunny. The perfect express composer.
This little guy, usually just called bunny, eats all our leftover vegetables, fruit bits - cores, whatever! He loves it,and in return for our scraps, he leaves tiny little fertilizer bits. Perfect for my indoor plants.
No mixing, smells or waiting! And the best part is he's so cuddly.

Monday, February 21, 2011

life in 2a

Kasper and Stefán cooking toys

Leó, eatting.

Leoó. trying to figure out how to use a knife.

Playin' blocks

Einar and a bit of Stefán


Working together

Almost there


So so tired!

Davíð getting a haircut from my classmate Rósa.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Generation Change

A small, slightly complicated story.
Davíð - my husband
Davíð Róch - a childhood friend of my husbands
Cassie - my good friend in Njarvík
Einar - Cassie's hushband
Úlfur - Einar's son from a previous relationship and now Davíð Roach's roommate.

Iceland is too small.

Anyways, here it goes. I received an invitation on Facebook for Davíð Róch's moving in party.I check out the invite and I see his new roommate is Úlfur. And that creeped me out. Now I may be over reacting but it seems strange to me. I just dont think I could hang out and watch my friends step son drink lots. I just suddenly feel so old.
I know how this happened. Cassie is a few years older then me and her husband is a few years older then her. That combined with Davíð being one year younger then me and some of his group of friends being a few years younger then him means this is possible but I still think it is strange.
So now I look at young adults and see children.
I must be getting old.


Today I am a super proud soccer mom. Stefán's team won a big game out in Grindavík. Here is the winning team:
Stefán, second from the left, top row

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Icelandic turned English

After nearly five years in Iceland you would think I would have been able to keep my children as English speakers. It has not worked.
For some reason, no matter how much English language they are exposed to they speak less and less of it everyday.
They even take English lessons in school. Although I am convinced they have some cowboy teaching when I hear the kids speak.
The other day Stefán warned me about the rabbit:
Careful Mom. He done learn scratch
The main problem is that they translate everything directly over.
Móður Mál offers English lessons on Saturday mornings, and although they might hate me for it, I might have to start dragging them done there. 

weekend mom

Last night was Kasper's first night away with his weekend family.  This is big news around here and I am so grateful that things are finally working out.
After waiting over a year on a waiting list, we finally just found someone ourselves, Þóra. She has two boys about Kasper's age and has also worked with Kasper's before, so I think this is going to work out great.
And it's not every weekend, hat would be silly, it is for 2 solarhring a month plus 10 hours, if that makes any sense.
Anyways, Kasper is not home until 5 today so I am thinking I should get Davíð up and make him take me out for brunch.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because ----->

The baby is sick and sleeping all day and I have mountains of sick baby laundry, I also have, finally, time to upload a few pictures!
I am actually to tired to study. No sleep + Icelandic = brain hurts

The boys cooked me dinner, I was proud of them but they look ashamed. I wonder what happened?

Kasper built this, a replica of the one he made in Canada, 5 years ago.

This is Little Davíð. Sometimes we call him Stefán to avoid confusion.

Everyone loves Nacho's, even baby's.

Leó on a playdate.

One of his girlfriends.

Snowman of the year, not by my children.

Winter in ásbrú. It only lasted a few day and now we are back to the wind, rain and above zero. I miss the snow. 
The first sled ride ever! He was impressed.

Missing Canada

Even Edmonton:

Looks like fun. 

Soup is good food

Seriously, I love soup. Grill cheese sandwich with cream of tomato is my favorite, all time, meal.

Chicken soup and cure anything, turkey soup can get ride of those left overs, no matter how little food is in your house, you can always make soup.

So WHY WHY WHY do men (at least most) not consider it a meal. If I make soup for dinner they drink it all, then ask where the actual dinner is.

I have friends with the same problem.

But I like eating soup and these days with the price of food I think it is important to eat a little cheaper, at least once in a while.

If I could convince my family to be happy once a week with soup for dinner, I think the savings in our grocery bill would be noticeable.

But until then, a song, not really about soup but still in my mind:

Friday, February 11, 2011

todays wind storm

current wind speed: 28 meters/second same as 100.8 kilometers/hour or 62.6 miles/hour
with gusts of 38meters/second same as 136.6 kilometers per hour or 85 miles/hour

and no one wants to take the poor dog out for a walk.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

For no reason

some pictures for no other reason then because I have a camera. Kasper, Leó and his favorite toy, the coffee maker.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Jordyn Leigh Patricia

My brother Tye and his partner Amanda have given me a neice, at last! OK, this is not about me.
Welcome Jordyn Leigh Patricia, 6lb 11oz and 18 in tall, or 3.1 kíló's and almost 46 cm tall. Here are the first pictures:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Finally a neice?

Our family is full of little boys. My sister has two, I have three, I even even have lots 4 step brothers but now my half brother, Tye, is having, or his girlfriend is having, a little girl, we think.
I am not up to date on the news. All I know is she went in yesterday to be induced and naturally Tye has not been to a computer yet to give me the news, but I am sure its good and I am so excited anyways.
Please send you congratulations to Tye, Amanda (his girlfriend) and there older son Austin.