Monday, January 28, 2008

A ray of light

I always complained about the policy of throwing away toys. There is often nothing really wrong and they go into the garbage.

I always said that people needed these toys for there kids.

Today I had a secret laugh.

A coworker went outside to see a mob standing around our garbage bin with one guy standing inside throwing out toys to the others.

They were told off, and they left. But they will be back. I know they will, only next time they will come at night.

I know this because the mob grabbing the toys were Polish construction workers. They are over worked, under paid (both often to the point of being illegal) and have often moved here with a family to try to make a better life for themselves.

This is why I know they will be back. Some children will be very happy to get these toys, even if the box is crumpled. I was happy that our toy stash has been discovered, and I laughed to myself.

These toys deserve a second chance and children in small apartments, like my own, are smiling tonight, because Dad brought them a toy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Red River Path

Our house (apartment building) has a blog site now to keep everyone updated on events and it also gives a place for everyone to complain.

A day with pictures

This is what happens when kids get the camera, seriously unflattering pictures.

Here are a few teddy bears, in the dungeon.

Although I am not exactly sure what they have done,

I am trusting Kasper in that they deserve this.

Stefán enjoyed some indoor time, thanks to a nice storm, and caught up with a little Elmo online.

He did try to brave the weather for a while, but it was windy.

Here I am again, trying to relax on my weekend off.

To be fair, I am recovering from the flu.

I think the only reason Davíð took this one is to make fun of what he calls the third eye. Most people will just see this as a nice zit between the eyes.

And here is the culprit. Ill get a good one of him one of these days.

Davíð rented a lift and fixed the eves on the building. I am so proud.

Here is some more with Stefán outside.

He really is a brave little guy.

Looking Good

Thanks Stefán

Crazy Work

Who would have known that things could be so crazy working in a toy store? We have no management, the store has been taken over by head office and everything is in chaos.

In Sweden they shake there heads and wonder how this has happened. This store has everything going for it, location, well trained management and tons of staff. But still we can not manage.

The store i9s in such bad shape that once again a fleet of Toys R Us employees must be flown in from Europe to fix up the store for us.

The big question is: What is so different about Iceland? They want to know. Why doesnt anyone do there job here? It does not matter how many people are working, or how much they are paid (really the wages are decent), nothing gets done.

It is amazing really.

The warehouse is in shambles,


Containers full of toys sit outside will items are sold out in the store.

Everywhere you look is insanity.

And no matter how many times the kids are told off for jumping in the box cruncher, they still do it. I thought this sticker made it clear enough, but I was wrong.

Is it something in the water?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Before and After

I had Wednesday off work and I used my time semi wisely. I had a nice breakfast with a friend, a nice lunch with another friend, then I painted my entrance room in the hallway. Good bye ugly pastel and hello blue.
To be fair the only reason I chose this color was because when I painted the bunk beds I bought a huge bucket of this blue paint, then only used a tiny part on the beds.
Even after this, I still have half a bucket. Now the question is what to paint next?

Its Free!

Only in Iceland do the stores advertise a new billing period on your credit card, so you will not have to pay for another month.
That makes it practically free doesn't it?

The bakery next to work does this too, like a coffee you do not have to pay for until a month later might taste better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recommended by Hendrik

Hendrick, the Top Toy guy from Sweden recommended this to me, and I have to admit I laughed my head off.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Week at a glance

It has been a busy week as usual and I have a lot to catch up on here, but this time it is not all my own fault. Davíð fixed the internet by leaving us with no internet for half a week. I love that guy.

I built a Lego rescue helicopter.

Kasper starting wearing Davíð's coat.
Stefán rediscovered huge mega blocks
Kasper started a new obsession with music, it all started with an ipod.
Stefán gets Rósa to sleep with a stuffed cat.
I am ver proud of my Lego work
Davíð even played with it.
Stefán wakes up a dozen times a night since getting his tonsils out. He is still feeling a little insecure.

Other News:

Rósa, our dog, has been diagnosed with a rare disease that causes her to be allergic to herself. After further blood tests the vet said she is doing well but could use some steroid treatments. She may still die very young.

Kasper is taking soccer, gymnastics and swimming this semester.

Stefán is in swimming and gymnastic lessons.

Davíð is back in school part time and I am back to working regular hours. Life is getting back to normal, and for that I am so thankful.

It seems I over worked myself out of 10 pounds over Christmas, not that I am complaining.

I also finally met Alice, a fellow Canadian who has lived in Iceland for ages and is now an Installation artist. I did not know what that was until she told me, she does mosaics. She also has two children, 12 and 9 and our first play and coffee date went famously, I see another great friendship growing here.

Now I must catch up on other things!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Worthy of a Post

This is by far the coolest hat I have ever seen. The best part is that it is made for adults and I thought kids always got the coolest stuff.

And leave it to Agata to by it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

A little less tonsils around here these days

On Thursday January Stefán was a very brave boy.

He had to be at the hospital at 7:15, which was really no problem because Stefán could not sleep all night. He was a little nervous.

Here he is all ready to go into surgery. The kind nurses give the kids a nice little mixture that nearly gets them drunk. So he was completely relaxed.

After he woke up he was feeling a little rough, but that is only to be expected.

Having a little snack, with no crust.

Kasper bought Stefán a Scoobie Doo talking dog.

The room was very full of visitors.

Everyone possible was there to cheer him on, and he made us very proud.
Stefán is such a strong little boy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I found these pictures on the camera, I should have put these up before, but better late then never?
Before Christmas:

The Agata Santa visited us and as you can see, she over filled everyones shoes.

Here is Stefán enjoying a three wheel scooter that was rejected by Toys R Us.

It is a little big for the apartment, but he makes it work.

Here is Kasper being Kasper with some geeky glasses he found in his shoes and his new favorite game, Ludo. Personally I had never heard of it, but everyone else seems to know what it is.

Our sweet Rósa, playing with the leash.

Some of the gang all passed out after a late night of movies. Agata caught them sleeping when she got hoime and took this picture.

Rósa trying to catch a nap.

And the neighbor bird feeder. Every time he brings it out I can not help but laugh to myself.

Bird seeds for the birds, and the roasted chicken on top is for who?
Well, Rosa loves the stuff that falls over the edge anyways.