Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm still blushing.

I actually thought I had more time to prepare myself for moments like this. I was wrong.
'The Talk' went like this:
S: I know what you and dad do. You guys are having sex all the time.
k: (being rather caught off guard) Well thats not true, not all the time, otherwise we would have hundreds of babies.
S: So, that's how you get the babies?
k: yes....
S: So you have had sex three times then?
k: well, thats a personal question
S: Whats a personal question?
k: That means I don't want to talk about it.

I admit I could have handled that better, maybe, but I admit that in school I was one of the kids that could not stop giggling every time the teacher even said puberty in sex ed. And somethings never change.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some peoples children

I can not believe this guy is serious, wanting to import strange animals to Iceland to attract tourists. Why not turn the entire country into a Zoo then, now that would help!

Not just a little luck

Sometimes I complain, think how hard it is to live in this stupid kreppa - third year running.
I feel bad for myself and wish I could go home. But really, things are not so bad for me.
We are not starving, actually we are eating well, unlike our year in þórshöfn, we have a roof over our heads, and a nice roof at that, and, unlike 846 other families this year, we did not loose our home to the bank. 846 in one year is a lot in a country of 300.000.
So, despite wage cuts, insane inflation and public service destroyed, I know we are blessed, we are still together, healthy and happy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Great News

Government Takes Action On HS Orka
Björk Shares Government HS Orka Position With Foreign Media
Best Quote:
How directly quoting someone is speculation or hearsay was not specified.

Seriously, I was a really worried about Iceland selling her national resources to foreign companies, so this is great news. While everything else in Iceland appears to be going downhill, it is good to see a little glimmer of hope.

telling tales - thanks Stefán and Einar

Stefán and Einar came inside freezing cold, soaking wet and without coats and it went like this:
me: Whats wrong with you two? You have something against wearing a coat?
ste: yes, I do. My coat hurts me. It's always slapping me in the face.
me: Oh really, and why would it do that?
ein: The coats are jealous cause we have a head and they don't so they are always slapping us in the face.

I was then treated to a reenactment of a coat fight. Gruesome stuff, I can see why they would rather be cold.

Pressies from Kanada

While I am embarassed to admit that I got them on FRiday and am just reporting on them now, I did have a long weekend, but
I got the parcel sent from Canada! It was great, it was amazing, I convinced my neighbor to drive me down to the post office 15 min. before closing because I simply could not wait.
Now we are enjoying the super Canadian hats, gloves, coffee and tractor toys. My Dads the best :D

Now we just have to get the family to send themselves over and I'll be set.


Stefán, the middle kid, scared the *stuff* out of me when, on Friday night, he suddenly started breaking out in huge welts that looked like hives - but 10 times bigger.
There was nothing new to cause an allergy, it didn't make any sense, but we gave him antihistamines anyways and canceled his sleep over with Einar.
The next morning the spots/bumps were even bigger, redder and he was complaining that his stomach hurt.
So I wake up the husband and get him to make the hour long drive into the city so Stefán can see a doctor.
After spending the day in the children's hospital, seeing a few doctors (including the head of the hospital), it was agreed that he PROBABLY had an over reaction to an intestinal virus. He wasn't contagious and he certainly was not in grave danger, his body just completely over reacted. I guess this is good news, if a little strange.
He has since spent three days on steroids and serious antihistamines and is looking much better.
Tomorrow is his last day off school, I told him to enjoy it because Wednesday he's going back.

Our newest family member

is a super cute multi color bunny, with out a name because we can not agree on one yet and without a picture because he will not come out from under the couch.
but trust me, he's a cutie.
Even Rósa, our dog, is smitten, refusing to leave the front of the couch with her head stuck under the edge.
We got to know each other fairly well after I put her in a tomato box and carried her under my arm onto the bus, like I seriously bought all those tomatoes, trying to keep the lid down and hide the nose that kept trying to poke through the handle spots.
The entire time Leópold was squealing with joy and pointing at the box.
I am sure at this point you might have guessed that animals are not allowed on the bus, and I even had to go through a transfer.
But the great escape was successful and I managed to smuggle my little bunnie home.
Feel free to come by and meet the little guy, as soon as he comes out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parents Day

Today was parent teacher interviews, meaning a free day off for the kids, and extra work for parents and half days for teachers.

While I am not sure how the grading system works but the boys seem to be doing well enough, Stefán with an 88 average and Kasper at 85.

I guess they can have Ice cream tonight :)

Level 3

I am actually feeling really antsy and excited today because tonight is my first night back in school learning Icelandic. And Level 3 at that!

I did consider going into level three, is would be easier and I could use that practice but after nearly five years living in Iceland it is about time I just jumped right into it and seriously learned something.

I am looking forward to the challenge and volunteers to practice my conversation skills with.


Leópold and his girlfriend Eimílía, who lives upstairs.

Stefán and Einar trying to save the apple juice after the carton was punctured in the shopping bag.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trained Fish

Probably the best buy ever available on Facebook. This fish training kit was advertised for only 1000 ikr, cheap because it is used.
Personaly, I would have been so embarassed to have spent any money on this that I would not be brave enough to try and make some of the lost money back by reselling.
Or maybe I am wrong about the whole thing, fish really are circus animals and I just missed out on a great deal.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sushi NIght

Kristína and Már gave us a gift card for there Sushi, homemade style. So Saterday night the whole family came over and they made us the best sushi we have ever had, it was amazing. With the kids all playing, a game of RISK and a slumber party, it was a night to remember.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas is over, making it about time to finish up a few things like clear out the fridge, take down the decorations and finally upload those pictures that have been just sitting on my camera for weeks. Terrible, I know.
 Leópold, eating a lizard

Kasper, and a giant Candy Cane

Stefán, with no teeth (hoping for some for Christmas)

Everyone relaxing

The little cousins, learning to share.

Kasper, all dressed up.

Stína, Már and Robert.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Tonight I cleaned out behind the fridge, because I am that awesome. It only had a small amount to do with the fact that I had to pull it out anyways to catch the third hamster that has escaped in three days.
Between the 12 hamsters, 25 fish, dog, 3 boys and  1 husband, the fun never stops around here.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Congratulations Inga/Mamma/Amma

Thats what you say to someone when it is there birthday in Iceland, Congratulations! Only you say it in Icelandic: Til Hamileigu (totally spelled wrong, but I am top lazy to look it up).
And you say to the parents of the birthday kid, Congratulations - they made it another year.
But today actually belongs to Inga, my awesome possum of a mother-in-law, great friend, husbands mother and children's super amma.
Happy 60th Birthday!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

we need a routine

After two weeks of school break fills with Santas, Christmas, Christmas Eve, toys in shoes, stockings, more presents, fireworks, New Years, more fireworks life seems to be a party - and we need our routine back.

These kids need to go back to school and Tuesday just doesn't seem to be soon enough.

The older boys just can not seem to fall asleep before midnight. Even now, its 10:17, they have been in bed since 9:00 and they refuse to admit to being tired.
Just wait until I wake them up at 7 in the morning.

The last two weeks have been great with visiting family, visiting us, visiting them. And don't get my started on the food, it has been amazing. The fact that my clothing doesn't seem to be fitting right shows how good the food was but,
when I served fish and rice for dinner tonight my kids wanted to know why we were eating such boring food. Because we live on an island. To many tasty food for them!

Time to get back to the normal life.