Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Update

I know, I know, I should write more often, and I mean too, but things are overwhelming. But there is some good news and bad news. Lets hope there is more of the good news in the New Year.

Good News: We finished the inside of the apartment. This is something that has been giving me nightmares forever, but now it is done, and it looks great. Also good news, we managed to find tenants who will move in February with a 4 year contract, so we will not need to worry about it for a while now.

Good News: The boys have been amazing considering how boring this visit must have been for them, mostly with us working on the apartment or being passed between family members. I am so proud of them.

Bad News: Thanks to inflation and resession we are actually losing money on our apartment every month, even renting it out. So many people have left the country that the market is full of empty apartments and not many people can rent. This means the prices are low, really low. We are renting our for ours for the cost of keeping the apartment and losing money on the tax of our new income every month. Guess you can not win them all.

Bad News: Well, we do not know for sure if it is bad news, but it is a little stressful. Davíð has a catscan appiontment here while we were in town. It was to check on his veins for a disorder that runs in his family. Turns out his veins are fine but they found 2 lumps or something. So he had blood tests, a lot of them, and so far there seems to be no answer. No one is saying anything. But he has to be in the lab up north for more tests on Friday. Naturally Davíð acts like a hero, like nothing bothers him. I can admit I am worried.

Small Rant: It is times like this that I wish I was in Canada. In this situation, the last thing on our minds should be the cost of health care. The catscan cost 16000 (maybe 160 CAN.), still havent received the bill for the blood tests and who knows what the next tests will cost. Davíð actually told the doctor he was not sure if he would go because he did not want to spend anymore money.
People have a right to health care and this makes me crazy angery.

So, on with the pictures:

Angery Kasper

Finished small room.

Living Room



Big Room.


Star Wars playing house.

Party in the bathroom.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Ah, Christmas Day! A day to relax, enjoy gifts, do a few more and stuff yourself with yet another huge meal.
And to think I was working so hard at the gym :)

This day everyone went to Stína's house, Inga brought tons of food, and all 12 of us ate far too much.

Here is Kristína with dessert, after midnight.

Stefán is so tired and so full he is really having a hard time eating this.

Clone Kasper

Stefán said Kasper hurt his eye, and here he is trying to show me where.

Some of the gang, Rob, Inga, Már

I tried to make the whipped cream for dessert, it turned into butter.
Guess I whipped it a little too much and the milk actually came out of the cream and left butter.
Cooking has never been my strong point.
I did not know this was possible.

Clone Davíð.

A little tired Ulfrun.

Stefáns bestest friend and cousin to the boys, Garpur.

And again, with a balloon.

Már's mom and her husband were down from England.

They brought neato balloons.

Everyone was impressed.

And everyone had a try.


Stefán was a little stressed about the lobster.

This feast had everything, I would not dare to try to name it all, but I htink you can guess from the picture.

Vala and Steve.

Davíð enoying a Christmas book.

And you always need at least one terrible shot - so here it is,
this is Kasper!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

All the fun, well most of it, is on Christmas eve in Iceland.
A little late at night in this house.

Here are the boys opening presents.

Kasper with hius present from his Nanna and Grandpa in Canada, actually Davíð's grandparents.

Inga opening a book from Rob, he got everyone books.
I got a Margerat Atwood book.

Stefán with his Obi Wan ship from Grandpa Neil.

The suspense can be a bit much for these boys.

Kasper uses his swiss army knife to open gifts.

Stefán with his Star Wars comic and guys from Davíð's grandparents.

Inga bought Rob some underwear.

Inga bought the boys some underwear too.

We got the boys eider downs and pillows. As boring as that might seem for gifts, they did really like it.

As you can see here, a blanket is a good toy.

Kasper, a.k.a. Red Eye

Half Stefán and a dark Rob.

Kasper Monster

Smushed face.

The famous Uncle Jói. A man so tall he makes Davíð look short.
Kids love it.

Stefán and Rósa's mom.

Christmas Eve dinner - lamb. I think we ate the most active and muscular lamb in Iceland.
This leg was huge.

Christmas icecream for dessert.

Davíð - if you didnt know.