Monday, May 30, 2011

Just making sure

Davíð is messing around with the computer so I want to make sure I have these last few things saved before I lose them.

Leó sleeping on the floor at Húsasmíðjan

Broken stroller

stroller was fixed, then wheel comes off again :(

Leó, hard at work vacuuming

Fun times vacuuming

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tea Party

I never imagined couchsurfers and teapartyer's being in the same group, but now I know anything is possible.
Thursday night these nice American boys, Derek and Jamie, stayed with us, and they seemed so level headed. Over the evening various topics were discussed and at one point Davíð asked how they voted, and they said Republican. Rather taken aback, like Tea Party Republican? Yes. Seriously, I told them to start packing, I was joking but I was so shocked, I wonder if they were packing guns?
And how can you be 'standing against a socialist takeover' while being in an organization (couchsurfing) devoted to opening up you home, sharing what you have and working together? I just dont see the connection.
But these boys are still young, we can only hope they grow out of the Tea Party nonsense!
On the other hand, one thing I like about couchsurfing is the variety of people I meet, so I'm not complaining, only shocked.


Today will be the last of Davíð's birthday celebrations.
They started two days ago.

Friday was a Birthday with friends, poker, buckets-o-beer, load music, and a dancing baby.

Saturday was needed for some recovering, for Davíð. The boys made Davíð a giant chocolate cake that over flowed in the oven (currently feeling grateful for the self cleaning feature). They covered the cake in white icing and rat shaped candys. Good stuff. We also cooked Davíð breakfast, rather late in the afternoon and ordered Mega Week pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow is Davíð's actual birthday and Davíð's parents host another birthday party. So we will be heading out there. He's one lucky guy. And he's 29.

Next week is more fun:

June 6th I send 2/3 of my boys away for 5 days of summer camp fun and I will be enjoying my 8 year wedding anniversary. (A true measure of my old age) and (as if this was not enough) I am taking my citizenship exam at 8:15 a.m. FEEL THE STRESS!"#"

June 7th I will still be with only one kid, and relaxing from the day before while volunteering for the Salvation Army's second hand store and celebrating my 30th birthday. Feel free to come see more for some coffee and cake :D

June 7th is also Gulli and Kiddi's birthday's, funny because they are twins, and live upstairs from me.

***I did not put my birthday on Facebook for a reason - I might cry if no one calls me, but sends me facebook messages, I want hugs, not messages! (greedy, I know)

I also have a birthday wish, and I dont often ask for something but I really really need good runners for my walks and I really really want these: shoes but I know they are expensive, so if any family reads this I would be so happy to help with buying them.

And I promise not to ask for anything else :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In case you wonder what I do all day,

Check this one out,
number 11 is my personal favorite

I feel bad, but probably not bad enough

I'll may never understand what people were thinking:

we love volcanó's

Keepin' it short

In effort to fight the extreme fatigue, that has become a way of life for me, I am trying to roll back the bed times in this family. Especially myself.
This is easier said then done when it is light all the freakn' time. I know I shouldn't complain but I wake up three times a night and every time I think it must be morning now, only to find out it is 3 a.m., or 4 a.m. or ......
So tonight I will be in bed before midnight!
As if a Volcano eruption wasn't enough, life has actually been exciting around here the last week.
Lets start with last Wednesday.
First I wrote my Íslenska 4 test, choosing the keep the book closed in an open book test to really test myself, and I got 90 - Thank you very much. NO I just have to loose the 'deer in headlights' look when ever someone speaks to me in Icelandic. I hope they teach this in university.
After the test we (Cassie and I) went for some KFC treats, yummy, before heading up to a friends, Lizzy's, who was moving over seas the next day. We were going to have a little party, and we did, only we arrived an hour before her and it is a little strange sitting alone, drinking, in an empty apartment. I should mention that we were drinking wine out of chipped and broken coffee mugs, adding to that strange feeling.
By the time Lizzy got there I was slightly intoxicated and had to leave hours later, only to get home and puke my guts out. I nearly never drink, now I remember why.
I woke up feeling horrible, but had to continue on with life. Lizzy left and I finished packing and moving stuff from her apartment, reminding me very much of when my in-laws moved from Canada to Iceland. This leads me to believe that it is a genetic thing that leaves people of Icelandic descent in a great panic with any sort of deadline, specifically one that can not easily be postponed, like moving.
We did not get started until after dinner, then were working until three in the morning. Special thanks to those who helped :D Yous the best.
Dead tired, Davíð hates it when I say that, dead tired! But off to work I go, I volunteer every Friday for the Salvation Army, it is actually really fun. After work I went grocery shopping then home to change clothing and off to a party! Another one? Two in one week is amazing for me, I usually average two a year, but how could I not go?
Isobel, from Scotland, invited a few of us girls over for beautiful food and champange, and I certainly drank my share of that, and did not get sick, YIPPEE!
I had a really amazing time and stayed out far too late, a good sign.
I woke up at 8 to start my mad bake-a-thon. I am not crazy, I promise. My town, Reykjanesbær was hosting an International Celebration and I was asked to represent Canada and cuisine. So I had to bake a million, closer to 500, Peanut butter cookies, and we had to be there at 2. We made it, I brought way to many cookies and we are just finishing the last of them now, three days later. But it was fun. exotic foods, a dozen Polish cakes and dancing.
By yesterday I my home was in serious need of cleaning. It could still use some work but I did spend HOURS on it yesterday. I also rewrote my couchsurfing profile in preperation for the summer fun.
Today, Monday
I tried to go out for my huge daily walk, but after an hour my nose and throat were so full of ash I had to call it quits. I also went to school, last day of class for me, but the kids had no school. They called it a staff day. I thought that meant they were still working but I walked up to the school, just for fun, and surprise surprise, no one was there. My suspicions have been proven, staff day just means extra day off for the teachers. Lazy! There is only three 'days' left of school anyways, and those 'days' are only 2 hours long each!
Party for my class, errands and prepare some thing to bring for the party

and now I have to go because it is  11:15 and I still have lots to do before I go to sleep.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

stuff to do

after studying til all hours I feel nearly ready for my Icelandic 4 test tonight.
Then KFC for a dinner treat after and drinks with a friend who is moving back to the states.
But first I woke up at 6:30. Played, got kids up and sent them to school. Met with another friend, Laura, at 7:30 and walked 3.7 km, came home and had tea. Now after fooling around on I am ready to get going again.
I walk another 4.6 km to go to the grocery store, and bakery, then home, so add another 2.3.
Adding up to more the 10 km (I plan to be in super shape at the end of the summer)
Then I get home, switch the laundry, get dinner going and off to school I go.
So everythings going good, just wish I had more time in the day!
Note: I am very angry with my bunny today, he ate my cucumber plant. And it was doing so well!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I got this email a few min. ago. It looks like these scams just get better and better:
Kimmy was an Australian exchange student when I was in grade 9, so I doubt she would actually send me any real email, never mind asking for money.

here is the copy paste:

Sad News....................Kim Rudner


 I'm writing this with tears in my eyes,I came down here to LONDON
UNITED,KINGDOM for a short vacation unfortunately i was mugged at the
park of the hotel where i stayed,all cash,credit card and cell were
all stolen from me but luckily for me i still have my passports with

I have been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping
issues at all and my flight leaves in few hrs from now but I'm having
problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let me
leave until i settle the bills..You can speak with the hotel manager
through this number +447024058910, We are freaked out at the moment

Well all i need now is just $2,550.00 USD you can have it wired to my
name via Western Union I'll have to show my passport as ID to pick it
up here and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get back home.
Here's the info you need at western union location below

Receiver name: Kim Rudner
Amount: $2,550.00 USD
Address : 11 Broadway, Westminster, London, Sw1h 0bd,United Kingdom
Country: United kingdom

Kindly email me the transfer details as soon as you have it
done.Please let me know if you are heading out to western union now.


Monday, May 09, 2011


I am supposed to show my class the most beautiful place in my country.
I chose Jasper National Park

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ready to explode

  • school was changed to 3 nights a week instead of 2, the one extra night has made a huge difference and I am starting to dislike class for taking up so much time
  • walking around 10 km a day for exersise, feeling good, but it is time consuming
  • asthma doctor prescribes another steroid inhaler for the asthma - now I have three inhalers!- and pleads with me to find a new home for my dog. NEVER!
  • Allergy tests, round one, come in and I am allergic to dogs, no surprise, but crazy allergic to horses and cats. The doctor wants more tests in Rekjavík. I feel like Iḿ falling apart.
  • Organizing summer camps for the boys
  • Getting ready and handing in citizenship application. 
  • Preparing for the boys to switch schools in the fall
  • Volunteering an extra day a week, because I can not help myself!
  • Bought Kasper a new bike
  • Davíð is in finals
  • Packing a friends apartment - in a rush
  • Couchsurfers, English, Polish and Japanese 
The stress is ozzing out of my pores and comng off me in waves. If I snap at you, dont take it personally, I will feel better at the end of the month.

Just in time to turn 30.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Feeling Manly

I saw this in a friends Facebook status update today, and although I don't usually share, had with this one because I'm feeling a little manly today. 
A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She's always well dressed, hair done. She never swears and behaves gracefully in all situations; under all circumstances. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this in your status if you too suspect that you might be a man....