Thursday, November 30, 2006

Astro Boy

I did not even know this show was still around. I guess they show it on BBC. Anyways, I was happy. When I was a kid I always thought I would marry Astro Boy some day.

Things did not work out between us but I am glad his career is still doing well.

Timmies in Afghanistan?

I read it on CBC

And not in Iceland? This seems terribly wrong. Although I have to admit that I do not think Tim Horton's would do well here.

I am happy to see they are doing well though. People from 12 country's enjoying a Timmies everyday.

I have an almost unshakable loyalty to Tim Horton's. I know it is a cooperation and not a friend but when I was 8 I got to go to there camp for poor kids. It was probably the most amazing two weeks in my childhood, and now they have a customer for life out of me.

I am sure they have already made there money back off me.

I will write more about that experience later.

Fish MIA

We bought some snails and a bottom feeder yesterday to help clean up the tank. It was already looking a little sick.

Anyways, the new additions seemed really happy at first. There was so much to eat. But not the new fish is gone. I have not seen him all day.

I looked everywhere. I even moved stuff around, in case he was hiding. He is gone.

The kids have not noticed yet but I will try to get a new one before they do.

It is so strange. I really hope he did not just out of the tank and is now rotting behind Kasper's dresser. That would be gross.

Everyone is sick

Kasper is getting better but is still coughing a lot.

Last night Stefan starting coughing.

Through out the apartment cough cough cough.

Now I feel terrible. I do not know if I am sick or just exhausted from looking after sick kids all night.

So everyone is cranky today and there seems no escape from it.

I am missing class and I should be there. There is only 2 more classes left and 2 exams.

Marcia's Blog

Marcia is a much better writer then me. I am impressed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Marcia's back

Marcia went home for 6 weeks. To the States. I am almost seeing green.

But she brought back presents. Stefan got some Dinosaurs, always a classic, and Kasper got a Lego guy to build. It was great, they played so quite all evening.

She took some of my film in to be developed at less then half the price.The pictures are mostly from the summer but look great. I will put them online later tonight, when I should be studying. Everyone needs an excuse.

I asked for Reactine. Everyone knows Reactine is the best antihistamine. Marcia asked around everywhere in the states but no one knew what it was. I guess it is a Canadian thing.

I also got dried mango, the good stuff. Like you can buy at Superstore, in the bulk section.... mmmmmmmmmmm. Almost done the whole bag already.

I got mail!

This is the second time I got mail from home and I am so happy.

Today the parcel came in from my dad. I have not opened it, but because of the list for customs I know what is in it.

No the question is: Do I open the box and get the food before Christmas while re wrapping the other gifts for the boys? They might be wrapped separate, I do not know. Or should I leave the entire box for Christmas Day?

I know it was intended as a Christmas gift but I do not know if I can sleep knowing what is waiting.

Thanks Dad!

Soon, one from Tye!

I hope people are gettting the stuff I sne them soon.

A note on an evil teacher

If you never thought a teacher could be evil listen to this.

As if it was not enough that she ignores me when I ask questions and thinks I do not speak English.

For part 2 of the test yesterday we all had to wait our turn. I told her before it started that Kasper was at home sick and that my mother-in-law was watching him but I would need to return home soon. I asked if I could go first so that I could get home. She said she would see what she could do. I did not go first, or second, or third. Actually I was in the last half of the class that went. I doubt she saw what she could do.

I think she just hates me.

Living Through Exams

Friday was test 1, of 4.

It think it went well enough. I feel confident that I answered at least half of the questions right.

Actually I think I might have gotten 70 on this one. I will let you know.

Tuesday (yesterday) was test 2. Two parts.

Part one went great, I think. It was a listening test. The teacher talked in Icelandic and we labeled things that she was saying. I think it went better than I thought it would. But I will not know until I get the results. I would guess at about 80!

Part two I did not see coming. She, the teacher, called us into a room one by one and we had to read out loud. An entire paragraph.

You have to understand, I get told off after reading one sentence in one class. I guess I have a terrible accent. I read my paragraph for the test and every time I looked up I saw her cringing. I think I completely mangle the Icelandic language.

So I do not think that part went well. 40 might be wishful thinking.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kasper's Turn Again

Kasper is sick again. I think it is just a cold but he will see the doctor tomorrow.
All day he has been just lying around coughing and demanding things from me.

I understand he is feeling badly, but I am getting annoyed and I do not know how well I can hide it.

I spent two hours this afternoon building the Play Mobile hospital. More then once I thought I was done but had made a few mistakes, according to Kasper. When it was actually finished, he did not want to play with it.

I turned cartoons on the computer. He cried because it was too loud, cried because it was not loud enough and cried when an episode came on that he had seen before.

Every time I brought him food, he was not hungry. When ever I just asked if he was hungry he would ask what he could eat. If I said his lunch or the last thing he did not eat, he would say he was not hungry. I suspect he was trying to hold out for something better.

I really hope he feels better tomorrow. Nobody likes to be sick and I do not think anyone likes to be around them.

Besides I have another final exam tomorrow.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A work birthday party

Yes I know it sounds strange.

Davið's work place turned 20 years old on Friday and they had a party. Everything sounded like it would be great, free drinks (they are very very expensive here) and food. What could go wrong? So we went.

I thought we were dressed up until we got there. Everyone else looked like they belonged in the movies. I guess it was an unwritten rule to wear a black dress or a black suit. We looked out of place.

It should have set off alarms when we arrived an hour late and still no one had touched the food. Everyone was just standing around, barely even talking.

There was rows of drinks set out, lines of shooters. Everything was just collecting dust. Servers walked around in suits with those funny towels refilling wine glasses.

Definitely a new experience.

Then Davið mentioned why everyone was so rigid. This party was not really meant for the staff, they were just extras. This was a party for the clients of the company.

Now we know why no one was drinking the alcohol. I imagine you might lose your job if you got out of hand in front of the clients.

We had to leave, after only half an hour. It was just too much.

And I thought that Humpty's party's were a little weird with the karaoke and everything, but at least you could be yourself. Those were the days.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stress Flu

There is a stress flu going around our house,

making me feel bad. And Davið.

It is a good thing the kids are care free and feeling fine.

Kasper's Birthday Party

The party went well, especially considering it was at the time of day when all children get a little crabby.

Kasper had 2 friends from school over. Aurora, a nice girl who colored the entire time and Gunnar who is a little crazy like Kasper himself.

Kasper's cousin Garpur was here as well, and Stefan. This is actually alot of kids for our little apartment, but it went OK.

Lucky for us it was Mega Week for Domino's. One week every couple months the pizzas are not so insane in price and you can actually afford to eat them, if you save up a little. So we had pizza.

I made chocolate cake, from the box. That stuff is so extensive here, I really need to learn how to make one on my own.

Kasper got great gifts that he is really enjoying.

We bought him a water bottle, some pencils and fish for the fish tank. He got 5 Svartur Gubby's and a Kardinalar. These names are in Icelandic and I do not know what they are in English, but they look nice and are still alive.

Kristina, Mar and Garpur got him some decorations for the tank. It looks great.

Inga and Rob got him Halloween stuff, which he had asked for. They even bought him some fake poo, it looks great on the floor.

Grandpa and Nana (Berman) in Toronto got them (both boys) costumes. They have been wearing them over a day now, even at night. Stefan is a pirate and Kasper a skeleton.

His friends got him a Bionical Lego guy and a Icelandic\English picture dictionary.

He was very happy.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kasper and Caleb's Birthday

Today is Kasper and Caleb's birthday.

Caleb is my sisters youngest son.

My dad thinks it is great because he only has to remember one date for two grandkids birthdays.

I think it is amazing that they were born on the same day of the year, four years apart.


Wierdo Optic Nerve

I saw the eye surgeon today and had those awful tests done.

I was prepared for the worst. I had been told stories about the effects and was prepared for everything from temporary blindness to crying all day.

I got something in between. I could not see very much for about 4 hours and am still,7 hours later, very light sensitive.

The only results that they found is that I have a strange optic nerve. She does not think that is what is hurting my eyes but insisted on taking pictures of it.

I guess it is twisted and making some disks twisted. I do not understand it, but I guess it is very strange.

So now there is pictures of these freak optic nerves that could very well turn out to be party favors at an eye surgeon party.

'hahaha have you seen these ones..... those stupid nerves'

Monday, November 20, 2006

Other Pictures From Life 1

Pictures form the move

Actually they are from when we helped empty the container into Rob and Ingas new place.

These pitures include Már, Jói (Ingas Brother), Rob, Davið, Kasper (who was ingured during the move) and Stefan. And some of these names might be spelled wrong.

Locked out

I managed to lock myself out of the house this morning, with the kids, and without our stuff. It was a mess.

After swearing, throwing myself into the door and trying to put Kasper through I decided to ask for help.

We went to Gislis house and he called a lock smith while the kids watched cartoons.

After an hour the locksmith had still not come so Gisli thought he would try to find a way in for us. He did, the boys window was open so he used a screwdriver to undo the lock and then we put Kasper through the window.

So, all worked out OK. Except that I missed class and both boys were late for school.

A Beautiful Site

With all the snow yesterday, everything looked beautiful.

With out the cold, the snow was used so well.

Our kids went skating and on our way home we drove past the pond.

It is mostly frozen over. A small corner remains unfrozen and the ducks are all stuffed into a small area. The rest of the pond had ice and snow.

And on the ice were dozens of people building huge snowmen. It was so nice to see. Entire families, sometimes just groups of friends building together. Out on the pond.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Real Snow

Finally, a real snow fall. Everything is covered.
I looks so beautiful in the darkness.

The kids have already been playing outside for an hour in this snow. It makes them so happy.

It seems strange, kids playing outside in the dark.

Golden Rocks

Or at least they should be.

The rocks for the fish tank cost more then the aquarium itself, and that came with an air pump, plastic hose, fish food and a plastic tree. All that was cheaper then, what looks like, gravel.

Phone Numbers

Tonight Brian and a girlfriend of his came over. Honestly most of his friends are girls. But anyways,

Some how the conversation turned to phone numbers and I learned something very funny.

In the not to distant past (I do not know when but it could not have been that long ago for Davið to remember it so well) the phone numbers were only five digits. It seemed so crazy to me.

Then, because they needed more numbers, some people got six digit numbers. So then there was two kinds of numbers, five or six digit.

This obviously was causing alot of confusion so they got an idea to fix it. Everyone would get seven digit numbers while keeping most of the number they had. If your number was five digits you added two fives in front. If your number was six digits you added one five. So all the phone numbers then became 55X-XXXX or 5XXX-XXXX.

Strange? You think? Funny at least. And I always thought it was a given that all phone numbers had seven digits.

I can only imagine the confusion this might have caused, for me at least. I was upset enough when Alberta got an extra area code. Remember when it was all 403, then they added 780 to the northern part. Sure this rarely affected me, I lived in Red Deer at the time, but for years it caused me problems. Every time I called Edmonton I would dial 403, then the number and be told this was not a number. After two or three times I would remember it was not 403 anymore.

Or when Red Deer got extra phone numbers. Everything was 34X-XXXX. Then it changed. Some people got 309-XXXX and I always thought to myself when I saw that, what a stupid phone number. Now some start with nine or what ever and I do not think there is any rule.

I know this should be an easy thing to adapt to but as I have said, I do not take change well.

One more funny phone story:

While watching Rockstar Supernova I heard the funniest song. That scary looking girl from Texas same a song with the phone number 867-5309. I laughed my head off. All phone numbers in Outlook, Saskatchewan start with 867, all of them. I am from Outlook. I never knew before this that my little town with 3,500 people, including farms, was famous enough to have a song with there phone number.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Stuff on its way

The Christmas gifts and cards are on the way to Canada with a guarantee they will arrive on time.

Now I am feeling very poor.

Oh, it is not too cold in Iceland

Those lying bastards

It is freezing in Iceland.

It is true it is not -30, and you know there is not even any snow on the ground. Looking out the window could easily fool anyone.

Online it says it is only -7, but it feels much worse. The wind feels like is is coming straight from the north pole and is incredible strong.

The wind storm the other day seems to be what winter is all about here.

Any exposed skin feels like it is burning.

I dress warmer trying to stay warm in this wind, and not being that successful, then I dressed in Canada for a blizzard.

Sometimes you can not even breath, only for a moment, it is still a terrible feeling.
I think these winds should have a name like tornado's do, or hurricanes, they seem just as dangerous.

I would rather take -30 and a meter of snow any day.

Verbs 1

Some verbs in the infinitive, I really really need to learn these well. But this is the easy part, they all change and I am not good with that.

að drekka is to drink
að borða is to eat
að sofa is to sleep
að skauta is to skate
að detta is to fall
að gráta is to cry
að flyúga is to fly
að lesa is to read
að standa upp is to stand up, very easyað setjast is to sit down
að dansa is to dance
að selja is to sell
að kaupa is to buy
að stinga sér is to dive, like off a diving board
að mála is to paint
að teikna is to draw
að hjóla is to bycycle
að byggja is to build
að brjóta is to break
að moka is to blow
að vakna is to wake up
að ganga is to walk
að haulpa is to run
að standa is to stand
að stja is to sit
að horfa á is to watch
að teikna is to draw
að skrifa is to write
togast á is pull
velta is push
að tala is to talk
að hlusta is to listen
að kalla is to shout
að hvisla is to whisper
að hlæja is to laugh
að brosa is to smile or be quite, I can not remember
að stökkva yfir is to jump over
að skriða undir is to crawl under
að ganga upp is to walk up
að ganga niður is to walk down
að fara inn is to go in
að koma út is to come out
að sjá is to see
að gera is to do
að aetla is to plan ir to deceide
að vinna is to work
að fara is to go
að huila sig is to rest
að vera is to be
að liða lit is to pass
að skilja is to understand or to divorce (funny it is the same word)
að flytja is to move
að telja is to count
að lyfta is to lift something
að faðma is to hug or to embrace
að sópa is to clean
að gefa is to give
að þiggja is to give or to accept
að draga is to drag something, to pull
að ýta is to push
að benda is to point
að kyssa is to kiss
að bera is to carry
að liggja is to lie down
að skriða is to crawl
að nitta is to meet
að gera við þvi is to do something about it
að versla is to shop
að sofa út is to slaap late
að mæta is to be there
að kenna is to teach
að dreyma um is to dream or to hope of
að bera fram is to pronance
að geta is to be able to
að spila is to play an instrument
að strauja is to iron
að prjóna is to knitt
að sauma is to do needle point
að borga is to do banking
að keyra is to drive
að setur is to put
að snúa is to turn
að biðjaað heilsa ia to send regardsað biðja is to ask or to beg for
að hræra is to stir
að steikja is to fry
að njóta is to enjoy
að reikna is to do arithmatic
að tala salman to to talk together
að spila á gita is to play guitar
að tefla is to play chess
að spila á píano is to play píano
að fara á fetur is to get up
að fara á hátta is to go to bed
að flýta sér is to hurry
að hringer is to ring, like an alarm
að finnast is to think of, to have an opinion of


I did well in the fish game and have now treated myself to a fish tank.

Kasper thinks it is his but everyone knows kids never really look after there pets, so really they are my fish.

I do have fish yet. Soon. There are a few things I need like rocks. I have an air pump. I need to find our what else I need. I need to find a pet store.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Global Warming

Even these poor bears are being affected.

I am sure they might not mind to much but it is unnatural.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coke from China

I have Coke from China now.

I had 2, but I drank one.

My friend from school brought them for me. Thanks.

They are so cool, they look like cans of Coke, but they do not say Coke on them. They have the Chinese Characters with Coke style swooshes.


Anyways, the stuff tastes the same, and after I finish the other one I am sending the cans to my dad. He collects cans.

His collection is usually just made of beer cans, but I think he would make room for some Coke cans from China.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lesson #1 on behavior in Iceland

When ever some one asks how you are doing you always say fine. NO MATTER WHAT! They are only asking to be polite and really do not want to know.

My teacher told us that ever if you are standing in front of your house as it burns to the ground and you cat was just hit by a car, you say things are fine. And you? They will of course say they are fine as well.

I am really bad at this. When someone asks me I start talking away, then about half way through my story remember that I was only supposed to say fine. Nobody else likes to hear that I slept in for school or lost my house keys. I am fine.

Some day I will get this right.

ég tala I speak

nei, ég tala ekki Islensku No, I do not speak Icelandic
Svolítið, ekki mikð A little bit but not much
Ég skil hana sæmilega I understand it fairly well
Ég get lesið hana, ekki talað hana I can read it. noy speak it
talarðu ensku? Do you speak English?
hvernig segir maður þetta á Íslensku? How do you say this in Icelandic?
skrifaðu pað fyrir mig Write it for me
Ég tala ekkert nema þýsku I speak nothing but German. What a useful line to knwo, considering I do not know any German.

Important Questions to know, and some answers

hvað er þetta? what is this?
það er.... it is
er petta.....? is this....?
þetta er..... is this.....
hvaðan ert þú? Where are you from?
ég er frá Kanada I am from Canada
býrð þú í Reykjavík? Do you live in Reykjavik?
hvað eru pau að gera? What are you to do?
hver er þetta? Who is that?
hvar býard þú? Where do you live?
hvað er klukkan? what time is it?
talarðu íslensu? you speak Icelandic?
hvernig? how?
finnst þer það? do you think so?
hvað er í matinn? what is for dinner?
getur þú? can you?
attu ekki að? aren´t you supposed to?
hvernig líður þér? how are you doing?
hvernig er heilsan? How is your health?
ég segi allt gott I am doing goodmér líður vel I am feeling well
mér líður illa I am feeling badly
mér líður sæmilega I am feeling fairly well

Update on the attic issue

They (the police) caught one guy. I guess they were looking for him. There was 2 more. One more man and a women.

I am still scared to go upstairs. I wonder if the police took the needles and stuff, like drugs, or if we have to clean up that ourselves.

This is no small town.

a new look for the show

The Show page has a new look. I think it looks nice but I miss the old one. I liked reading stuff in the forum. Now it is all confusing, unless you are in there everyday. I can not remember what threads I have read and when. I liked it when it showed the new ones for each show.

I am known for complaining. But I do not like change, unless I choose it.
Maybe is it called controlling.

At least the show is still funny

Other news from Immigration

I am feeling a little jealous, someone in my class, not naming any names because she knows who she is, got her residence permit already.

And she applied two months after me.

I know mine has reason to take a little longer, but this is getting stupid. I have been here five months. You can only stay for three at a time with out a permit. I am a little over the limit.

I hope they finish lunch break, or what ever is holding them up, soon. After all they told me it would be done with in 90 days. That was a long long time ago.

new tenents in our attic

and not the desirable kind. They do not pay rent either, so some people might call them squatters.

Everyone knows our back door did not lock. People are always leaving the door open, especially when the weather is OK. Give the hallways some fresh air.

Today Gilsi, who lives across the hall from me, told me of a problem. He went up to the attic, everyone has storage rooms up there, and the place is trashed. He said a bunch drug addicts have living up there.

Everyone said that big space should be used for something, but this is ridiculous.

Time to lock the door when sleeping.

I think I have moved into the Icelandic version of Beverly.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Plans for Kasper's Birthday

Plan A was to get Kasper a TV and old video game. He still will get one but it will be at Christmas and to both boys. We did not want Kasper to think it is just for him.

So, these are things he would like

costume stuff: anything goes here. He wants fake gold chains like Mr T and really likes hats of all sorts. Clothing you might wear for Halloween would be a huge hit.
He is really into dressing up these days.

science stuff: any lab he could build or learn about. He really like experiments.

Of course you do not have to get him anything. Or whatever you want. I am only saying things I know he likes.

I got him a water bottle, he asked for one. I am hoping to find a good winter coat for him still. Only one week to go.

For the kids in Kasper's class, he is just bringing a cake to school. I only really know one kid and decided I do not feel comfortable looking after a bunch of kids I do not know. So there will not be another kids party. Kasper's best friend Gunnar will be at the family party for a while and I will take them out.

The family party will be on the Tuesday November 21 from 6 until 7:30. It is very important that it is done at 7:30 so I can hope he will go to sleep at 8, that is a long enough day for him. There will be pizza and cake for everyone. I hope to see those of you that live close by there.

Things in your room

snager is hooks like on a door
herðatré is hangers
skápur is closet
skartgripaskrin is jewelery box
spegill is mirrir greiða is comb
hárbursti is hair brush
útvarp is alarmclock or radio
snyrtiborð is a vanity
gluggatjöld is curtians
loftkæling is air conditioner, not that practical in Iceland!
rimlagluggatjöld is blinds
pappírs þurrkur is kleenex
höfðagafl is headboard
koddaver is pillow case
koddi is pillow
lak is sheet
dýna is matteress
sæng is feather blanket
rúmteppi is blanket
fótagafl is foot board
slökkvari is light switch
simi is phone
náttborð is night stand
gólfteppi is a floor cover
gólf is floor
kommóða is dresserrúm is bed
motta is rug
mynd is picture
svenherbergi is bedroomílmvatn is purfume
sængurver is feather blanket cover
kollur is a small table
lampi is lamp

Random Words Part 1

isjaki is iceberg
kóngulo is spider
bitmý is bite
anamaðkur is earthworm
að drekka is to drink
að borða is to eat
að stofa is to sleep
að skauta is to skate
að detta is to fall
að gráta is to cry
að fljúga is to fly
að lésa is to read
að standa upp is to stand up
hvað is what
að gera is to go
er is is
ern is are
hvaðan is where from
býrd is live
að búa is to live
goðan daginn is good morning
gott kvöld is good evening
goða nótt is good night
sæll (m) is hello
sæl (f) is hello
bless is bye
takk is thanks
þakka þér fyrir is thank you
sjáumst is see you
að hlæja is to laugh
að setjast is to sit down
að dansa is to dance
að selja is to sell


höfuð is head
hár is hair
eyra is eye
kinn is cheeck
auga is eyes
nef is nose
munnar is mouth
haka is chin
háls is throat
öxl is shoulder
bringa eða brjóst is breast or chest area
magi is stomach
upphandleggur is upper arm
olnbogi is elbow
úlnliður is wrist
hönd is hand
fingur is finger
læri is upper leg
hné is knee
leggur is leg
ökkli is ankle
hæll is heel of foot
fótur is foot
tær is toes

No glasses for me

So they say I do not need glasses. I have great eye sight. I know I can see everything, but my eyes are always hurting. So next week I get to see a specialist who will drug my eyes and have a good look at them. They also get to use a computer on them! I am really excited, especially because of the side effects and the day this will happen.

On Tuesday November 21, Kasper's Birthday, I will have extra sore and stinging eyes that will be extremely sensitive to light.

Sounds like some back luck to me.

I am grateful that I got an appointment so soon though.

Wish me luck! The doctor thinks it is the left eye with the issues.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weather Words, to know a few

heiðskírt eða sólskin is sunny
léttskýjað is cloudy
rigning is rain
snjór is snow
rok eða vindur is windy
kalt is cold

Kitchen Verbs

hræra is stirring
rífa is grating
opna is opening
hella is pouring
skræla is peeling (like potatos or carrots)
skera is cutting
brjóta is cracking
þeyta is mixing or whipping
sneiða is cutting or slicing
saxa is dicing
gufusjóða is steaming (like to steam vedgetables)
grilla is grilling in an oven or bbqing
baka is baking
steikja is frying
sjóða is boiling

Kitchen Vocabulary (nouns)

uppþvottavél is dishwasher
eldhús is kitchen
uppþvottagrind is dishrack
diskur is plate
dósahnifur is can opener
panna is frying pan
sigti is strainer
skaftpottur is pot with a handle
lok is lid
uppþvottalögur is dish soap
sápa is soap
stálull is steel wool or sos
mixari is blender
blandari is blender
pottur is pot
box is canister
breaðrist is toaster
bakki is tray
viskustykki is dish towel
ísskápur is fridge
frystir is freezer
ísform is ice cube tray
skáper is cupboard
örbylgjuofn is microwave
skál is bowl or 'cheers'
kökukefli is rolling pin
brauðbretti is cutting board
borð is table
ketill is kettle
gashella is gas stove
eldavél is stove
bakarofn is oven
kaffikanna is a coffee maker
skúffa is drawer
pottaleppi is pot grabber
klukka is clock
mynd is picture

The Grocery Store Words

sælkeraborð is delicounter
frosinn matur is frozen foods
fyrstir is freezer
mjólkurvörur is dairy products
hilla is shelf
vigt is scale
innkaupakarfa is shopping cart
gangur is asile or hallway
bökunarvörur is baking goods
niðursuðuvörur is canned goods
drykkir is beverages
hreinlætisvörur is household items
frystikista is bin
viðskiptavinur is customer or business friend
kvittun is receipt
kassi is cash
kassadama is casheir
færiband is conveyor belt
vörur is groceries
poki is bag

These words are very very useful at the store. Otherwise you can spend an hour walking up and down the same three isles looking for sugar.

Lost Addresses

Here I am trying to get Christmas Cards together and I can not find addresses.

I know I had them all written down on a piece of paper.... now where is that paper?

The most famous last words in my house.

I would like to send you a card, need I need your address!

Please email it to me so I can puts the cards in the mail this week. It takes a while to go overseas.


Where are the Chinese clothes going?

Xiaohong, from my class mentioned to me that her friend owns a store downtown. This store sells what looks to be like dress cloths from China. They look very Chinese, if that is possible.

Anyways, she told me her friend said that they were very busy and sold a lot of clothing at this store. Then Xiaohong pointed out that she never sees anyone wearing it.

So, where are these clothing going to. Someone is buying them. In fact a lot of people are buying them. But no one is wearing them. Maybe everyone makes the same mistake in buying it then never coming across the right occasion to wear it. Or maybe they only wear them at a certain time of year. I have only been here 5 month's, who knows what happens the other 7.

Could it be that it is the tourists buying them all up. It would explain why I never see people wearing them, but still does not make that much sense. Why would you go to Iceland to buy stuff from China? I admit the clothing in the store are very nice. I might buy some if I was in China.

If I travelled to Iceland on Holidays, I would buy myself an Icelandic sweater made of Icelandic wool. That would be something to mark the trip. But to come home with a nice silk shirt made in China .... seems a little strange.

I am no closer to knowing who is buying all these clothes. Maybe it is a question that was meant to have no answer.

Family, People

kona is woman
maður is man
eiginmaður is husband
eiginkona is wife
barn is child
foreldrar is parents
systkini is siblings
bróðir is brother
systir is sister
strákur is boy
stelpa is girl
börn is children
afi is grandpa
amma is grandma
barnabarn is grandchild
tengdadóttir is daughter in law
tengdasonur is son in law
vinur is friend
vinkonna is girlfriend
ég is I
þú is you
við is we
þið is it
þeir (m), þær (f), pau (n) is they
maðurminn is my husband
vinir is friends
nemandi is student
hjon is a married couple
fjölskyldan is family
skipnemi is an exchange student
dóttir is daughter
sónur is son
pabbi is father
mamma is mother
fræka in aunt or other female relative
frændi is uncle or other male relative
kennari is teacher
póstur is mail person
smiður is carpentar
bakari is baker
lögregla is police
kokkur is cook
hjúkrunarfæðingur is nurse (it is a scary one)tannlæknir is a dentist
slátvari is a butcher
listmálari is a painter
ritari is a secretary
sjómaður is a seaman
bifvélauirki is a car mechanic
múvavi is someone who builds cement walls
lögrængur is lawyer

Telling Time

Hvað er klukkan? is What time is it?
hún er átta is she (because time is feminine)8
klukkan eitt is 1 oclock
fimm mínútur yfir is 5 minutes after
tíu mínútur yfir is 10 after
korter yfir is quarter after
tuttugu mínútur yfir is 20 after
fimm mínútur í hálf is 25 after
hálf tvö is 1:30
tíu mínútur í is 10 to
fimm mínútur í is 5 to


In Iceland they use the metric system. I mean they really use it. In Canada, at least in Western Canada, everyone still uses Imperial and metric is only for school. Here is it everywhere.

These words are mostly easy.

lítre is liter
desílítri is desaliter (I had never even heard of that before I moves, so the spelling is definatly wrong)
teskeið is teaspoon
matskeið is tablesploon
þyngd is weight
kílo is kilo (easy)
gramm is gram
lengð is length
kílómetri is kilometer
metri is meter

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Clothing In Icelandic

kjóll is dress
píls is skirt
peysa is sweater
nærföt is underclothes
nærbuxur is underwear
jakki is jacket
ullahúfa is toque
húfa is hat
trefill is scarf
úr is watch
stígvél is boots
taska is bag
inniskór is indoor shoes
náttjakki is pj top
náttbuxur is pj pants
skyrta is dress shirt
buxur is pants
hálsbindi is tie
sokkar is socks
hanskar is gloves
blússa is blouse
frakki is over coat
regnfrakki is raincoat
skiðaföt is a snow suit
náttkjóll is a night gown
hárborði is a hair ribbon
vettlingar is mittins
budduna is a change purse
handtaska is a purse
handtöskuna is a purse
föt is clothing
greiða is a comb
jakkaföt is a dress suit
belti is a belt
sundföt is a swim suit
íþróttaföt is exersise clothing
sokkabuxur is nylons
gönguskór is walking shoes
háhæladðirskór is high heels
úpla is a coat
nærbolur is an undershirt
bolur is a t-shirt
kápe is a womens dress coat
sloppur is a house coat

Days of the week

Sunnudagur is Sunday
Mánudagur is Monday
þriðjudagur is Tuesday
Miðvikudagur is Wednesday
Fimmtudagur is Thuresday
Föstudagur is Friday
Laugardagur is Saterday

Some colours in Icelandic

This is all I know

blár (m), brá (f), blátt (n) is blue
appelsínugulur (m), appelsínugul (f), appelsínugut (n) is orange
brúnn (m), brún (f), brúnt (n) is brown
bleikur (m), bleik (f), bleikt (n) is pink
fjólublár (m), fjólublá (f), flólublátt (n) is light blue
grænn (m), græn (f), grænt (n) is green
gulur (m), gul (f), gult (n) is yellow
hvítur (m), hvít (f), hvítt (n) is white

Friday, November 10, 2006

New classes

I got my class list for next semester.

Guess what they put me in?

A combination of computer and English classes.

I have already taken these computer classes in Canada and I do not really think I need another English class.

So I changed it, next semester I will take Icelandic lessons again. After all, I live in Iceland.

I wonder if they even looked at my transcripts before signing me up for these classes.

Fish Tycoon Part 2

I have mastered the web version now and am getting a little bored.

I need to download the game and pay 20.00 for the rest of the features and Davið said no. He told me to go out and buy a real fish tank.

I think this would cost more then 20.00.

Who would want to leave the house?

It is raining and raining. There seems no end in sight.

The wind is blowing so hard I was awaken last night to the sound of things crashing around. My windows shake when it turns on us.

It is just plain ugly out. Why would anyone go out it this?

I think I will have a nap, and when I wake up it might be better.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Presents for the poor kids

Today Kasper's class collected money and wrapped gifts to send to children in Ukraine.

It was really cute and I like that everyone has to do it every year. I think the kids need reminding about how lucky they are.

I guess the church sets it up through the schools every year. The church is actually very involved in the schools, which seems strange to me because it is a public school. Well, whatever...

The strange part about the presents is that we were encouraged to put 300-500 Kr in an envelope on top of the box, held on with an elastic. I was told it was for the customs. I think maybe they just steal it. Seems a little strange that they just recommend you put money there to ensure it gets to where it is supposed to go. It is not for postage. I doubt they would have such a huge import tax on things like pencil crayons. Yes, I think some customs officer will be happy to take up to 500 Kr in cash off of 60 presents.

Kasper's First Concert

Tonight was the first singing concert for Kasper.

It made me so proud. An excellent assortment of songs were chosen, including English classics like Ba Ba Black sheep.

It was so cute! Most of the kids looked so confused, like they did not know what was going on and only about 5 kids actually sang. There is 60 kids in grade 1.

Kasper was singing the English ones.

Clothes pins on a mission

Some clothes pin action, and I thought they were all about laundry

More pictures from Xiaohong

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Preschool President

I think my kids are more like the boy who does not colour in the lines

Politics start so young!

I saw this on youtube,

First Snow

It is the first real snow fall of the year.

Sure it looks like it is melting faster then it is falling, but still there is big beautiful snowflakes falling down.

The kids, mostly Kasper, have been looking forward to this for so long!

I hope it stays.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Counting by Stefán

Stefan can count to 4.

Any number bigger then 4, or if her does not recognise it, is 154.

We live in apartment building 154 and one our phone number list, everyone has the same number, 154.

There is 154 Lego pieces and 154 playing cards.

Kasper is trying to teach him to count to five. Then there might be a few less 154's.


Icelandic Lesson #2, please stay with me here. The last day of finals is December 6, so I promise it will end!

First a few notes:

(m) means the masculine version
(f) means the feminine version
(n) means the nuetral version.

0 núll
1 einn (m), ein (f), eitt (n)
2 tveir (m), tvær (f), tvö (n)
3 þrír (m), þrjár (f), þrjú (n)
4 fjórir (m), fjórar (f), fjögur (n)
Only numbers one through four are that difficult, if you are still reading, I promise it gets better

5 fimm
6 sex
7 sjö
8 átta
9 níu
10 tíu
11 ellefu
12 tólf
13 þrettán
14 fjórtán
15 fimmtán
16 sextán
17 sautján
18 átján
19 nítján
20 tuttugu
21 tuttugu og einn
22 tuttugu of tveir

ect ect
next, lets count by 10s

10 tíu
20 tuttugu
30 þrjátíu
40 fjörutíu
50 fimmtíu
60 sextíu
70 sjötíu
80 áttatíu
90 níutíu

Another note: hunderd numbers like 100 or 200 are neutral

100 eitt hundrað
200 tvö hundruð
300 þrjú hundruð
400 fjögur hundruð
500 fimm hundruð
600 sex hundruð
700 sjö hundruð
800 átta hundruð
900 níu hundruð

same as the hunderds, the thousands are neutral

1000 eitt þúsund

New note: millions are feminine

1 000 000 ein milljón
2 000 000 tvær milljónir

Confused yet? Well I do not feel bad for you because you are not having to write a test on it

A few things to remember your kennitala (id number that you need for everything, even to rent a movie) is feminine and phone number are nuetral numbers.

When I try to order a coffee or something, I just take a wild guess at what gender it is (hmmm... does that coffee look manly today?) and hold up fingers to help incase I tottally mangle the number.

The Foods

Finals are coming in 3 weeks and so, in an attempt to memorize these words, I hope to add some online each day.

Maybe it might come in useful if you ever need to come to Iceland, and in this case, buy some food.

I can not explain what a hassle it was to by groceries and have no idea what each thing was costing you or if you even bought what you wanted.

The english spelling here might be a problem and singular and plural, but it should be ok.

And on with the lesson:

  1. morgunmatur is breakfast
  2. hádegismatur is lunch
  3. kvöldmatur is super
  4. forréttir is an appitizer
  5. gulrætur is carrots
  6. blómkál is cauliflower
  7. sveppir is mushrooms
  8. bananar is bananas
  9. epli is apple
  10. appelsínur in oranges, I know it looks like apple
  11. perur is pears
  12. rófur is turnips
  13. baunir is beans or peas
  14. spergilkál is brocoli
  15. blaðlauker is leeks
  16. laukur is onions
  17. melóna is melons, an easy one
  18. hindber is raspberries
  19. jarðarber is strawberries
  20. agúrka is cucumber
  21. vínber is grapes
  22. sitrónur is lemons, citrus! get it?
  23. tómatar is tomato, another easy one
  24. grænmeti is vedgetables
  25. kaffi is coffee, easy
  26. te is tea, easy
  27. avaxtasafi is fruit juice
  28. vatn is water
  29. mjólk is milk, easy enough
  30. fiskur is fish, hahaha
  31. kjöt is meat
  32. lax is salmon
  33. nautakjöt is beef
  34. lambakjöt is lamb
  35. svínakjöt is pork
  36. kjúklingur is chicken
  37. sósa is sauce
  38. hrisgrjón is rice
  39. sulta is jam
  40. brauð is bread
  41. rúnnstykki is bread rolls
  42. egg is eggs, good one
  43. ís is ice cream or ice, depends what you are talking about
  44. smjör is butter
  45. rjómi is cream
  46. jógurt is yogurt
  47. ostur is cheese
  48. sykur is sugar
  49. pítsa is pizza
  50. salat is lettuce
  51. ávextir is fruit
  52. nasl is snacks, even if it is not the word used, it is the word I must learn
  53. rækja is shrimp
  54. humar is lobster
  55. rabberbari is rubarb
  56. plómur is plum
  57. aprikósa is apricot
  58. kivi is kiwi
  59. selleri is celery
  60. ólívur is olive
  61. hreindýr is reindeer
  62. önd is duck
  63. hvalur is whale
  64. skinka is lunch meat
  65. kalkúnn is turkey
  66. rjúpa is ptarmigan
  67. gos is pop
  68. olia is oil
  69. edik is vinniger
  70. sinnep is mustard
  71. ristað brauð is toast
  72. kjötbollur is meatballs
  73. brúnni sósu is gravy
  74. saltið is the salt
  75. smákaka a cookie
  76. kex is crackers

Már, please feel free to let me know about any spelling errors in the Icelandic. I can not see the board very well, so sometimes I take bad notes!

Pictures from Xiaohong

Armed with a digital camera, Xiaohong has seen everything. She is very good at making sure she does everything there is to do and seeing everything there is to see, before she leaves Iceland.

She and her husband are here with the Chinese Embassy. Xiaohong is in my Icelandic class.

We sit at the front together. It is easier to see and ask 100 questions if you are in the front row.

Because I did not take these pictures and have not seen these things myself, I will not comment on them. It just would seem a little wrong.

Darren's Birthday Party

Darren is in my class to learn Icelandic. He is from England.

Last Thursday was Darren's birthday. I think he turned 30 or maybe just 29.

On Saturday was his party!

The night started out typical. Tonya was sick and could not make it, that always happens to at least one person. Everyone was running late, including out baby sitter.

Mahwish, from New York, and her husband Sammy (I do not think that is spelled right), from Norway pick me up at about 9:30.

We then drove to pick up another guy in my class whose name I can not even say right and would have no clue on how to spell, from Peru.

We got to the party by 10, it started at 8. We excused ourselves by saying we were practicing being Icelandic by not being on time.

I brought beer I had found at work, some people leave beer in the hotel rooms and I had been saving it. I hate beer so I traded it for wine. I don't like wine either, but it does not make you feel so full.

Darren has a cat. I am allergic so his girlfriend, who is a nurse and Icelandic, gave me antihistamines. Mahwish is scared of cats. So she spent a lot of time trying to avoid it.

There were people of all sorts at this party.

A drug dealer from Serbia that everyone avoided.

An Icelandic girl who had super red eyes, which made us think she had been spending time with the guy from Serbia. Ends up she tried to dye her eye lashes and got hair dye in her eyes.
Sammy is an eye surgeon, so it was suggested that they talk.

Darren's girlfriend, I can not remember her name, I am really sorry, was so friendly.
Really outgoing, which does not seem to be a really common trait in Icelanders.

An other guy from England, I can not remember his name either but he was one of the construction workers that was working in front of Kristina's house. I told him off for how long it took and all the problems with the water. He admitted that it probably was his fault.

A guy from eastern Europe who told me to remember that if anyone asks, the vikings discovered Canada.

A really mixed group.

There was almost a fight, but I think it was just some misunderstanding. These things happen when English is the second, third or fourth language of most of the people there.

Finally we went out to the clubs, but the most fun was had at the house party.

Thanks to Darren and his girlfriend for hosting such a great party!

A note on the accents

I know there is supposed to be accents in some words and names.

So, please do not think I am spelling your name wrong without knowing or because I am lazy.

It just messes up the spell checker and we all know that no one could read this if it was not for spell check!

The bottle lady

There is a nice Chinese lady who goes around downtown collecting all the bottles.

I save them for her on top of the cupboards.

Sometimes if I do not see her for a month it starts to get a little smelly, but I do not want to throw them away. Unless you have a lot, they are not worth taking in for the deposit.

Anyways, this women is something of a legend around here and I am sure she gets good money collecting all these bottles because so many people know of her and save the bottles for her.

She has be doing this for years. Kristina and Mar used to save bottles in a separate bag for her to.

She does not speak English but she seems to be speaking kindly to me in Icelandic.

It was so nice to see her today.

Besides, the top of the cupboards was getting really crowded.


I finally got a gym membership here.

It has everything, a pool, classes, equipment and tanning.
I am so excited.

I went last night to a class and almost killed myself. It ended up being over a hour long and was super hard. Defiantly not meant to jump into. But I finished the class. It was something to be proud of. Of course I could barely walk up the stairs to classes today.

I am sure it will get better.

Janielle, you should be proud!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fish Tycoon

My new addiction.

A little slow moving but it has kept me online all day now and has no intention of slowing down.

You have a fish store and you breed fish sell them, make new breeds and upgrade you aquariums! How exciting is that?

Well, maybe it is just exciting to me. I admit I thought Sim Farm was great.

And we all remember playing the old Sim City on the computer. good times, good times.

If you want to try it out:

Crazy wind, part 2

On my way to school today I found some kids toys that flew out of our yard. The toys box was no where in sight but I did find 2 shovels and a pail.

The funny thing is that it is not like they just rolled away. Our yard has a fence, so they really flew away, the toys and stuff that it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crazy Wind

There was a weather warning because of this crazy wind.

Wind, rain and hail.

Stuff was flying around everywhere, including the kids toy box in the back yard. The container is now missing and the toys are everywhere.

We always leave our bedroom window open. I always leave the unmatched socks on the window sill to sort later. On my way home from work I saw some of my socks flying away. Probably never would have found the pair anyways.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Girls Upstairs

In the apartment upstairs, that is owned by Champagne Girls, a strip, dance place downtown, has some new tenants.

They look like dancers too, just like the last girls that lived there. The ones that did not get paid.

So they must be new too.

The question is should I mention to them that the last girls were not paid?

Reasons Why Not
  1. I do not know them well, so they might not even believe me.
  2. I do not want an angry club owner after me
  3. I have kids, I really do not need to worry about them any more then I already do
  4. It is not really my business
  5. They might be getting paid, then I would just seem to be a liar

Reasons To

  1. Nobody, including me likes to see someone get ripped off
  2. I might not be able to sleep the same if I just pretended not to know anything
  3. These owners are bad people, they should be stopped
  4. I might be able to save someone anymore trouble

Anyways, it is something to think about. I am not sure yet what to do but if you want to work there for free yourself I found an ad online to apply.

Duck Tape

It is just one of those pictures that makes you laugh and laugh and laugh. When the tears come to your eyes, leave the room.
I know it is cruel....but still so funny. Like a cat that has scotch tape on its back.

Kasper lost a tooth

And not just any tooth, this is his first one.

It was so cute and such a big step, I took a picture.

So, the tooth fairy visited the Bermans tonight. I guess there is not a tooth fairy in Iceland, so this one made a special trip from Canada.

I do not even know what the going rate for teeth is these days. When I was a kid I got one dollar, if I was lucky two. So, I gave Kasper three hundred kr. I think it is about the same if you consider what I could buy with two dollars twenty years ago.

Stefan was impressed to see his brother lost a tooth, or had broken teeth as he called it. Actually he was a little concerned until Kasper explained that he would get a new one.

The boys are getting so big!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5 day weekend

Kasper has a 5 day weekend starting tomorrow.

I never remember getting this many days off school when I was small.

More teacher days they say. I wonder what these teachers days really are.

I think the grade one teachers already have it so good. I know the pay is not great but considering the hours, i think it is fair enough.

Class is from 8:50 until 2:00. That is only 5 hours a day. The kids have 2 short recesses, a lunch break and a long lunch recess. They also have gym, dance, music and swimming class that are not taught by the regular teacher.

It is so relaxed. Every second time I go to see his teacher she has no class and is playing games on the computer.

No wonder he has so much homework, he does not spend enough time in school doing school stuff.

Sure Kasper loves all the active classes but I think he should be spending more time in a desk.

Anyways, now that I have completely rambled off topic, I will go.

No ghosts, no ghouls

Now Halloween has come and gone.
There is no Halloween in Iceland.

I have heard of something like it in the spring. I am told the kids go around and sing in stores for candy.

But it is not the same.

I think Kasper missed it the most. I was not going to mention anything to him but some kid in school told him it was Halloween yesterday. I think he is feeling a little ripped off now. I ended up promising to buy him candy to make up for not being able to go trick or treating. I might regret this.

I told him there was more Christmas to make up for the lack of Halloween. After all it is only 3 weeks until his birthday and I think the Christmas stuff starts 2 weeks after that. I told him it all balances out.

We will have to watch the Nightmare before Christmas tonight.