Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishing trip

Davíð is gone on a fishing trip for work purposes. He just got back from Germany. His friend got married. When I went to wash the clothing from the trip I saw the suitcase was empty and my first assumption was that he had forgotten every stitch of clothing he brought with him in Germany. I spent a large part of the day being angry. When he got home I asked him what he had done with all his clothing. I guess he had packed them in his bike box. So I had no reason to be mad. Lesson learned. Check the shipping box before you assume the worst. In other news:

The car made it to the 300 000 kilometer mark. Pretty amazing I think. Particularly when you consider that I live next to the sea and you know what that means? Constant salt. 1998 Toyota Corolla. Still going strong.

We took a nice family trip to the beach on one of the closest things to good weather days we get around here. It must have been 16 above. Notice we are still wearing sweaters.

While Davíð was in Germany I had to bring Leópold to work a lot. As you can see here he got a little tired sometimes. This was at nearly 11 at night. Today I am very grateful that my older kids are home to put the little guy to bed for me since I am working until midnight...

Monday, August 18, 2014


Stefán got his -ready for school- hair cut. As usual he looks super. 

Drying weather

You know you live in iceland when you get home from work at 11 at night and the first thing you do is laundry. The weather is dry and not crazy windy and that means laundry weather. So you not only take down the dry clothing from the line but you fill it back up with wet clothing from the washer.  After all you dont want to waste a good 8 hours of drying time with an empty clothesline while you sleep.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Our newest family members

Our finches made themselves a little family.  The eggs started hatching today. They are just so cute!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Money Saver

Davíð, while looking out for our finances, wore nearly all clothing he was taking on holidays to avoid a fee for extra luggage.

Compost #1

Leópold and I build our first compost out of plastic. Then we collected all the grass we could to put in. Now we are waiting for dirt. 
Probably we will need another one since it takes so long to compost in Iceland but one is a good start. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day one of holidays

Today I begun my holidays from job 1. I drove the kids to the meeting point for them to take the bus to camp for a week. The kids meaning the older 2.  Leópold said hr would miss them now that they had moved in with there new parents. 
Since it was good weather I spent then afternoon hanging laundry out to dry. Got to use this sun. I also had a picnic with leópold.  We had chicken. The he went to his friends to play while I went to work at job 3 from 5 to 10. Just a little shift. Easy day. 
Looking forward to going home and helping david pack. He leaves for Germany in the morning. 
I also have a tonne of laundry to bring in off the lines.
I love summer.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

busy weekend followed by a calm week

Today is Robert's, my father in law's, birthday party. I am not even going to try to guess how old he is. Last time I tried to and ended up being off by ten years. Luckily for me I guessed ten years too young so have lived to tell the tail. I wish I could remember how many years ago that was. It would give me a clue.

Davíð is out in mósó with the boys for the party while I work. Seems like I am always working these days.

I am also working tomorrow but have managed to wheel and deal my way into finishing work early tomorrow, early meaning dinner time, so I can get home in time to eat with my family.

It will be extra important to eat with them tomorrow because on Monday everyone leaves. Davíð goes to Germany for a week the wedding of a childhood friend, Kasper leaves for a special camp for teenagers and Stefán will be at the classic scouts camp. This leaves Leó and I home alone for a week.

Mom and Leó time. It is going to be great. Quality time, much needed rest and a calm environment for him to get back into routine.

I also have to get my own routine going. I start school again in a couple weeks and still have not even sorted out my book list.