Friday, August 10, 2007

A down side

I enjoy working night.

I like the flexibility it leave in my schedule.

But there is a down side:

Because I work so far away, I have a long bus ride to and from work. So when I go to take the bus, I can meet really interesting people.

Tonight, one of these really interesting people scared me onto the wrong bus.

I will start from the beginning. I walked to Hlemmur and went into a bus shelter to look at the schedule. A women asks where I am from. I told her: Canada.

Then she starts coming towards me and I begin to smell the booze....

She starts yelling:

I new it! I had a message sent to me from the mountains in Canada, the mountains in the middle of Canada. I knew I would meet you!
Oh, you don't believe me????? (I was wide eyed but did not say anything) I know you do not believe me, I have ESP. I know because he told me.

She was right in front of me, yelling. I said 'oh, there is my bus' and got on the closest bus to wait until my real bus came. Lucky for me the buses wait around a while at Hlemmur, and she was gone by the time I had to leave my shelter.

But I was frightened, and I am spineless. I could have just told her I did not want to talk to her and ask her to stop yelling, but I ran away.

And that's my story of the night.

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