Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clearing out the camera.

Part of getting ready for Christmas means clearing out the camera to make sure I can take pictures tomorrow.
Also: OUr phone company is offering free international phone calls tomorrow, so Ill talk to you sooooon!
Davíð and Michal, our most recent couchsurfer from France.

Leópold, and a Clone Trooper

Just Leó.

A sign that Kasper posted on his door, although he was not to sure which girls were hot.

Leópold working on his strategy against the librarian.

Leó at Lizzy's.

This was from some game the boys were playing. It mostly involved chasing each other around with the camera and yelling.

Our poor little Rósa.

Stefán reading.

Leó terrorizing the fish.

Best dog ever.

Angry Stefán.

Pouty Stefán

Our tree.

I saw this window while walking to meet the kids at school, around 9. maybe 930, in the morning, anyways, looks like they are growing something funny in there...

Stefán singing for us, or fooling around.

Recorder concert.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Learning how to do Christmas.

I know I have been a terrible blogger these days. Terrible blogger, crappy sister and mediocre friend.

I have been doing Christmas - the best I can.

First of all I have to say that I am so grateful, excited, glowing about the fact we are doing it Canadian style this time.  I have high hopes.

I should also mention that, thanks to my *insert here*  mother,  I learned more about the holiday season from television then I did from home, and you know I don't watch television.

I finished the Christmas present shopping, early in fact, this was the easy part. I even had great idea and really do think that everyone will like what I picked out.

The tricky bits are more like organizing the living room. I actually really enjoy (seriously!) dragging furniture around the room, trying different styles, basically pretending it's a new place. I thought I was rather good at it.

Thanks a few people, I now know this is not true. One friend once said 'I like things this way, it looks a little more normal'. My own husband remarked on how our home looked like it had been set up by a mathematician, trying to make the most of the floor space. Its true, we have a dance floor.

While I always noticed that my living room did not look like anyone else's I thought it was OK, but Davíð said it is not cozy, and maybe he is right. I have no sense for these things and I appreciate someone being honest with me. But now I have a problem, we will have 12 people here for Christmas and my home is not cozy.

I've been dragging the couch around the room for weeks - I don't know where it will be cozy - you should see my muscles!

And decorations! My mother in law has done Christmas for the last few years, and before that the kids were to young to notice, but now I need to get going. I am even seriously considering getting a tree, or at least a branch.

I unpacked everything even close to an ornament that the kids have ever made and stuck it to a window.

Then I hit the second hand store and grabbed a bunch of decorations that needed a home, and I stuck them to the windows too.

After a trip to Húsasmíðjan (Icelandic home depot) for a few strings of lights, there is a hint of Christmas in my home.

But it still doesn't look right, it doesn't look like everyone else's, and I'm not sure how to change this. I am grateful that my children like me the way I am, they don't mind my ways.

Tomorrow I am thinking thinking of going down to the Salvation Army store to try to borrow the florescent pink tree they have on display. I already asked about buying it, it is not for sale.  But maybe they will lend it to me? Then I am going to cover it in popcorn.

At least the meal should not be too difficult. Kristína, my sister in law, is taking care of the turkey and potatoes, Robert, my father in law, is taking care of the lobster, and Inga, my mother in law is trying to get together a pumpkin pie.

I am taking care of the stuffing after seeing Kraft Stove Top had been imported to Hagkaup. I bought 6 boxes, after wiping the tears away. It was a happy moment.

I am also in charge of the salad. What is a Christmas salad? So far I have tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced fresh on a plate. I should probably do something else too, but first I have to see what vegetables and fruit look decent at Bónus, then find some recipe.

But the day is sneaking up on my quickly and there is really only one more day to get it together. 

So, until tomorrow night, I hope, back to the preparations.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tourists pay more at the Blue Lagoon

Going to the Blue Lagoon is one of the top things to do in Iceland, it's so amazing, beautiful, good for your skin and incredibly expensive, if your not Icelandic.

The listed price on the English site is 28 euros , about 4300 Isk, while on the Icelandic Blue Lagoon home page you see an advertisement for 1500 Isk. This offer is only valid if you are paying with an Icelandic card. If you click on this ad, then try to change the language to English you will only be redirected back to the original Blue Lagoon page (in English), where there is no 1500 Isk offer to be seen.

I have been to the Blue Lagoon several times and have never paid anything near to these crazy prices. Once I was even let in for free because I was with some a walking group, that only advertised in Icelandic, although someone did come and ask what we (I was with a friend) were doing here.

So, clearly, the Blue Lagoon makes all the money off people who can not speak Icelandic.

Before you come to Iceland, befriend an Icelander. It'll pay off.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dead Fly Art?
I can only hope my kids do something more productive with there time then this.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Before today, I had not sat behind a sewing machine since Home Economics in grade 8.
I figured it was something like a bicycle, something you could always remember how to do.
And it turns out that it is even more unsuited to me like I remembered. I was never meant to be a seamstress.
But I did manage to fix the blanket covers, a few shirts, lots of pants and make a sleeping bag for Leópold.
To keep the little guy happy I had to feed him Fruit Loops in his high chair so he wouldn't complain while I neglected him to sew, but he was happy with the treat.
Now that the important things are done, and I still have a few days with the borrowed machine, the boys and I are turning the terribly old sheets into capes and customs.  Leó just got a king outfit made out of pillow cases.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Davíð has offically started his own business, He fixes everything!
We are so excited for him!
and you can like it on Facebook :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Too much sugar!

Anyone who knows me also knows I put a lot of sugar in my tea or coffee.  I am just crazy about the stuff - to the point that Davíð worries about my health. I think its OK.

It should also be noted that I do not drink beer, or anything else for that matter, but beer is the important one today, because I made some last night.

At least I got the first steps going, including melting an entire kilo of sugar into the mix, and I have to add more at the end!

After doing this (my first attempt at making beer, Ill let you know how it goes later) I no longer see my sugar consumption as a problem. After all there must be at least as much sugar in a beer as there is in my coffee, if not more.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some things are the same everywhere

This article was not really news in itself, but more amazing that it managed to get published in Alberta.

Don't blame Duckett, blame the Tories

But you know this article rings so true in Iceland too, for a lot of things, sure you would have to change the names, but the stories the same.

Its a shame I doubt it would be printed here, the Icelandic version that is. 

Thanks Cassie

A special thanks to my dear Aussie living across the highway,
now my dishes are not done,
the hamster cage still has an odd smell
I have managed to miss breakfast again.
But my kids think Im nuts from all the maniac style laughing that was coming out of the office.

One more reason

well If seeing me was not enough of a reason to get yourself round to Iceland for the summer, this might help you make the choice:
Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas to New Years
and check out #1
Thats right, Reykjavík.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eminem's still cool

Sometimes I feel really old, but not when Kasper and his friends are listening to music because they really like Eminem, and I think its OK too, although the lyrics seem a little inappropriate for kids, there English isn't that good anyways.

My name is and The Real Slim Shady were so popular when I was so young, hardly 18, and certainly thought I was pretty cool.

Now the kids are crazy about The way you lie and Not Afraid . Same guy!

But probably the best part is when I tried to show the kids that they are listening to the same stuff I listened to when I was young, they didn't believe me and said things like 'we don't get this guy', as though they 'get' any of them!

At least some things are not changing.

A teacher you say?

It turns out that best kept secret of the University of Iceland is the International Program. I had never even heard of the thing until last week, but it exists, and is done completely in English, although you can take some Icelandic classes.
And what can you do with this international program? You can get your bachelors in Education, something that can be very useful if you decided to teach English in the schools, work in a playschool or even move back to your own country, at least you could show something for the time away right?
So thats my plan. Back to school it is, next August. And after a few years I can teach! Or take more schooling because this International Program also has Masters Programs. Yes Yes Yes.
From this day forward I walk with a lighter step, for now I have something to look forward to, I am going back to school!
**Best part is that when I was in highschool I wanted to be a teacher, among everything else, but teacher did come up.
***I should also mention that I am not sure that I like children enough to teach them, but I am working on that. I have three of my own and there alright, usually :)

Useful Links:

While I admit to not knowing everything, I must say:

  • A bankrupt town (Reykjanesbær) should not take over a bankrupt museum. I think, like anyone else, you should try to pay the bills you have before accepting new ones.
  • Museums were not meant to be big money makers. They are not amusement parks. I will never understand why anyone would try to make one into another. 
  • There is nothing wrong with taking the bus, and there is no reason to feel sorry for me. Aside from the odd grocery shopping trip I actually prefer the bus, and it saves me a lot of money. 
  • Judging from the amount of garbage around the garbage bins and the lack of garbage inside, I think it is fair to assume that the residents of Ásbrú have some sort of motor skill problems and can not lift the lid on the bins, that or they could be the definition to the word 'Trashy'. Today I even saw my neighbor get in his work car, drive up to the bins, throw everything (work garbage) on the the ground by the bin and drive away. And fire extinguishers! Who throws away fire extinguishers?
  • I know that my baby is over one now, and he is still breastfeeding, and I know it seems a little strange, mostly because he looks so big. BUT this is our choice. I don't see any reason to make him stop, he isn't that old and its good for him, so why not? (on the bright side he doesn't use a bottle)
  • I think the idea for voting in the people to make the new constitution (to lazy to find the links) was terribly done. By giving a list of 526 candidates it makes it impossible to make a proper educated choice. I think they should have made each person that applied have 500 or even 1000 signatures, with kenitellas, to go with the application, to show determination and seriousness about this. This would have narrowed down the candidates considerably. 
and thats about enough complaining for today huh?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another small complaint

How did this happen?

Seems like only yesterday I was drinking it up with Janielle and slaving away at Humpty's, life was good, simple and good. I was young.

And I know my children birthdays are not about me but really, where did the time go?

My oldest will be 10 on Sunday. 10, a decade. I have been a parent for an entire decade, 10 whole years.

So these fun simple days I remember were actually a really long time ago.

Life is still good, actually it is even better, but it is no longer simple, and I have to accept that I'm old now. Kasper is proof of that.

He is like a trophy to say 'I have survived being a Mom for 10 years' and I have the dark circles under my eyers to prove it.

But enough whining from me, my oldest baby is growing up and I am so proud of him.

And if you know where I live you are invited to the party!

Rubber Stamp

I think if this family gets any bigger I will need a stamp to sign our names.

I've only filled out four Christmas cards and my hands are all cramped.

And as usual, I can not find any addresses.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today is Remembrance day in most parts of the world, but not in Iceland.

But that doesn't matter because I am Canadian, and my coffee date this morning was Australian, so we remembered.

Over coffee, we talked about who we were remembering and shared family history.
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
      Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
   Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
         In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
   The torch; be yours to hold it high.
   If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
         In Flanders fields.

I like her style

On CBC :

Fredericton woman wants backyard chickens

What a great idea! While I am sure she isn't the first person to think of it, I am happy that people are starting to think forward and think of solutions. 

Maybe this is an idea for Iceland too, we could start in Keiler....

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Needs a home

Now that my baby is over 1 it is time for me to start sending the baby things on to another home.
Nearly everything I have I either received as a hand me down or bought at the second hand store for nearly nothing, so I am not charging money for anything, I just hope that they can go somewhere they are needed.
But since I don't drive they need to be picked up.
There is stroller, walker, clothing, some toys and advent bottles that were never used.
Just let me know.
I should also mention that I consider it evil to make a profit off people.
ex: accept something for free then sell it.
While I might never find out, there is a chance I would, and if I did I would cry. And you dont want to see that, it's sad.


My better judgment tells me that this story tells me that this story is better kept to myself, but I am not listening to that judgment today, because this was seriously funny.

But you might not find it funny, so if you are offended easily, I apologize now, but you might not think this was so funny and might want to read something else.

I also want to add that I have no idea where they get this stuff...

Stefán and Einar were playing G.I. Joes. These two guys actually share a MoxieGirlz girlfriend, but she was not in this conversation. I am trying to make a cup of tea when I hear:

Stefán, while making his toy scratch himself: my penis is so itchy, I can not stop scratching (hystarical laughter)
Einar, doing the same with his toy: mine too, it's so itchy (mad giggling)

I know this is completely inappropriate but the 12 year old in me is nearly exploding in giggling herself. So I tell them off: Thats enough penis talk

Boys: OK

Next thing I hear: My ass is so itchy, I just can not stop scratching it 

I had to run out of the room before I started rolling on the floor laughing.

I am sure it sounded much worse then it was but I considered bringing out the little guns or turning on the movies a refresher on how G.I Joe acted.

*Einar is the boy that lives upstairs, a.k.a., our 4th boy

A little complaining.

What on earth would make someone hire someone they could not pay?

And it seems worse, although I don't know why, when a business, or say, museum, does it.

I guess you have figured out by now that all the work Davíð did putting up stage lights (beginning of September) and doing shows for them (since the lights went up), has still not been paid for.

I understand having a hard time keeping up with bills, I live in Iceland too. But I pay my bills, and on time.

I wonder if when they are deciding which bills to pay or not they considered that this particular guy is supporting his wife and three kids?

I am actually mostly over it. I accept that the money is gone, and it is just money.
But now Davíð is in the awkward position of not being able to do any more shows for them, because it would be stupid to keep working, and it is unfortunate because he liked it.

Alright, now I've got it out. I can move on and never speak of it again. At least for a while.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flu of Death 2010, and other great (not so great) moments of the week.

Lets start with last Sunday,

We went to Övar's first birthday party, a fabulous event with great food at Stína's. Övar being  Leópolds cousin of nearly the same age. And I forgot the gift at home. To be fair we did stay out with ther inlaws :) the night before, but I should learn to plan a little better. I planned to mail it to her on Monday. We live in different city's.

There was no school on Monday because of Winter holidays. The first day of winter was on Saturday, so I guess we needed a four day weekend, alright. So I go downtown, forget the gift at home again, then I take Kasper to the dentist while forgetting to transfer myself money to pay for the appointment. So I had to call my father in law to borrow 3500 ikr until I could get home. I was feeling a little silly.

That evening I started to feel very very ill, in a violent and disgusting way. A few hours later I was woken up by Stefán, equally ill and even more disgusting. I spent the rest of the night being sick or helping the sick kiddo.

I could hear the phone ringing while I was lying in bed, but there was nothing I could do about it. On Tuesday, I was nearly dead. The violence that came with the illness was gone, but I was drained. I couldnt walk further then 10 steps, Stefán and I spent most of the day sleeping while Leópold got only basic care from me. I even missed sending Kasper to school. It was my fault he slept in and he still has not forgiven me.

I did get him to school, he seemed healthy enough, until he was sent home from after school care and he puked all over the car.

By evening I could see straight, with the help of Poweraide, I assessed the damage. I had to literally shower down and scrub the entire bathroom, terrible. The laundry pile had turned into a mountain over night, it grew eyes, attitude and an awful smell.Kasper slept and slept.

Wednesday - everyone seemed fine. The boys stayed home, relaxing, watching cartoons and napping. I even went on a much needed grocery shopping trip, the house was looking normal again and things were looking up. By evening the boys were bickering, a sure sign of good health, so I made plans for them to go back to school in the morning.

Leópold falls asleep early, then starts throwing up and the scary thing was that he was not even awake while he was being sick. So I was awake all night with the little guy, making sure he didn't choke, cleaning him up, changing his clothing - and he slept through it all. I would rather he was awake and crying, I think, then I would at least see some life in him.

Thursday morning Leópold started to look better, at least he stopped ugly stuff, and was sleeping soundly. I sent the other two off the school. Less then an hour later the school calls, they are sending Kasper home, I guess he has a fever. I must have missed it. Kasper comes home and goes back to sleep. I really thought he was doing better.

Stefán is totally healthy and in school, but I kept Kasper home on Friday. Not taking any more chances. Leopold is better. The laundry is actually caught up. The weekend is looking good. Kasper was even invited out for a sleep over with a friend, but I thought it might not be a good idea. I took them to the library then  out to see this new movie in the theater with pizza at home after. Everyone was happy.

Everything looked normal again on Saturday morning. Cartoons, cereal, coloring, then Kasper fell asleep before lunch. After sleeping 12 hours at night I don't think he needs naps.  He woke up in time for dinner, ate a few bites, and fell back asleep for the rest of the night. Everyone else was fine.

***I should mention that I made homemade chili for the first time, and it was amazing! I'm hooked.

Today is Sunday, Halloween in many parts of the world, and usually a family day around here. The kids and I woke up this morning. Davíð slept in, this is a usual thing so I thought nothing of it, until he started getting really sick. Now he is sick, he has not left the bed all day, with the exception of running to the bathroom and is burning up with a fever. Now being all manly as he is he is refusing medication for the fever or even to call in sick for work tomorrow. Some times I want to shake that guy around. There is no way he is going to work in the morning.

I tried to take the kids to see a show with a hundred model ships but we missed they bus and since there is only 2 buses a day on the weekends that pretty much killed that idea. So we went to the indoor playground instead. It was really nice and everyone had a great time. Then we went home and heard form other kids that the base would be doing the American Halloween thing. I knew they did it last year, it had been a lot of fun, but there was posters advertising it beforehand so I just assumed it would not be happening this year. I was wrong. Keiler sent out emails to everyone living on the base explaining to rules what to expect. Kids were supposed to dress up and go out between 6 and 8 to get candy. Adults were supposed to get decorating the hallways and buy candy. I got the message an hour before the store closed.

Lucky for me I was not the only one dashing to the store at the last minute, so I caught a ride with a friend of Kasper's dad. His name is Stefán. He doesn't speak English. So we went to the store, I grabbed a bunch of candy, and sandwiches for a quick supper (I knew the boys would be in a hurry). Get to the cashier and I forgot my wallet. It was really great. I had to borrow cash from someone who I don't actually know, and who could not understand what I was talking about. But he did it, and I bought the stuff. I did manage to get his banking information out of him and transferred him the money after he dropped me off at home. But I still feel stupid.

The kids dressed up, went out and got candy for the 2 hours they were allowed. It was a great success, especially considering it was a last minute thrown together Halloween. The kids brought home lots of interesting things including several baggies of popcorn, loose candies and marshmallows (things that are OK in Iceland and nowhere else). We even ran out of candy 10 min. early, and I was a little sad because I was looking forward to the leftovers.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Couchsurfing Family's

Just so you know its not just us

Home Sick

Spent far to much of today crying.
Winter is coming, it is getting dark, windy rainy and generally discusting.
At the boys birthday parties last week I realized how lonely I am out here, at the very least I need my sister. No one should have to go years and years with out having coffee with a sister.
I always wanted the boys to have a great family, a huge great family, and they do, but they are all over the place and it makes me sad.
And my brothers, dont get me started, they are all grown up, 2 are engaged now with babies on the way.
Thats the order we do things in our family, get a baby then get married. I suspect this might not be the same in other families, but it works for us.
Imagine all these additions to our family, more cousins for the boys, sister in laws for me, and I have not met either of them before.
My cousins are having babies, it's an epidemic. 
Even my Dad had some amazing news for me, wedding bells in his future, amazing.
There is so much great news, and I really am so happy for everyone, and I miss you all so so much.
And thanks to my friends for the helpful suggestions.
One friend suggested a small bank fraud to take a 6 month holiday in Canada, while another suggested packing our backpacks and making a run for it, this country is getting more backwards all the time.
I am not actually going to do either, but have become more determined then ever to find a way to be closer with my family across the ocean.

The Big Question?

Is this your Spiderman shirt?

Why was it at the playground?

While I should say that I am grateful to have come across the shirt, clothing being as incredibly expensive as they are here,and me just taking the baby and dog out for a walk, finding it.

It is Stefán's shirt.

And it is cold out.
Must have been near zero today.

So what would make you take off your shirt while playing out in the cold?
Maybe he started to feel a little warm from all the running around?
Maybe brought the shirt out as some sort of game, like a cape?
I actually just don't know, and Stefán acts like he doesn't understand me when I try to ask him.
He actually might not understand, his English comprehension seems to be getting worse every year.
But I think I might have to spend more time walking around the playgrounds and keeping an eye out for clothing that has mysteriously left our home.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why blogs are better then Facebook updates

That was probably the main reason I gave up on the Facebook in the first place.
The updates remind me of a highschool popularity contest, likes, comments,
but the worst was only getting a snip it of a story. One line. Then your expected to guess what on earth is being talked about.
***** : shouldn't have eaten that chicken salad
From there you need to figure out why
  • is she allergic to chicken? 
  • did she tempt fate by eating some leftovers out of the fridge that should have been thrown out last week?
  • has she broken some weight watchers rule by lapping up all that mayonaise?
  • did the chicken salad have onions in it giving her bad breath for the rest of the afternoon?
  • is she still pulling celery strings out of her teeth?

What happened?
and you know the first comment will be asking just that. and usually by the time I see this update there are at least 30 comments , some from the salad victim slowly explaining the story, one line at a time, the rest mostly from people I have never heard of, relating sympathies or similar stories
I hate to find out what happens this way, it seems so choppy, detailed and impersonal.

Example 2:
*******: Finally got the job!
and my thought chain looks like this:
  • I thought she had a job
  • I guess I am happy about the new job
  • what happened to the old job
  • I thought she liked the old job
  • what is the new job
now because I am not on Facebook all day, everyday, I miss a lot of updates and so I might not understand what is going on, but I would like to know. I can try looking on the profile page to get more of the story that must have been going on for more then the last 10 minutes. There must have been more there at some piont, but the profile is so cluttered with crap, comments, applications, writings, that I could have to did around, looking at older and older posts just to find out what happened in the last few days, and I might never do it that way. Better to call.

Now why blogs are better:
  • More words, you can explain yourself, give a clear picture and someone who cares can understand what is going on.
  • You dont need likes.
  • Blogs are organized, they have archives that are easy to navigate, labels and a search function - you can find anything.  And so can anyone else, that wants too.
  • You don't have to declare someone your friend to show an interest in them, or them in you. You can read about someone just because you are interested.

I know I might be a little biased, I love reading, a lot and even about people I do not know so well.  You can not get that out of Facebook.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Canadian Culture

My dear friend Cassie once told me that on the culture channel in Australia, they watch Trailer Park Boys - a representative of Canadian culture, and while I laugh at the show, I know what people are thinking when I tell them I am Canadian.
Thanks Ricky.

Clearing out the camera

While these pictures could have been sorted into several posts and better organized, that would have taken far too much time and I am a little bit lazy. So here's the story:
Leó playing Soccer a.k.a Football

Looks as though these Canadian couchsurfers were playing with my camera

 This guys name is Paul, he is from Winnipeg and wants to be a director, I think
Maybe he should consider acting

This is his girlfriend, Alyssa, also from Win.

Her tongue looks a little scary here,

But she was a good cook.

Kasper and I dug up our garden, The potatoes did well but I think the carrots could have used a little more space in between. Yes, those stringy things are carrots.

On Leópolds first birthday we woke him up really early so we could all sing for him before everyone left for school. He was a little tired.

Like all baby's, he did not really understand the idea of blowing out the candle, on a waffle.

At least he looks happy here.

Stefán was a very helpful brother when it came to opening the gifts, a car rug and garage.

With three boys, these toys get a lot of miles on them.

He gets it.

There seems to be some law that when you are trying to have a birthday party, trying to take pictures, no one looks at the camera.


The English speaking table.

Little Tommy, only here for the cake. Kids are so honest.

Leópold's first cheeseburger ever.

And he likes it. 

And so did Rósa after he dropped it.

In 7 Days

This past week has been crazy.

There was the birthday party for Stefán and Leópold.

I realized that I better get choppin and check into why the National Registry has Leópold under drengur (boy). Davíð was asked if his sons name was actually Drengur. Seriously. I think we may have forgotten to register his name and will be fined soon...

We got the bill for the car being towed. Not a nice situation. The city can tow your car out of your own parking spot if it is not being used, and charge you for it.  I guess they can even come into your yard and taker a car if someone complains. So now we know, nearly 30 000 ikr later, just because we pay for that parking spot does not mean that we can park our car there until we get it fixed. It might offend someones eyes.

I lost my wallet for 6 days. Saved a lot of money too because I didn't want to admit I had lost it so I just didn't buy anything for almost a week. Then I found it in with the unmatched socks.

Leópold got some flu with a headache and crazy fever for three days straight. No amount of Tylenol seemed to help and he could not see a doctor because it is at least a weeks wait for an appointment. The fever is gone now but he is still a little on the cranky side.

Parent teacher interviews with Stefáns teacher went amazingly well. She says he is nearly perfect. Excellent math, one of the best readers in the class, well behaved, listens - I was so proud I was probably glowing. Then Kasper tells Stefán that no one wants to friends with a kid who is always good and it would be better if he did bad in math or something.  I could not believe that I overheard that and had to take several deep breaths before snapping.

Kasper's meeting was postponed until next Wednesday, but that didn't stop me from fighting with his special ed teacher in the hallway this week. Turns out she is not actually teaching him anything and just lets him play computer games for 40 minutes a day. She says otherwise he does not want to come to class. I said I don't see any reason for him to go to class to play computer games, he can do that at home.

The Police officer who lives down stairs from us threw a tantrum and screamed at one of my other neighbors (Gulli) because someone was in his parking spot on Sunday. Gulli explained that it was his 4 year old daughters birthday and they had family over for the party, he was sorry but they probably didn't know what spots belonged to who, and that it would not happen again. I was just shocked. Really, our parking lot has more parking spaces then it has people in our building. It is not possible to run out of parking, even if everyone was having a party, there would be parking spots to spare.

I went to the town office, got my tax forms, then was told I would have to go to another town, really, to get them stamped then return them. A half hour drive for a stamp, while I am looking at a whole office full of people drinking coffee. What kind of system is this? All these people standing around and they dont know how to use a stamp?  I know where the government could save money, they could cut back on the government.

All in all, it has been a long week, and I dont feel that I got anything done.

I think it is almost nap time.

visit reykjanes

I know it is hard to beleive, but there are things to do in Keflavík.

There is lots to do.

There is a whole book full of things to do.

But still, Reykjavíkers continue to insist that they have some sort of superiority and look down upon us out here  in Reykjanesbær.

In the middle of nowhere.
even worse if you live on the base.

But it just is not true.

It is too bad that 80% of the people are fat headed cowboys who vote in the same government every election, even after the town is swallowed up in corruption and bankrupt.  But that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do.

We have a few Museums, dancing light posts, Lighthouses, an abandoned NATO base and the Blue Lagoon.

On holidays I think you could actually skip Reykjavík and just hang out in Reykjanesbær.

I am just complaining because couchsurfing always seem to think Keflavík is just a place to catch your plane, when really its a town, people live in it and there is stuff to do.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Survival of the double birthdays

The party was last night, the official ending, 26 hours ago and just now I can say things are back to normal. Mostly.

Stefán let things get a little to his head and still has not gotten over it, each hour he gets better.

And the living room is still full of day room furniture, even more then usual, but I might like it this way.

Rósa the dog has been sleeping most of the day in recovery, she was a good host and I think she took the time to greet everyone.

Our party included:
14 adults
2 ten year olds
1 nine year old
2 eight year olds
3 seven year olds
1 five year old
1 four year old
1 three year old
2 two year olds
3 one year olds
and one little baby

All this and amazingly enough, no one spilled anything on the carpet.
My father in law thinks this is a sign of a boring party :)

Nearly all the food was eaten, even though at first I was thinking I may have over done it.

Both boys got such nice gifts, they are both very lucky. Thank you too all my friends and family for that, and even Kasper was happy at the end of the night.

And now that the party is done, the pictures being sorted and the house looking more like a home then a kindergarten, I am happy that this only happens once a year.

See you next year.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


With the taxes being insane on all alcohol and tabacco products, there is now a kind of group effort to get these things into the country through duty free.

Everyone is in on it.

You have a duty to help out your fellow islander.

Well, not really, but the price difference is so extreme that you feeling guilty about not buying duty free.

You can compare the prices if you want, some stuff is three times more on this side of customs.
Vinbudin - The state controled liqour sales
Frihofnin - The duty free store in Keflavik airport

I do not drink and have not smoked in years, but I still ask couchsurfers and friends to bring beer, vodka and cigerettes for people I know, including my husband.
David likes beer and his friends smoke.

It really would be wastful if every person going through customs does not take full advantage of the chance at duty free.

I have probably stopped making sense now, its really late and I am getting really really tired.
And this computer , o'l betsy, does not have spell check, so I am seeing that this might not make sense to anyone. I just had to say it.

So, good night!

My Thinking

My father in law gave lended me, long term, a lap top. An IBM ThinkPad that may be an original with a shiney sticker delcaring it 'Designed for Microsoft Windows 98'
oh dear, I did not even know these guys were still around.

I am incredibly grateful because after my computer died I have had a tough time getting online for any decent amount of time, hence the blog neglect.

With a screen only slightly bigger then my coffee cup and an English keyboard, I will need to learn how to type again.
*I know how to set it to Icelandic but because the letters would not match up it would be confusing!

And I called this post my thinking because when I am using this computer I can only relate thoughts, words. o'l betsy (laptops new name) doesnt like pictures and has no hard drive space anyways.

In other news, my baby Leopold turned one today, but you have to wait until tomorrow for the pictures.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Everyone's doing it

electing someone funny into government.
The mayor of Reykjavík is a comedian, who also dresses in drag, and now a clown was elected to congress in Brazil
I guess when things can not get any worse, you need someone that can at least make you laugh.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few shots

Stefán is far too cool, he reminds me of one of those banking gangsters.

Winter is here when Kasper and Rósa both need an electric heating blanket to keep warm.

A few couchsurfers, trying to get some packing done before heading out the next day.

Davíð is the new family hairdresser, at least with the boys.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Worst host ever!

Wheel we always try to be the best hosts we can, it doesn't always work. Sometimes I don't get a chance to vacuum, sometimes the kids are not very well behaved, anything can happen, but we try, and most importantly we follow the couchsurfing rules, which clearly state, no profits allowed.

A little before the story:
These hosts I am relating below have been banned, then re-allowed on couchsurfing for breaking a few rules like, charging money to sleep on the couch, renting out there car and having guests property stolen.

I should make it known that I am very against the whole idea of renting out personal cars from people over couchsurfing, not so much because of the money but because of the lack of security. Iceland is a big place and the roads can be very rough. Cars break all the time and there is a fair amount on accidents, so if you are renting a car under the table, who will pay the the claims against you in a car accident? If you are renting a car you don't know anything about, who will save you when it breaks done in the middle of nowhere? No ama here So, it really i just a bad idea.

Now they are back on couchsurfing, hosting in Reykjavík, a popular place to go. And I have met a few survivors from this house. Stories including:
-Having to pay 1500 kr a night, per person.
-Renting the car, then finding out the window would not roll up.
-Accepting a ride somewhere, that they were going anywhere, and paying twice the price of the gasoline.

Then last night I host a couple of nice girls from Germany. They had stayed with me when they first got to Iceland then came back for the last night - after they had just stayed at this infamous house in Reykjavík, and they still looked a little shaken up from the whole thing.

First of all they arrived early in the morning and when the door opened everyone was running around naked.  Two men and one women, trying to get dressed for the day. I guess this was a little shocking.
Then one girl has to use the bathroom, sits on the toilet and the entire thing falls over. Water spills everywhere, water starts spraying out of the pipes. And the smell.... Now if this was me I probably would have made a run for it right then, but these girls are made of stronger stuff then me.
Then they hear that this toilette breaks all the time, it will be fixed later. So they sit on the beddish thing, most of the morning, with a Finnish girl that they are sharing a bed with, who will not get out of her sleeping bag because she is frightened.  So the three of them have a bond, with nearly exploding bladders they then went on a laptop and finally read the references for this host.
Pages of complaints about the mess, bathroom, charging for things and communication problems.
Moral of the story: Take the time to read references before you send a couch request.
*******Side note: Davíð is so excited to try this out now he is planning to surf this couch - just to say he did it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So so behind - back to Facebook

This having three boys takes more time and energy then one might think,

but I have big plans,

as soon as I think of a good name I will go back to Facebook and create a page for the entire family. And I will not use it for Farmville, I promise.

Then Davíð can get his facebooking fix, and we can properly advertise this kids upcoming birthday parties.

Look for your upcoming friendship request :)

Just need a good name......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toothbrush memories

Today I had coffee at my friends house, but this is not the interesting part for you, what was interesting is that while standing in her bathroom, checking out my teeth after eating, I looked at her toothbrush and was reminded of an old friend in Canada.
Her name was Tammy.
Now one day Tammy had been consuming a few beer and decided to admit that she uses everyones toothbrush. She said that she often feels the need to brush her teeth and because she does not carry toothbrush around with her, she just uses the ones in her friends bathrooms.
Ending line:
If Ive been to your house, I have used your toothbrush.
Morale of the story: Somethings were not meant to be shared.

Eating with the big boys

Leópold refuses to believe that he is actually a baby. Here you see him eating with his big brothers, and the boy from upstairs who is nearly a brother.
And if you used to live on the base you will recognize all my furniture from the old day rooms, so I would like to thank the U.S. army for furnishing my living room :)

Leó, enjoying those noodles.
So he has to stand to be able to see well enough over the table.
Lucky for us, Rósa is very good about getting any food that does not make it into the baby's mouth.


Here you can clearly see that Leópold spends far too much time around me, that or I clean too much. Give this little guy a cloth and he starts wiping away.

Mr. T

Angela, a couchsurfing friend from the United States, sent me this great surprise:
And what is this? You might ask, well, its a Mr. T tampon holder. Seriously, his head lifts up so you can hide them in his legs. To quote my dear friend:
Both Functional and Fashionable
Thanks again Angela.

And some parting words of wisdom from our hero:

Friday, September 10, 2010

A happy 13 year old

While I always suspected I could behave a little on the immature side, I never suspected that I wrote like a youngster.
Even after I spell check.
According to this site, one that analizes your blog and tells you about yourself, I am female (correct), happy almost always (whatever you say) and between 13 - 17 years of age (someone better tell that to my skin).
To double check the accurateness I looked up my rend and neighbor, Lizzy. 
and they were dead on.
so maybe I am 13.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Staying up late

Davíð is out working on the lighting at Víkingaheimur a.k.a. Viking World and I am bored, really bored.
This kids are sleeping, the laundry is done, dishs - check.
Nothing else to do but fool around online.
Farmville, here I come.
But first I want to share these:
My husbands Aunty Anne lives and teaches in Bhutan (admittedly I didn't know that was a place until she started teaching there), and no surprise, she has a blog. The most recent post I found really funny because I think it talks some conversations about men being like animals, like they really can not help themselves and thats OK.

It seems that most Bhutanese women accept that husbands will have other lovers, and that a good wife should “forgive” her husband.

I also ran across this great marriage advice that I actually try to live by, but sometimes need reminding: 

Let the small stuff go. Things are not always symbolic. Sometimes a dirty sock is just a dirty sock (or something like that). We don’t need to over analyze or over invest in small actions or omissions.

And last, but certainly not least, remember Oregon Trail?  Well, some fun loving people made a pretend movie tailer for it, as though it would be a movie... Anyways, if you played the game, you will laugh yourself silly. I nearly woke up the kids laughing so loud, but if you don't know what I am talking about, you will probably think this video is a little stupid?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Little Monster

If you leave the bathroom door open for 2 minutes this little guy is in there like a dirty sock and the next thing you know, the house is covered in toilet paper.
He just grabs the end and runs.