Friday, April 27, 2012

síðast prófið

Today we wrote out last test, and are now free until September! Here are a few of my class mates, whom I will miss over the summer.  And in case you were wondering - I think the test went great :D 
Giedré and Andres

Andrew, Mille and someone else

Giedre and the sister


I had to scrunch really6 small to not look like a giant next to these two.

These two would not stand together, they should be ashamed.  The boy is called Tino.

The sister, Giedre and Mille

Giedré and me

Thinh, Ewa and Giedré

My group that I worked on group work with, Thinh, Ewa and Giedre :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I survived Malfræði 2

I finished the málfræði test today.
I have been finding these the most scary. Probably thanks to a lack of grammar background in my own language.
But I am sure I passed. Pretty sure that is.
I practiced the old exams so many times that I had actually managed to mesmerize them and while today's test was not exactly the same, there was a few questions that were, so I know I got those right.
Now I am mentally exhausted, drained, my head is killing me, so off to bed I go. I am going to need a good nights sleep because tomorrow is back to the books. Friday is that last one.
Saturday I rest my mind with some cartoons in English.
I should also mention that I am getting a little ansi with my teachers who do not post the marks! I did one test 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and still no mark. How am I supposed to sleep with this kind of anxiousness?

Monday, April 23, 2012

time being destroyed

I dont know how this happened. I abandoned my blog for so long, and even now, 40 hours away from my málfræði final, I feel a stab of guilt for uploading pictures. But really, its after 9, to late to study anymore isnt it?
Leópold, playing 'dog' with our real dogs bowl and food, she is a little jealous

Leópold takes the food away because it was clearly not meant for Rósa, our real dog, whom keeps trying to eat it.

Leópold again, home sick with an ear infection, swears hes not tired but is out cold on the couch 10 minutes later. I should mention that he woke up when he rolled off the couch.

I dont know why they are so cute when they sleep, but here is Kasper, and Leópold. The older boys haveing taken over the responsibility of putting the baby to sleep has freed up a lot of time for me.

Just me and Stefán left, ready for bed, good night!

Why nobody has ever learned Icelandic - Imgur

While I doubt anyone is checking this, and I should be learning right now, its all over facebook so I had to push it more.
Why nobody has ever learned Icelandic - Imgur