Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

deserves a poutine

After passing all my classes, averaging 7.2, not bad considering I had not in school full time in 10 years, and did it while juggling 3 kids and a volunteer position.
I think a pat on the back is in order - three cheers please.
But seriously I think I like school and am looking forward to next semester.

Christmas @ 3a

We had a fabulous Icelandic style Christmas dinner with Perla, Guðlaugur and the kids - Einar, Emilía and Eva.
They live upstairs from us - making everything from dragging tables and chairs upstairs to taking tired kids home very easy.
Heres some pictures:

In a cottage

I think it might be only in Iceland where you pack up the car, drive an hour or two, unpack the car in some rented cottage, usually through the unions, relax for a day or two then repack the car and drive home. The whole thing is actually very exhausting, but leaves some good memory's.
We shared a cottage, or summer house, with my classmate, Geidre and her family on December 23, on night of Christmas. We cooked tons of food, ate far to much and relaxed. It was great fun and good exercise on the mind because of the languages they speak, we could only communicate with her husband in English and her in Icelandic making the constant switching between languages a good exercise for my mind who has been on holidays of late.
And what summer house would be complete without a hottub?
The boys showed the Canadian in them by eating snow and tossing snow will chilling in the hot pot

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The best time of year

The Icelandic Santa's have started - although I guess not all parents are on the same page with this because they started a day earlier in some homes. Stefán is a little annoyed and wants to know why Santa was in Keflavík and not Ásbrú.

My exams are done and marks are coming in, 7.5 in Málfræði and 6.9 in Hjóðfræði - looking good :D

I got strep throat, spent half my day waiting to see a doctor and a small fortune in fees, so I am annoyed, but I needed the antibotics so I am happy to be recovering.

Leópold has some spots. Normally I wont worry to much except that I just found out that they do not immunize against measles in Iceland. So now Im a little stressed.

I´ve got the boys busy making Christmas cards for everyone, kinda a make-work project, and I am sorry to say that I missed the mail to Canada date - in order to arrive in time for Christmas - by 1 day, but you will get them in time for new years, unless they get lost in the mail.

And I miss my brother Tye, who is currently not speaking with me.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday pictures

We went to Leópold play school yesterday. It was a special day for the whole family to go see what the babies have been doing. A kind of Open House, play school style.
We were also invited to decorate and eat as many ginger snaps (pepper cookies) as we could. Great fun.
After we went to the city do get a little running around done, and that was fun too, after 5 stores, I finally found one that was not sold out of ink for my printer.

'missing the light' by Leópold

'love with sparkles' by Leópold

'Finding the way' by Leópold

decorating cookies

hard at work

still being silly

Kasper thinks this school is way funner then his

in the mall - still happy with out having to put coins in

driving with out looking

getting ready to drive home

maybe its a little too dark with the sunglasses

going to try anyways

Kasper and Bergvín

Friday, November 25, 2011

Listening in

Tonight, in the grocery store, I overheard the most beautiful conversation, there were a group of American women grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, dispite being in Iceland - there doing it away ways.
Admittedly, I was a little jealous.
Then when one women said to another, 'do you think one bag of corn is enough?' and the other said ' no, lets go with 2, you can never have too much corn' it took all my self restraint not to trow myself into the cart and demand to be invited for dinner, I would have even cook the corn - with butter of course!
Icelanders dont really get the corn thing too much and last year at Christmas, when everyone was over, I made a huge pot of corn, and nearly died trying to eat it myself because no one else touched it!
But just hearing them talk was so fun, the accent so familiar, the topic, I followed them around, listening and shopping for my own food,
they have no idea how fun it was for me.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some lost pictures - yikes!

Im thinking my camera need some new batteries, these are seriously blurry, but probably better then nothing.





awesome cake by perla

another awesome cake by perla


davíð and snúður, a.k.a. munch 2


kasper, inga amma and davíð

kasper, my big 11 year old blowing out his candles :D