Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

American Style

Icelandic playgrounds tend to consist of a slide and some rocks, making the playground on the base addicting to kinds.
This is one of three playgrounds at the school. The boys like it so much they go on weekends too, never can play too much!
I dont know how I will ever move away from here!

Weekends at Amma and Afi's

This summer has been a time of million projects at Inga and Rob's.
Patio doors, brick paths, swimming pool and as pictured here, a new pond for the fish.
Davíð has been helping lots and the we enjoy getting the visiting in while we can because it will not be so easy after the baby is born and we decided to park the car in October.
The gas is just too much!

Davíð and Rósa

My favorite test subjects for my new camera:

Taking the bus

It still amazes me that, even after a week, that both the boys take the bus to school in the morning now.
I mean they leave the house, walk to the bus stop and get on the bus, get off at the school...
catch the bus home after school...
catch the bus to swimming lessons, then home again...
my babies are growing up, for sure and it is a good thing I will have another one soon, I think that helps make it a little easier to let go.

Who doesn't love a good board game?

Stefán does so much that if there is no willing partner around he often resorts to playing against himself.
SORRY! Seems to be a good game for this.

Because he hates me

Davíð, feeling a little spiteful, took this horrid picture of me eating cookies on the computer.

Actually there was a series of them - but just imagine, this was the best.

But I will have my revenge and it will involve facebook, knowing he only signs in once or twice a year I can be sure everyone sees them before he untags himself.....

Making Crepes

A couple of couchsurfers from France stayed with us earlier in the week, and they cooked!
We had dinner crepes with ham and cheese and egg.
I was actually too tired to stay up for dessert, but used the extra batter the next day and had dessert crepes.
Wish I could remember how they made the batter...

Just too cute!

Rósa, my dogs, sister's puppies again. With puppies this cute it is so hard not to get another dog!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Congrats to Kasper

It was a good feeling to bring Kasper home from the dentist today with no cavities! Being cursed with bad teeth myself, it is super nice to see my kids did not get it!

The only telling off was that he should floss more often (who doesn't hear that one), he does floss but maybe not as often as he should.

I am happy for him. The only annoying bits were:

1. They fluoride treated his teeth with out asking. With the fluoride treatments in class and in toothpaste, I really do not know if he needs any more of the stuff. At least they could ask before filling his mouth with it again.

2. A perfectly clear dental checkup still cost us almost 16 000. The government subsidizes the dentist, so we ONLY had to pay 16 000, instead of 26 000 (123 American instead of 201 American).

So, lucky for us nothing was wrong, we might have had to leave him at the dentist as collateral for payment.

OK, I am sure we would have paid for it...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

23 days

23 more days until my due date....
Where has the time gone?

I feel like I have been pregnant forever and know I will be lonely with no one kicking me in the ribs and squishing my bladder, but I can not believe it is coming to an end.

I am just not ready!

I bought 2 bibs and 2 soothers the other day, bringing my baby supplies to:

2 bibs
2 soothers
10 undershirts
5 clothing sets
7 socks
5 blankets
15 diapers
1 little cradle

I assume this is all I need, but I seem to remember having more stuff before last time.

I still need to pack my hospital bag...

Last night Davíð says: Well since the baby is full term now, why doesn't he come out tonight

And I am thinking: Because he knows that I would panic and not be able to find anything, he doesn't want to stress me out

Considerate boy...

I know, I need some belly pictures, running out of time for that too, but you need to talk to Davíð cause I can not take these myself!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Flu

It all started Friday night with a sore throat.

Saturday was Robert, my father in laws 60th birthday, so we went out to the house for a big family BBQ. True I should have stayed home, but at this point it was only a sore throat.

Saturday night, Davíð and Kasper start getting sick. Sore throats all around. My throat is killing me, the head ache starts and I get a fever.

Sunday, we are all exhausted, mostly sleep all day.

Monday, although Davíð is starting to feel better, calls in sick at work to stay home and look after me and help out. My fever gets worse, throat hurts, head feels ready to explode. The kids are cranky and not feeling well and Davíð. who claims to be better still sleeps most of the day. Talked to Inga, my mother in law, she got sick on Sunday, same thing.

Today, Tuesday. Kaspers seems to be moving into his lungs more, a lot of coughing, so he is taking the inhaler a lot. Stefán starts with the fever, his mood certainly is not getting better! Davíð misses work again because of a sick family, although he is feeling much better all the time. This is the first day I could leave the house without feeling like I was going to die, and I used it to go to an electronics sale and buy a camera...slept the rest of the day. Again, probably should have stayed home.

We have not seen a doctor, because the hospital told us to stay away. Thanks to the swine flu, any flu symptoms means stay home and stay away. They do not want you to go to the clinic. We were basically told to stay home and sleep it off. And we are trying....

But it seems like everyone we walk past gets sick, the next day.

Maybe this is swine flu?

New Camera

I got a new camera today! This to go with Icelands new spending ways - spend while it has any value!
Everyday it seems, our money become more and more worthless, the IKR becomes worth less and less and the price of everything goes up and up. So if there is anything you ever wanted, buy it now because next week it will cost too much!
Thats why I got a camera and a vacuum today - two things I have wanted for a long time and just kept putting off buying only to realize if I didnt buy them now I would never be able too.
So these are the last two pictures from the old Canon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Boom

And I thought I was just imagining things,

at the swimming pool, in the parks, at the zoo very pregnant women everywhere

we seem to be taking over, and we all look ready to have our babies in the next month or two.

the results of kreppa (the crash)

with nothing else to do we all got pregnant.

well, others have noticed it too

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not just an airport, or abandoned army base

There is a common assumption that because I do not live in the capital, then I must live in the middle of no where.

What could there be to do?

Isn't it noisy from all those planes?

OK, I admit the planes can cause some noise. There has been some fighter jet exercises the last few days that are a bit loud - but they boys love it!

Davíð even admitted a childhood fascination with planes has made the late night take offs soothing to fall asleep too, so I guess this noise is not all bad!

Places of interest include, but are not limited to: Viking World, Blue Lagoon and Water World.

Now you see, there is so much to do here, there is no excuse not to visit :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

35 weeks

35 weeks pregnant!
only 35 more days to go!
clearly I have become far to relaxed with this one, because I have not gotten anything ready yet.
I have diapers and Kasper built the cradle - so that covers the basics, but I think it is time to get moving!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Misunderstanding - Exaggeration.

We had some of both today.

A father came to my door today, with Kasper's Swiss Army Knife and a story about how Stefán roughed up a 6 year old girl and held the blade to her neck, threating to kill her.

I was in shock! I ran out the door, dragging Rósa, grabbed Stefán at the play ground and was about to kill him when he denied everything.

OK, he admitted to borrowing the knife to show off at the playground, but he had no idea what I was talking about for the rest.

Then I started thinking - this doesnt sound like something Stefán would do. I know parents are often blind to there own children, but he still does not like to sleep in his own bed.

So we went to the house that this girl lives at. I thought if we got everyone together, we could find out what happened.

The father was not there, but the mother was. The girl said no one actually touched her, or threatened her.

I guess he was teasing her - like all boys tease girls.

We got them to shake hands, it is done.

But Stefán's only crime was taking the knife to the playground, he is not a bad kid. I should have known that.

I am looking forward to talking to the dad again...

Peeing in the shower

To save water:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A whole lot of Kasper - with a bit of Rósa

Some kids can stare in the mirror, practicing facial expressions. Kasper prefers to document each one, for possible future reference.