Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Live fireworks

it is actually possible to watch the fireworks live, in iceland, at midnight,http://www.icelandnaturally.com/ 

Creepy man in Keflavík

White station wagon (maybe ford focus) with the license plate number: YH473 was just parked out side out house taking pictures, with a proper camera and tripod, seemingly into our living room and the kids bedroom window. The flashes caught Davíð's attention. He left and we have no idea who it is, but just so you know there is someone seriously creepy out there tonight. (This was at 2 a.m.)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Graduation and plans

With my graduation just around the corner, in May, providing I continue to pass all my classes, I have to start looking to the future.
Now I have to be honest here, a BA in Icelandic as a second language is not going to lead me directly to well paid and fulfilling employment, but it sure has been a good start.
The next step, I am now convinced, is to continue on with my MA and specializing in Librarian and Information studies.
Information found here: https://ugla.hi.is/kennsluskra/index.php?tab=nam&chapter=namsleid&id=100111_20136&kennsluar=2013&lina=5439
So I need a little more time in school.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feeling famous

Seem to have a little Christmas season broncitous. Davíð booked me a doctors appointment and noticed at the same time that my picture is still on the hss.is (local clinic) web site. Brings back memories, Just me and my little new born Leópold.

those pesky santa's

eve online  helps us to understand the problems with these santas

Davíð in the local paper

The article is not actually about him but it is about the competition that Stefán was in. Davíð was just watching, and Leópold was just being Leópold.
Since I never actually read the local paper I never would have seen this if it had not been for Kasper's teacher pointing it out in class.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Leópold and Guðmundur - First night out partying

Leópold's best friend is named Guðmundur. Guðmundur has some cleft palate problems, something I know nothing about aside form the fact he spends a lot of time in the hospital and going to doctors. The only sign I have that Leópold even notices is that when ever he sees a jar of cream he wants to bring it to Guðmundur to put on his lip.
So there is a special Christmas ball for kids with health issues, and Guðmundur invited his best friend, Leópold. Lucky for Leó!
At this Christmas ball there were stars like íþrótta álfurinn, Páll Óskar, and Algör Sveppi. 
Not to mention a never ending supply of candy.
An evening of dreams come true, as far as my son was concerned.
These little Cinderella's didn't get home until 10 minutes before midnight.
Normally we do not approve of this behaviour from our 4 year old, but the night was exceptional.
Leó and Guðmundur

Guðmundur, Leópold and íþrótta Álfurinn

Comparing muscles 

Tough guys

Serious talk, about things that matter, how to jump really really high 

Did I mention he ate a lot of candy? 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Planning ahead

Exam time is upon me, again. Seems to always happen around this time of year.
In a way to put off the studying I make plans for after Christmas.
There are two important thing to keep in mind.
1. What kind of class schedule do I have? Need to know now to start planning daycare and volunteer times.
2. I have to hand in my final project to graduate.  That is 30 pages - YIKES! The options that I considered were translation, since I have experience with it now and that would save a lot of time OR write about the migration of Icelanders to Kanada and the building of Little Iceland in Manitoba.
1. Good news, I have class only 3 days a week. I am free Wednesday and Friday. I only have one early day a week, Monday, and that will only be a problem every 4th week. I am also done by 1 everyday so that means I can keep Leópolds play school hours short, saving me a bunch of money.
2. I think I will go with the project in history instead of translation. It will be much more work, but I think it will be fun and I will enjoy reading about it.
Now that is enough study break. Back to the books for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Super Dad Davíð

While I am away catching up on school work Davíð is with the boys, and they are looking great.

Here you can see they are trying to take over my spot on the bed. 

Kasper cooked dinner

Well, we could always sell the toothpaste

I like to check our local sales group in the mornings. I do not actually need anything, but you never know. This morning I saw someone who is trying to sell their toothpaste.

That's right, very little used toothpaste, price:135 kr.

Out in the country

I am actually taking a break from the books to write a little blog post.
You see, I have not died, I am just drowning in written assignments that have been piling up for some time.
Last week being the last week of school, a lot of things need to be handed in very soon.
And everyone at home keeps getting sick! First me, then Leópold, then Stefán. We all had a cold type thing, fever, cough, I even got antibiotics. Yuck. Worse, Leópold was in emergency room because he was having breathing problems, so he got steroids.
Then I get better. Leópold gets better. Stefán is still home sick when Leópold gets a flu and pukes all over the place. Same night, Kasper starts puking. Seriously, I would give myself a hard time about the apparent lack of vitamin C in our diet, but the school have been empty. This is happening all over the place.
Now, finally, everyone seems to be feeling better, but I had to leave the house. I have to finish this stuff in a quiet place with no distractions.
So, I came out to Inga and Roberts place. I am in the spare house, alone, surrounded by books and feeling very productive. If all goes well I should be up to speed for Sunday or Monday.
Davíð is home with all the boys alone.
That being said, I am not working tomorrow, but Davíð is going in for me!
Do I have the best husband or what?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The worst way to start out day

on Tuesday's I wake up crazy early, get myself ready, then wake up Leópold, take him to Rakal's house then drive to Reykjavík for my 8:20 class.
The drive always takes much longer on Tuesdays because as soon as I get to Hafnafjörður I hit the morning traffic and basically crawl the rest of the way to school.
But today was icy, and it was my first time driving on ice. So, despite my new winter tires I lost control of the car going around a corner, slide into a light post and put a small dent in the car.
Not to big of a deal. Only broke one signal light and did not even have to stop the car, not that I could have if I wanted to. I made to to Rakal's with Leópold safe and sound, inspected the damage, swore a bit then drove to school.
Now the car make a funny noise when I turn right. I think it is the dented in part rubbing on the wheel or something like that.
Good news is that the stalling problem seems to have been fixed by the accident. Before today the engine light came on every time I was slowing town and turning a corner at the same time. After the light turned on the car would stall, about 3 times a day. It did not actually bother me because I have mastered putting the car into neutral and restarting it before it really even slowed down and never even gets to stopping. But I am still happy that the problem seems to have disappeared.
Now your probably thinking that my car sounds like a piece of crap, and your right, but it is my car, I own it, it passed inspection and its pretty good on gas!
(should also mention the speedometer doesn't work but  am really good at *matching the speed of traffic* now, whatever speed that may be)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 2 with more great progress made

Dirty floors are no match for Laura

blue ceiling are not fun to repaint white

Stefán picked the color, not me

Im thinking the last people who lived here smoked alot!

Cleanest oven ever - thanks again to Laura

looks like a living room!

tomorrow we do the edges, ran out of tape today

Girls are superheros - day one before and after