Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rubber Boots

In July I bought the boys new rubber boots. It was expensive, 3000 for Stefán's and 4000 for Kasper's.

Less then a month later, one of Stefán's boots cracked down the back. They were garbage. I was extremely made, but I thought to myself that it must have been because they were Spiderman boots, and therefor must have been 'cheap'. If you can call 54.00 cheap.

I was sure Kasper's would last longer. They were the Viking brand, and that is supposed to be the best. They had some pirates on them, but still they were Viking boots. I was sure they would last forever.

Yesterday I went to pick up Kasper from school and he was sitting inside while all the other kids played outside. This was because he had worn a holes right through the bottoms of his boots, so his feet were soaking wet.

Now I am mad.

Davíð said it is because the boys drag there feet too much. I drag my feet and I can usually get a year out of a pair of shoes, but that does not matter now.

Today I had to go out and buy 2 pairs of new boots.

Plan A was to buy the most expensive pair I could find, laminate the receipt, and bring them in for exchange every time the kids wreaked them. This plan did not work because I remembered that I am the only one working now and just do now have the money for that kind of investment.

Plan B was to get some sent form Canada. I could afford some killer boots there, and even with the postage save a fortune, but then I look outside. It is raining cats and dogs and it will probably stay this way for the rest of September, the boys needed dry feet now.

Plan C was to by the toughest, yet lowest costing boots I could find. I did find some more Viking boots. They cost 3500 a pair and are as plain as it gets. Dull black boots that almost go up to the knees. They also have huge heavy soles. This is bad because I am sure it will encourage the feet dragging, but good because it should take a while to wear through that. They are dragging there feet anyways, right?

Kasper is happy with his new boots. He says they will be great for fishing and will probably spend all weekend trying to convince Rob to take him fishing.

Stefán was not that impressed and reminded me that he likes Spiderman boots, but he is growing to like them. Kasper is pointing out all the good things like how big of puddles you can jump in.

Stefáns boots are actually a little too big. This is a side effect of shopping without your kids. But he will grow into them, I am sure.

Davíð mentioned that THEY say that kids should only wear boots that fit just right.

Davíð also said THEY are not trying to buy clothing for kids in Iceland, in fact, THEY probably do not have kids.


  1. Michal3:24 PM


    I'm all for buying clothes and shoes that fit properly from the start, but then you have to buy more clothes and shoes 4 months later.

    Hope these new boots last longer!

  2. Marcia12:06 PM

    The eternal problem with growing children - keeping up with their growth spurts! Too bad about the boots. Our kids always had the totally plain ones. Sometimes they lasted, sometimes they didn't. Seems a crap shoot. Hopefully the new ones will last longer. Fingers crossed.