Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In case you didnt know yet:
Einstök saga manns sem komst lífs af úr fangabúðum í Auschwitz í Seinni heimstyrjöldinni.

George Berman er staddur á Íslandi í fjölskylduheimsókn.

Hann segir einstaka sögu sína af helför, Auschwitz og innihaldsríkri ævi sinni í kjölfarið.

Í sal 101 á Háskólatorgi kl. 17.00 þriðjudaginn 29. júní. Ókeypis aðgangur

Kort: http://ja.is/kort/#q=index_id%3A962554&x=356399&y=407475&z=9&type=aerial

George Berman, who is visiting family in Iceland, will recount the Holocaust from his personal perspective as a ghetto and concentration camp survivor.

Room 101, Háskólatorg, 17:00 hrs. June 29. Free admission.

Map: http://ja.is/kort/#q=index_id%3A962554&x=356399&y=407475&z=9&type=aerial

Monday, June 28, 2010

In The Mail

Depending on what country you are in, hearing that something is in the mail can bring about a variety of feelings.
Living in Iceland, I spend a lot of time wondering about what goes on at the post office.
First of all, I do get the odd care package from home, and how long it takes to get to me is always a gamble. Should it be sent the slow way or the super expensive kinda quick way? The reasonably priced, but super slow way, can, at times, arrive when they say it will. Sometimes it takes months longer then they say it will. Never know, but it is almost a guarantee that if it is a Christmas present, no matter when it was sent, it will arrive around New Years.
Now parcels have some sort of insurance, and I am expecting them, so I have a feeling that the post office puts a little more effort into them, but postcards....
Everyone knows I am involved in postcrossing, (trading random cards with strangers around the world) but whatnot everyone knows is how long it takes most of these cards to get to me.
The other day I received a card, the came from the U.S., that had been traveling for 214 days, another one from the same country took almost a year at 361 days. And supposedly these were traveling air mail!
Other great examples include one from Canada at 71 days, Netherlands at 52 days, U.K. AT 50 OR Finland at 45, again all sent by Air Mail.
Now should I blame every other country for the slow slow mail, or maybe should I question the quality of the Icelandic Post?
Well I think that is enough complaining from me for the day, but it is something to think about while I wait for a parcel sent from my friend Janielle, from Canada, months ago.

blogging fun, in the faroe islands

I stumbled across this blog, and liked it, mostly because I often wonder about this place.

leópold, the baby model

I know I have a probelm, but I can not stop taking pictures of this little guy. Here he is at his Amma and Afi's over the weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nanna and Grandpa's visit to Iceland, take 1

Davíð with Stefán getting ready for the pool
Me, with Leópold
Leópold, listening intently to his Nanna
Kasper, about to throw some sand.
Stefán, the sand Ninja
Stefán playing with his Smarties (a gift from the great grandparents), all the smarties were brothers and were eatten one by one, making the others a little sad.

Lindsey the Canadain couchsurfer, on her way to Greenland

long story, but as I have mentioned somewhere else, we have known each other for years now, and she is currently staying with us, so... here are a few pictures.


We caught them all playing playstation here, even little Leó was watching.

Waiting for the bus

While it is annoying that the bus is nearly always late, at least the view from the bus stop is beautiful.

Friday, June 18, 2010

4 years

Yesterday, June 17th, is Iceland Day, or Independence Day - for Independance from Danish something or other, but more imporantly,
June 17th marks the 4th full year I have spent in Iceland - straight.
They say no man is an island, but I think this is getting pretty close.
In the last 4 years:
  • I have had one more child, Leópold
  • I have not learned Icelandic well enough to hold a conversation
  • I have learned enough Icelandic to evesdrop
  • I have lived in six different apartments trying to settle, I think thats done now
  • I have had six different jobs, but am now just staying home with the kids
  • I have made several friends, most have moved away
  • I have quit smoking, for the millionth time, but am sticking with it much better this time (year and a half)
  • I have gone from drinking 10 cups of coffee a day to 1 every 3 days
Short of it all, I have been here four years and I don't think I am even the same person who moved all that time ago.

Nanna and Grandpa

Davíð's Nanna and Grandpa are coming to town - thats right, flying to Iceland, on Tuesday!
I wonder if he knows how lucky he is, not many people are still getting visits from Grandparents overseas when they are his age. Davíð's I mean.
Nanna, a.k.a. Mona, and I have meet twice. Once she came out to see us in Edmonton, and again when she came with Grandpa, a.k.a. George, to Iceland, nearly four years ago.
I am really looking forward to this visit, because I would really like to get to know them better.
Even if I have heard hundreds of stories - personal experience is the best. 
I am also extra excited for the kids, especially Kasper and Stefán, who will benefit the most from spending some time with them.
4 days to go.

Its true, Lindsey-O is coming back!

Lindsey, my first couchsurfer ever, in fact she was the one who introduced me to couchsurfing all these three years ago, is coming back to Iceland and staying with me again.
Now this is worthy of a blog post or two because:
  • She got me hooked on couchsurfing, and while I have hosted over a hunderd people after her, she was the best surfer ever.
  • While every couchsurfing experience ends with promises to keep in touch, hers is the only one where it actually worked out.
  • Like the first time she was here, I am need of some serious Canadian company, coffee and friendliness (something I took for granted until I moved away)
Monday can not get here fast enough and my stomach is full of butterflies!
(not to mention other guests, more yippee's, who I will discuss in the next post)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playing with Palmar

Child Workers - Potato planters

In Iceland there is a tradition to teach the kids to work a bit. This year Kasper started an afternoon day camp will keep him busy planting potatoes and building little shacks (something like dog houses).
On Monday each kid is given his own little garden that he has to prepare and plant potatoes. He needs to care for them over the summer and dig them up in the fall.Then he can bring them home and we will eat them.
Now that the potatoes are in the ground the kids have time to build as well.
This very productive camp is very popular and you might actually be surprised how much the kids like actually doing something during the day, rather then just playing games.

Nothing is safe

Summer at Amma and Afi's

The summer are so beautiful out at Inga and Roberts place, it really is the perfect place to bring the kids on a hot day.

Davíð's Dream

When we got married, I told Davíð I would move with him anywhere, and I think I have stuck with that very well. But when he suggested we buy one of these and move in, I had to put my foot down.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's only 5, and I am ready for bed.

The day started shortly after midnight with a crying baby. He cut his third tooth through on Friday night and the fourth is nearly out - its been a rough few weeks in the teething department.  But after only about an hour of crying, we did go back to sleep.

Next I was expecting an old friend Helgi to come by at 5 in the morning. Strange time I know, he is leaving Iceland this evening but had to drive his girlfriend to the airport this morning and did not see a reason to leave our town after, but it could not be avoided. So I was up, checking the clock and staring at the wall from 5 until 7, wondering if I confused the plans, when I got a message from his girlfriend saying he would not be coming over. She doesn't like me, I get it, but they could have told me before the meeting time, not 2 hours after.

The a get my equally exhausted husband out of bed and try to convince the baby to stop crying again, until after 8.

I do feel bad for Davíð, he is working nearly 12 hours today.

Baby goes back to sleep and so do I, until 9, when Kasper gets up and wakes me up worrying that he will be late for day camp, which starts at 1.

So up again, and the baby is in no better of a mood.

After everyone is dressed fed, and for some, dressed again, we head out to the bakery for a treat before the first day of camp.

**This is a day camp through scouts, Monday to Friday from 1 until 4 for 4 weeks. They plant potatoes and build dog houses.

The weather is horrible, raining, windy, cold, but at least the baby falls asleep in the stroller while we walk to the scouts building.

I should have known something was wrong when at 12:45 there was still no one to be seen. We walked around, double checked the address and knocked on the door until 1:15, the we went to a store and asked the lady at the counter if she had any idea what was going on.

And she did.

This house I was at was the one addressed in the phone book and was a scout building, but it was for regular scouts, they run the summer camps in a little shack, in a field, that you have to get through by cutting through a yard because it is circled by houses. She printed us a map from the computer in the back.

Then we walked there, through the rain and were 45 minutes late, but Kasper got right to planting potatoes.

Next, I took Stefan home on the bus but when we got to our stop the bus door jammed and would not open, so we had to wait 20 minutes while a repair guy came to open the door.

Although I am grateful that I was inside the bus and not outside, and it was kinda funny watching this bus driver kick the door over and over again.

After dropping Stefán off at a friends, changing and feeding Leópold I was off the catch the bus again. I needed to pick up Kasper at 4.

I get on the bus at 315, with assurances from the driver that the door was fixed now, yes they were using the same bus, and then realized this was the Hafnir bus.

A couple times a day my bus takes a huge detour to the next town, making the bus ride about 30 min. longer.

So my careful plan of timing to pick Kasper up was looking gray, then Kasper called me to say they finished early , and I was still on the bus, far away.

So I talked Kasper, who was rather angry that I wasn't there and the weather was so bad, through direction on how to get from his day camp to the bus stop, where we met up, and took the bus home together.

Since I have been home blogged this, done 2 loads of laundry and taken care of the kids.
Now it is 630, I am dead tired and we are eating soup for dinner, with frozen pre made garlic bread.

I need a raise.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am positive
that very few things
in my life
are as soothing
as vacuum lines
in my carpet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Archiving again

Back due to popular demand, JOKE, my brother was complaining for it,
the archives,
so now you can look back at years worth of whining and complaining.
Actually 4 whole years worth, now thats a little scary.

Happy Birthdays

First thing first, Today is my little brothers birthday.

The little guy we call Tye, the one that used to save moldy sandwiches in tool boxes, refuse to change his clothing and brush his teeth, is growing up. Is grown up. The sandwiches are gone, he does laundry, brushes his teeth and has a family now. The years are going by so fast. Next thing you know we will be ordering his walker.

So, Happy Birthday Tye. Or as we say in Iceland, Congratulations (for making it another year I guess). And Congratulations to everyone know knows Tye, on the chance of having Tye in your life for another year.

My Birthday was on Monday and while I was feeling a little sorry for myself for at least half the day I was very very happy when Davíð took my to the city for Sushi and icecream. Best date ever.

Funniest part was, while we were driving to the city Davíð's parents were driving to Keflavík. In fact, we must have passed them on the highway. They were coming over with cake, and I wasnt home! It was a little awkward but then we all met for the dinner and dessert and Inga and Rob paid as my gift and Davíð bought me some gardening supplies for my little garden and window plants.

It was also my Anniversary, the Birthday of my marriage, last Sunday. But, like most years, it was over looked thanks to being the day before my birthday. I am considering changing on of those days.

Today is Kasper's friend, Bergvín's, birthday, and while I tend to give him a hard time, he really is a good kid and I am grateful that my kids are friends with good kids.

The next two weeks are also packed with birthdays, visitors and partys. While I will have buckets to write about I will need to drink more coffee in order to get it all in.

Thats all for now.....

Monday, June 07, 2010


To my little brother Tye and his soon to be wife, Amanda, on the news of the coming baby.
I look forward to seeing the little boy, or girl, next summer.

Not yet

Tomorrow is my birthday, I am turning 29. Old enough, but not as old as Stefán is telling people I am.
I told the boys that my birthday is tomorrow and Stefán asked me again how old I was, I told him.
Not 10 minutes later he was over heard telling a friend that I was 38, turning 39. He also insists that I am older then all his friends parents.
I even heard Einar try to correct him because his mom corrected him when Stefán was telling everyone I was 40.
I am not sure why he is such a hurry to see me get older, maybe there is something cool about about having an older mom. I just dont know.
But I am not turning 39 yet, just 29,
good enough for me .

Saturday, June 05, 2010


It looks like there is more to the Inspired by Iceland Campaign then meets the eye.

Including free calling overseas all weekend, to give us a chance to call friends and family and get them over here visiting. Seriously. We need the foreign currency.

I am on a marathon now.

Burning Eyes

Although that pesky volcano has stopped erupting, a batch of ash came our way yesterday and while I was downtown with the kids, I wondered what was burning my eyes, and why Kasper was coughing so much.
After all this ash talk I thought maybe I was just worrying to much.
Then I saw everyone in masks, then I read the news, it was ash, and I was not imagining things, it was ashy.
(I kinda thought the dark foggy look was some sort of fog, not unusual next to an ocean)

The Green Ninja

This week I had the pleasure of hosting, through couchsurfing, the Green Ninja, he also answers to Justin.

Now the best thing about Justin was not his vegan or dumpster diving ways, although they are cool, the best thing is that we could have been neighbors, we could have met a hundred times in Red Deer, Alberta, but we didn't, we met in Iceland, of all places.

The years we lived in Red Deer over lapped. He was a bouncer at clubs I went to when I turned 18. We are only 6 months apart in age. I think he even worked in the same Casino a friend of mine worked in.

It was so nice to talk about home, over a nice cup of tea, from so far away.

Just another amazing couchsurfing story.