Friday, November 17, 2006


I did well in the fish game and have now treated myself to a fish tank.

Kasper thinks it is his but everyone knows kids never really look after there pets, so really they are my fish.

I do have fish yet. Soon. There are a few things I need like rocks. I have an air pump. I need to find our what else I need. I need to find a pet store.


  1. Get A Barrell or a half Pipe made of cermamic For the fish to hide in as well as some plants for them.
    Let me know what kind of fish your getting and I will give you some advice on it..

  2. I think we are going the goldfish route

  3. Make sure that you add stuff to kill any Clorine and Let me know if you have any issues..
    I have two gold fish my self..Ones White..Its name is Snowflake..And the other one is orange..Name Bubbles....
    Remember to read up on them and dont change the their water every week it should be done once a month to every couple of months...other wise you bugger up the natural Bio filter