Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Living Through Exams

Friday was test 1, of 4.

It think it went well enough. I feel confident that I answered at least half of the questions right.

Actually I think I might have gotten 70 on this one. I will let you know.

Tuesday (yesterday) was test 2. Two parts.

Part one went great, I think. It was a listening test. The teacher talked in Icelandic and we labeled things that she was saying. I think it went better than I thought it would. But I will not know until I get the results. I would guess at about 80!

Part two I did not see coming. She, the teacher, called us into a room one by one and we had to read out loud. An entire paragraph.

You have to understand, I get told off after reading one sentence in one class. I guess I have a terrible accent. I read my paragraph for the test and every time I looked up I saw her cringing. I think I completely mangle the Icelandic language.

So I do not think that part went well. 40 might be wishful thinking.

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