Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Marcia's back

Marcia went home for 6 weeks. To the States. I am almost seeing green.

But she brought back presents. Stefan got some Dinosaurs, always a classic, and Kasper got a Lego guy to build. It was great, they played so quite all evening.

She took some of my film in to be developed at less then half the price.The pictures are mostly from the summer but look great. I will put them online later tonight, when I should be studying. Everyone needs an excuse.

I asked for Reactine. Everyone knows Reactine is the best antihistamine. Marcia asked around everywhere in the states but no one knew what it was. I guess it is a Canadian thing.

I also got dried mango, the good stuff. Like you can buy at Superstore, in the bulk section.... mmmmmmmmmmm. Almost done the whole bag already.

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