Sunday, November 26, 2006

A work birthday party

Yes I know it sounds strange.

Davið's work place turned 20 years old on Friday and they had a party. Everything sounded like it would be great, free drinks (they are very very expensive here) and food. What could go wrong? So we went.

I thought we were dressed up until we got there. Everyone else looked like they belonged in the movies. I guess it was an unwritten rule to wear a black dress or a black suit. We looked out of place.

It should have set off alarms when we arrived an hour late and still no one had touched the food. Everyone was just standing around, barely even talking.

There was rows of drinks set out, lines of shooters. Everything was just collecting dust. Servers walked around in suits with those funny towels refilling wine glasses.

Definitely a new experience.

Then Davið mentioned why everyone was so rigid. This party was not really meant for the staff, they were just extras. This was a party for the clients of the company.

Now we know why no one was drinking the alcohol. I imagine you might lose your job if you got out of hand in front of the clients.

We had to leave, after only half an hour. It was just too much.

And I thought that Humpty's party's were a little weird with the karaoke and everything, but at least you could be yourself. Those were the days.

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