Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The bottle lady

There is a nice Chinese lady who goes around downtown collecting all the bottles.

I save them for her on top of the cupboards.

Sometimes if I do not see her for a month it starts to get a little smelly, but I do not want to throw them away. Unless you have a lot, they are not worth taking in for the deposit.

Anyways, this women is something of a legend around here and I am sure she gets good money collecting all these bottles because so many people know of her and save the bottles for her.

She has be doing this for years. Kristina and Mar used to save bottles in a separate bag for her to.

She does not speak English but she seems to be speaking kindly to me in Icelandic.

It was so nice to see her today.

Besides, the top of the cupboards was getting really crowded.

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