Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wierdo Optic Nerve

I saw the eye surgeon today and had those awful tests done.

I was prepared for the worst. I had been told stories about the effects and was prepared for everything from temporary blindness to crying all day.

I got something in between. I could not see very much for about 4 hours and am still,7 hours later, very light sensitive.

The only results that they found is that I have a strange optic nerve. She does not think that is what is hurting my eyes but insisted on taking pictures of it.

I guess it is twisted and making some disks twisted. I do not understand it, but I guess it is very strange.

So now there is pictures of these freak optic nerves that could very well turn out to be party favors at an eye surgeon party.

'hahaha have you seen these ones..... those stupid nerves'

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